I Try My Best Friend’s Favorite Workout (At Gloveworx)

All right you guys the time has come yes Fitness leave but work out are we doing today your blood works today this is where I come usually three or four times a week really my opinion is the hardest workout in LA yeah I’ve tried and tried almost everything and this has been my […]

Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Yoga

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and I’m super excited. It’s day one, y’all. Let’s get started. All right, my friends. Today, we’re going to begin in a nice, comfortable, seated posture, sudassana, with one foot in front of the other. So just to stay on the same […]

The PERFECT Total Body Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. We’re continuing the perfect workout series here today. This time, by popular demand, with a total body workout. Look, it’s hard to declare perfection in a single workout when we’re trying to hit our entire body. But I’m going to try and do my best and justify why we’re […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Review – STOP! You NEED to see this before you buy one!

Hey all thanks for watching my Lenovo IdeaPad yoga 2 pro review the Lenovo yoga 2 pro features touchless guest your control you can wave your hand in front of the camera to scroll through photos and presentations the unit will also sense when you have it in laptop tent stand and tablet mode and […]

How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– If your goal is to lose some weight, then cycling is a fantastic way to do it. And some more good news is if cycling is your only goal, losing weight whilst maintaining power will make you faster, – Yeah, so for example, a 75 kilogram rider cycling up a long hill would actually […]

Yoga For Weight Loss | Fat Burning Workout | Yoga With Adriene

Hello, and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene. Today we’re going to learn a quick sequence for weight loss, so we’re going to use the entire body, stimulate the belly, get that digestive tract happy and healthy for the new year, and we’re going to begin today on our mats, duh, on our […]

How to LOSE WEIGHT FAST & MAINTAIN IT | Diet and Burn Fat Tips

Hey everyone, welcome back! Today I’m talking about how to lose weight! And when I say loosing weight, I mean – loosing fat! Not our precious muscles because those are very important for our metabolism. So loosing fat is not an easy process and I know it! It is a lifestyle change, it takes time, […]

Gym Stereotypes

Wait oh dude I’m almost out of gas I don’t wanna get you straining after run home I really wanted to working out today so cute lay these at least in about 45 minutes I’ll Drive oh dude I can’t go I got a mo what mo it’s winter time tomorrow what does hey why […]

CrossFit and Fitness Trainer – Nicolas MBOG Testimonial

Mohamed (Aka Garoninho) is an Amazing Athlete! He is always present at the Trainings, He is a very Hard-Working Athlete! Mohamed (aka Garoninho) works Really Hard at Every Training ! He is always the First one to come back and ask for more work to do. Even when the Training is over, He stays at […]