Dangerous diet: how sister Kate Middleton is losing weight for the wedding

The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton decided before the wedding, which will be held on May 20, to bring their forms to the ideal.

The girl does Pilates 3–5 times a week, runs and rides a bicycle, however she still found a couple of extra kilos. To get rid of them, Pippa resorted to an effective, but very dangerous diet, Cosmopolitan writes .

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So, the Middleton Jr. diet is designed for three weeks, is quite strict and is not safe for everyone. Pippa chose a system created by pharmacologists Aidan Gogginson and Glen Matten, which is based on optimizing the work of sirtuin proteins

Accordingly, the entire Middleton diet consists of products that accelerate metabolism – for example, strawberries, arugula, walnuts, cabbage and red wine.

The first three days of the diet you need to eat no more than 1000 calories (of the allowed foods only green smoothies), the next four days you can already eat no more than 1500 calories and even eat several times in full (allowed foods, of course).

The last, third phase of the diet lasts two weeks. It is important to drink a lot of juices and consume meals high in polyphenols three times a day.

Recall, on May 20, Pippa Middleton will marry billionaire James Matthews, whom he has been dating for several years. The luxurious celebration will take place at the Middleton family estate and will have about 400 guests.

It is still unknown in which dress the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge will go to the altar: Pippa herself keeps the outfit secret, and designers only spur interest by drawing more and more sketches for her.

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