I Try My Best Friend’s Favorite Workout (At Gloveworx)

All right you guys the time has come yes Fitness leave but work out are we doing today your blood works today this is where I come usually three or four times a week really my opinion is the hardest workout in LA yeah I’ve tried and tried almost everything and this has been my […]

How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– If your goal is to lose some weight, then cycling is a fantastic way to do it. And some more good news is if cycling is your only goal, losing weight whilst maintaining power will make you faster, – Yeah, so for example, a 75 kilogram rider cycling up a long hill would actually […]

International Online Qualifier Week 3 is…

– What’s going on folks? Armen Hammer here. And I have the privileged of announcing the events for the final week of the International Online Qualifier on behalf of Filthy 150, which is going to be the very first Sanctional of the 2020 Sanctional season. Let’s get to it. Now before we get into the […]