I Try My Best Friend’s Favorite Workout (At Gloveworx)

All right you guys the time has come yes Fitness leave but work out are we doing today your blood works today this is where I come usually three or four times a week really my opinion is the hardest workout in LA yeah I’ve tried and tried almost everything and this has been my […]

How to do Double Duty Strength Exercise, Bicep Curl, Straight Legs Raise and many more Fitness Tips

Learn how to do Step Up and Bicep Curl, Straight Legs Raise, Side Kicks, Straight Legs Raise, All- Fours Leg Swing, Side Hip Drop and Kick Exercise, Close-Grip Triceps Press, Crunch To Boat Pose, Deadlifts, Leg Drop, Dumbbell Squats, Overhead Press, Standing Posture Curls exercises at home How to do Step Up + Bicep Curl […]