I Try My Best Friend’s Favorite Workout (At Gloveworx)

All right you guys the time has come yes Fitness leave but work out are we doing today your blood works today this is where I come usually three or four times a week really my opinion is the hardest workout in LA yeah I’ve tried and tried almost everything and this has been my favorite and the hardest eating of it of pasta .

I’ve thrown up a couple times so I’m sweating hi I’m Julia and we are friends for 15 years that’s a long time so today I’m going to do Julia’s favorite workout we’re boxing today I box about three or four times every week well the hardest workouts I’ve ever done which is why I keep coming back I like getting my ass kicked I’m gonna try my name’s actually uh Noah Williams everyone calls me Shaq .

I started boxing in college collegiately competing and after I graduated I moved out to LA where I linked up with an old friend Leon found those love works and that’s why I started training there’s not really a lot of stuff that really grasped my focus quite like boxing when you’re boxing you can’t really focus on anything else or wrong but the task there’s just like a family knit team type feeling that we have here and it’s genuine boxing is both mental and physical.

I love bringing my non-athletic friends to work out it’s just a reminder how good a shape I’m in I’m totally getting I’m totally kidding and then you’re a true expert I feel like I always text you like random things like what should I start doing and then you literally send me a whole list of news that I should try yeah do you ever do them yeah you know I .

I do sometimes I like the idea of boxing because it makes me feel like I could be like strong and powerful but like out in the world do you feel more confident yes really and nobody what I took a couple sparring classes there and it’s something that I want to do more of cuz it’s really fun but yeah I was fired a couple of the coaches and I got to punch one in the face pretty good one he won’t let me live it down alright so let’s do this sorry ladies so we’re gonna start warming up with our feet and co-regent first I want you to send a nice and tall on the toes as you roll back on the heel slight lean forward yep now we’re gonna hug the knees pulling the knees up hug as you release heel down toe up and scoop and alternate shots it’s actually my favorite part of the warmup it’s to help like warm up and lose your hamstrings we just call it scoops I seriously cannot balance doing anything.

I don’t understand what’s wrong to me I’m literally always trying not to trip and look like before and relax good we’re gonna get some quad stretch is going so grab a ball of that foot hold it for about two seconds and switch sides make sure you’re breathing as you’re doing this always also I did not shave my armpits so I’m a certified yoga teacher so.

I have great balance Ella could work on their balance love it but you know a for effort why are there so many things and fitness that have to do with balance that sounds really dumb coming out of my mouth right now but I feel like I really need to go back somewhere and get better about because all these things are very hard and they look very easy and frustrating now we have some lunges so step back with one foot into your lunge and then rotate over your knee I don’t know I’m nervous alright so we’re gonna keep .

the simple again let’s give it some squats feet slightly wider than shoulder width and you’re gonna bend your knees dropping your hips orange bands go around the knees and the yellow bands are gonna go around your ankles we’re gonna get into a squat position and we have what are called monster walks so in this flop position you’re gonna stay nice and low and you’re gonna walk forward to the walls walk forward yup yeah good and stop and walk backwards look I think that’s how you girl but I think if I grow toned but and the band will definitely help to tone.

but down chest up pressure on the heels I can do squats all day and once we’re finished we’re gonna hold hold that live squat yep oh my god all right so we got some hip openers let me see you move one meet inward and out eat ten times on one side once you finish your ten on the other side and once you down relax take the band’s off now that we’ve warmed up our legs a little bit we want to show this I need you to take the whole of these yellow bands and you’re gonna put them around your wrist once you get these bands around your wrist .

I want you to open your fist up to shoulder width apart rotate your shoulders back from here you’re gonna give me five rotations going all the way up and down nice now we’re gonna bring the arms up to higher levels and we have 15 pulses okay so your arms up stretching the band slightly yep core nice and tight don’t watch the back yep and then we’re gonna go bump ahead fifteen pulses doing that for the message feminism actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be alright ladies so we have what are called inch rims you’re gonna do five inch ones your feet are gonna stay stationary hands come down for the ground walk all the way out to a plank position pull and walk all the way back out hold and write I want you to stay out there for this one for me to stay out there in that push-up position we’re gonna hold you know the most frustrating thing is trying to just hold your body up that’s hard for these planks what’s up hell why is that so hard it makes me feel like a weak weak weak lame pilot almost done this is in the last exercise we’re gonna do can we have some mountain climbers and you’re gonna bring your right knee all the way up to your right elbow keep.

the core nice and tight it makes me feel a little bit like spider-man doing those if you know gotta work on flexibility and stability and kind of a fun way to do it if maybe funs not the right word but it’s a way to do the job nice and warm start boxing yeah I won’t feel ready.

let’s get your gloves on you guys carefree is verse or not doesn’t matter they’re over there doing something that has my chance believe alright here we are ladies we got your gloves for the steak of the newbie we’re gonna go over some foundational stuff okay so real simple let’s teach you how to stand first I need your feet shoulder-width apart now.

if you are right-handed take your left foot and take one step forward we’re gonna bend the knees slightly and come up to the chin now we have our first punch all the jab order one your left hand is gonna come straight out and aim for your eye level and come back good now we have our second punch just follow the two we’re gonna twist the right foot like you’re squishing a bug for me so as you twist yeah punch with the right hand now we’re gonna try to hit these targets let’s start off with the one one and two – I’m like looking over at Julia this entire time being like one good one one good – – nice good job now let’s try to put it together we got the one two one two one two one two one two okay yeah breathing is definitely part of it that becomes that second nature once you’ve been doing it for a while.

when I do combinations I don’t really think about anything it’s kind of a way to clear my mind and just be super present in the moment I have to pay attention or else I might hit the coach in the face poor shot straight fast go one two one two nice one two once you want to want to let’s get six punches straight so one two one two one two nope good job it’s hard enough you’ve got a breeze I’m just kind of started to learn some combos okay and now the three is you need a book all right yup and you’re aiming for a target at the side here we have the one give the two and then two three good two three all right now try to put three punches together two three two one more time one two together baby now you’re ready to punch one two one two three two I like to uppercut to uppercut two three – this is really hard like after I get a little lightheaded it can be a little overwhelming at first now I want you to say to punch when you go to God and say yeah one two one more time you know what that’s forcing you to do is breathe yeah yeah I think my biggest problem is forgetting to breathe and then feeling things one two three two roll take a quick break oh you found so far huh good you know we barely scratch it so first I’m getting a little bet going up in here some towels we got you get into a little bit different workout of course super important to boxing so we’re gonna get it a little bit forward it’s called a plank guru so we’re gonna hold this here for 15 seconds three two and alive there’s nothing like trying to hold up your own bodyweight to really make you question your abilities now leave you’re gonna turn and face each other on the mat for me nice now before you get into the point position once you guys to give each other high fives with the same camp so you’re going to take your right hand high five for it and then your left now these are called alternate hypoxic heat up good core nice and tight and try not to rock the hip so you do this no safe way over to the Machine this is called the first requirement man diversify where it is hard so place your foot on the pedal that’s on the ground grab a hold of the handle on the same time once .

Here place your opposite foot in press it down and opposite hand you sit down almost like you’re sitting on the stool so bend your knees and I need you to bend your elbows also from this position you’re gonna work your arms and legs.

Ttry not to move your torso upward now there’s a workout class that’s literally 30 minutes just doing this with me I was on this for maybe 30 seconds max and was trying not to think that’s how you push I like it so let’s get back into the boxing if we sometimes work for the versatile arm right a little bit right bend the knees and just not the gloves twice with one two one two three faster faster –

I actually feel really proud of myself I feel like I can do this again thanks so much that was a word I’m gonna sit down for two seconds that was pretty great actually I really like that yeah it’s fun huh yeah I feel like when I’m watching boxing and I’m watching people punch it doesn’t seem as hard as it is I’m like oh they’re just punching but literally that was the hardest part of the whole thing it’s such a fun workout though even though I’m not like a fit person or like an athlete I feel like it.

something that you could really learn and work at and get better and feel really accomplished and feel much stronger yeah you can still train like an athlete yes I want to try it again I think that was really cool thanks for bringing me yeah thanks for coming I’m exhausted though I don’t even think I’m also I just have to say you are such a badass like it’s so crazy to see all the combinations all the combos that was amazing you are such a strong woman and it’s really inspiring

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Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Yoga

The One Punch Man Workout

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and I’m super excited. It’s day one, y’all. Let’s get started. All right, my friends. Today, we’re going to begin in a nice, comfortable, seated posture, sudassana, with one foot in front of the other. So just to stay on the same page, let’s draw the left heel in towards your center, and then the right leg comes in to follow. You can use a blanket or a block or a pillow. Even a book sometimes is nice to lift the hips up, if you feel like you’re getting trapped in this Mr. Burns posture here. So take a quick second to get settled in in a nice comfortable seat, one foot in front of the other. Make sure everything’s situated, and then when you’re ready, sit up nice and tall. See if you can align your head over your heart, your heart over your pelvis.

You might take your fingers and touch your booty and move the fleshy part of the buttocks aside. You might fix your hair here. Just do all those little things, so that we can come to a nice, still place as we begin our challenge. Nice and slow, settling in, easing into it, and really choosing to stay present. So I like to call it getting your money‘s worth. So we’re going to get a workout. We’re going to commit to 30 days of practice together. We’re going to stretch the body, tone the muscles, deepen the breath. But beyond that, we’re going to listen. We’re really going to use this opportunity to come into a different type of presence, maybe learn something new about yourself.

So today’s practice is focused on that. So you sit up nice and tall. Take a second to close the eyes, relax your shoulders down, and just notice how you feel. Notice, perhaps, the tendency to want to move quickly to the next thing. We got 30 days. We can take it nice and slow and really set ourselves up for a nice experience that feels good. Bring your awareness or your attention to your breath and just notice it. You might begin to deepen the breath, play with it here, seeing if you can extend the inhale, make it a little bit longer, and extend the exhale. Stick with your breath as we begin to move the body and shape-shift in and out of different poses.

Remember, the breath is energy. You send breath to the tight places. Use the tool of your pranayama or your breath to stay focused and really be honest with yourself about how you feel each day and each time you come to the mat. Oh, and also, let’s have some fun. Dropping the chin to the chest, we’ll begin to draw circles with the nose, one way and then the other, and then reversing your circle.

Back and forth, kind of dropping into this moment for yourself. Then we’ll bring the head back to center stillness and draw the palms together at the heart. Deep breath in as you lift the sternum up, thumbs, hearts coming together. You only have one heart, I guess, heart. We’ll take a deep, deep breath in through the nose here. This time, go ahead and let it out through the mouth, exhale. Again, just like that, deep breath in thorough the nostrils. Sit up nice and tall and exhale out through the mouth. Make some noise. Now we’ll interlace the fingertips. Keep breathing deep as you press the palms forward, shoulders relaxed, drop down, and then we send the palms up and back. Nice and easy organic movement here.

The knees are going to want to fly up, and we’re gonna ground down through the tops of the thighs, committing to a full body experience as you lift and lengthen up through the side body and keep playing with your breath. We teeter-totter back and forth here. Stretch it out. Notice that the shoulders are starting to rise up. See if you can keep the shoulders relaxed, heart lifted. Arms may begin to get tired here, especially if you’re new to the practice. Stick with it. Find ease. Use your breath to keep it together.

Just kidding. Inhale, back to center we go. This time, carve a line with your nose all the way up. So rather than just looking up, kind of crunching the back of the neck, just really mindful activity as we carve a line with the nose. Look up. One more breath here, and then on an exhale, we break free. Fingertips rain down. Awesome. Plant the left palm into the earth. Inhale, reach right fingertips up and over side body stretch. Again, work on creating a full body experience as we ease into the practice. So for me, that means really paying attention to, yes, the side body stretch, but also grounding down through the legs and maintaining that extension through the crown. You might find a little pulse here. You might spiral your heart up towards the sky. Make it your own here. Deep breath in. Then exhale swiftly up and through center, and we take it to the other side. Right palm to the earth.

Left fingertips reach up and over. Same thing. Stretch it out. Ease into it. Great. One more breath here. You might spiral your heart up towards the sky, and then on an exhale, we bring it back to center. From here, we’re going to walk the fingertips behind us. I’m gonna turn to the side so you can see this. Walking them behind, pinkies might come close or, again, if the shoulders are really tight, give yourself some space. You can keep it nice and easy today. So I walk the fingertips back. We sit up nice and tall. Imagine lifting up through the armpit, chest here. So we’re lifting up through this area of the body and opening the heart, the chest. Close your eyes. Find your breath. When you get bored, or your mind begins to wander, come back to that sweet inhale. Exhale out through the mouth whenever you need to let go a little bit or find a little inspiration. Then slowly we’ll soften through the elbows and walk the fingertips all the way around and forward. So nice and easy, we walk the palms forward.

To each his own here. So you might end up here on the palms, really pressing the sit bones into the earth again. Full body experience, really expanding the awareness throughout the legs, the hips, making sure I’m still mindful of the shoulders. For me, that awareness is really an act of self love. I’m considering all parts. Hey-o! First hey-o of the challenge. Okay. So you might stay up here on your palms. You might already be way past me and on the forearms. If not, this gives you something to look forward to. No worries, just be here in the moment. Another option is to maybe send the fingertips all the way out and begin to relax the weight of the head over. You might find a soft sway back and forth. And again, the sit bones are going to want to roll up here to compensate. See if you can stay grounded. Maybe a forehead underneath a block . . . Hello. A block underneath the forehead.

Maybe even we bubblegum the fists here for a little support. Breathe into your right hip. Find that breath. Then press into the sit bones. Press up into your palms. We’re going to walk the fingertips, spider fingers, as we say in kids yoga, over towards the right. Don’t crank it. Keep it easy. Remember, find ease as we ease into the practice. I brush away dog hair. So professional. Deep breath in here. Keep a nice extension through the crown, breathing into the left side body, pressing the sit bones back. Then we walk it through center and take it to the left.

Same thing. So again, those hips are going to want to come up. We stay pressing into the sit bones, shoulders relaxed, really mindful through the neck. Deep breath in. Follow your exhale as you unravel back to center, and then we’re going to switch the legs here. So right heel comes in, left leg comes out. We draw the palms together at the heart. Once again, inhale, sternum to thumbs. Exhale. Relax the elbows down. Just notice how your legs feel sometimes. This side can be a little bit different, feel a little foreign. We’ll interlace the fingertips. Sit up nice and tall. Press the palms. Actually let’s interlace the opposite direction this time, so opposite thumb on top, a little yoga for the brain as we begin. We press the palms. Oh, yeah, that feels weird. Forward, up, and back once again. And same thing, just a little organic movement. Yes, to stretch the side body. Yes, to bring awareness into the spine, but really to set the tone for our practice and our challenge that you’re in charge.

It’s more than modifying up or down. It’s really about listening, being present, easing into it, being honest. Also, it gives you the freedom to move how you want to move. Find what feels good. Inhale. Carve a line with your nose. Look up and exhale. Rain it down. Great. This time, we walk the fingertips together just like before. This time, we’re going to inhale, lift the heart, and exhale. Draw a line with the nose past the right shoulder. If you’ve practiced with me before, you know I love this move. Imagine receiving a little kiss on the neck. This is a little hygiene for the neck and shoulders. So it might seem like you’re not doing a lot, but we’re drawing the shoulder blades down. We’re opening the chest, lifting up through the ribcage, and keeping an extension in the crown of the head. Breathe into the left side of the neck. Then on an exhale, this should feel really yummy, as you drop the chin into the chest, breathe into the back of the neck.

Oh, yeah. Then take it to the other side. So we find a softness here, even in this shape. We relax the shoulders down. Imagine someone kissing you on this side of your neck. It’s getting steamy in here already. Inhale in, extend, extend, and exhale chin-to-chest for one more breath. This time, you can really draw your nose to your navel. Then we lift up through the crown of the head.

Take a deep breath in. Smile or turn on that inner smile. Then we release, walking the fingertips forward, same thing. Palms come to the earth and feel this hip out. So you might find a gentle sway. Again, coming onto the forearms might be an option or maybe all the way down, breathing into the outer edge of that left hip, noticing how the sit bones want to peel up, and the pelvis wants to rock, but we keep it grounded and strong. Couple more breaths here. Nice, strong awareness throughout the whole body. You press into the palms to slowly release and come up. This time, we’re going to take the fingertips, spider fingers all the way to the left. So again, there is a tendency to want to crank here and do the yoga pose, and I just ask you, invite you to ease up.

We have 30 days. This is our first day. We’re going to stretch it out, take a little stock, get settled in. So nice, gentle twists to the left, and then we’ll release, take it through center and take it to the right. Breathe nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. Then gently release back to center. Also, flip your palms up, sit up nice and tall. Take a look at your hands. Spread them wide. We’re going to commit to a nice, strong awareness through the hands as we come forward and up into tabletop position. So take this focus of the hands with you as we come gently onto all fours. So we draw the wrists underneath the shoulders, my friends, knees directly underneath the hips. Press into the tops of the feet. Take that focus of the hands with you as you press away from your mat. So fingers are going to want to do what they naturally do, and we’re going to really expand awareness, building a strong foundation here on day one. We press away from the earth. Draw the navel up towards the spine. Relax your shoulders, draw them away from the ears. So really mindful in the head and neck.

Tendency here is for the neck to kind of collapse, but remember, the neck is a nice, long, beautiful extension of your spine. Cool. Take a deep breath in here. Press onto the tops of the feet. Don’t panic. We’re going to lift the knees, let them hover just for a second here. I like to do this one to just bring a little kick-start to our challenge, but also to light a fire in the belly.

Also, when we lift the knees here, we can really tell if we’re collapsing in other places. So find that integrity. One more breath here. You might experience a little shake, a little tremble. That’s prana, the energy moving, definitely a transformative energy there. So one more breath, and then we release. Cat cow never looked so good. Loop the shoulders, drop the belly. Inhale. Heart radiates forward.

On the exhale, I start at the tailbone, turn it under, curl it under as I rotate the hip points. Find the surrounding of the spine and release the crown of the head to the earth. Inhale. Keep it nice and slow today. Dropping the belly, tailbone lifts up, heart opens out. Moving with the breath, exhale, curing the tailbone in, traveling up the spine until the crown of the head releases, moving at your own pace here with your breath, doing a little energetic hygiene, getting the circulation going. A little spinal flex. Even if we just did cat cow every day for 30 days, we’d be rocking and rolling. So we begin to veer off the beaten path here if you haven’t already, shaking the hips a little left to right, just kind of coming off those railroad tracks, lingering in any place that feels tight or sore.

Might get a little freaky on me and even come forward. Whoa. This is where we just begin to let loose. Awesome. Then we’ll come back to that tabletop position and drop the elbows where the palms are. And again, stay aware of the hands here. Fingers are going to want to come in or go out, especially if the shoulders are tight. So see if you can keep two railroad track lines here. Pressing the elbows in to the earth, we walk the knees back and melt the heart. Heart to earth pose, anahata assen. One of my favorites. If the forehead comes to the earth, let it. Let the pelvis rock up towards the sky. Hey-o. The sit bones shine, spread left to right. We take five nice, long, deep breaths here. Notice if the toes are coming in or going out. See if you can keep that full body awareness rocking and rolling. Belly can soften here. Inhale. Fill the back body with air. On an exhale, release your heart. Super awesome for the shoulders. Let’s take one more breath here. Then to transition, I’m going to press into all 10 fingerprints, all 10 knuckles, press into my elbows and slowly slide on through to the belly.

Oh, yeah. Press into the elbows. They’re right underneath the shoulders still. Steel. Texas. Still. I press into the pubic bone, press into the tops of the feet, and I grow nice and tall here in a little sphinx pose. So if you have to do some adjusting to find length on the side body or in the spine, please do. Self adjustments are the best. We breathe here. Again, notice if you’ve lost awareness in the wrists and hands. Keep that awareness. Press away from your mat with your elbows, almost as if you’re trying to tear your yoga mat in half with your elbows. One more breath. We inhale in and exhale, slowly release. All right. This time, palms are going to come underneath the shoulders. We curl the toes under, and you know where I’m headed. Right? Downward -acing dog. So there’s two options here. You can come to all fours first and then peel up through the tail, or there’s always the option from this posture to come straight to plank. So you can cool it, or you can heat it. We always have options here together. We’ll meet in our first downward facing dog of the challenge.

Pedal it out. Check in with your feetsies. Bend the knees, and then don’t forget that awareness of the palms, of the hands, spreading wide. We’ll take three more breaths here. So notice if you’re just kind of holding, waiting, like onto the next thing. Try to enjoy your practice. Breathe. Stretch it out. I shouldn’t say try to enjoy your practice. How about we say just enjoy your practice. Now we’re going to go for a slow walk up towards the front edge. Take your time. Again, resist the urge to just task master here. We’re going to slowly walk up towards the front. Together, we’ll meet at the head of the mat in a nice forward fold.

So to each his own here. You might walk the fingertips to one side and then the other. If you’re feeling a little tight in the head and neck, you might shake the head yes and no. Pay attention to your feet. Toes are pointing forward, feet are hip-width apart here to start. You might clasp the elbows and rock gently, left to right. So again, setting the tone for our practice and really the tone for the challenge that you’re in charge. I encourage you to improvise, to keep searching and exploring. Try to avoid just being the yoga challenge robot here, but really be yourself and listen to your body. When you feel satisfied, we’ll release the arms. Press into the feet, nice and strong. Bend the knees generously as you tuck the chin into the chest, and we begin to roll it up, nice and slow.

Take your time. Enjoy every move, every moment. This is our time that we’ve taken for ourself. So might as well relish.R Relish. Loop the shoulders forward, up, and back when you arrive. So same thing here, when you get settled in, try not to fidget with the feet too much, but keep that connection to the earth. Loop the shoulders, draw a couple circles with the nose, work out the kinks.

Oh, yeah. So we continue to deepen the breath. The more we move the body, the more we synchronize the breath. Inhale. Draw the palms to your heart. Lift your sternum up to your thumbs. Lift the kneecaps. Draw energy up from the arches of the feet. This is our tanasana, our mountain pose here. So we stand up nice and tall. We extend through the crown. We find this upward current of energy through the front body. It’s like, “Aaaah.” Then we find this sweet and almost humble grounding through the back body. Just balance it out.

Then once again, just as we did before, we’re going to interlace. Notice which thumb’s on top as we press the palms forward, up, and back. Again, upward current of energy through the front, nice grounding through the back body. So we press into the heels. We tuck the pelvis in, shoulder blades in, together, and down. If you want, if you need a little more side body lift, we can stretch it out here a couple breaths.

Otherwise, we’re holding, nice and slow, steady breath. Carve a line with your nose. Slowly look up. Take a deep breath in. Press into your thumbs. Up, up, up. Then exhale. Break free. Fingertips interlace behind the tailbone. See if you can put the opposite thumb on top. It’s a little yoga for the brain. Sometimes it can throw you for a loop, but we’ll get the hang of it. Then we draw the knuckles down and away as we open up through the chest. This is awesome if you work at a computer or, again, you’re a little stressed out in the shoulders. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale in and exhale. We break free. Inhale. Reach the arms up. Full body stretch. Exhale.

Palms come together as we bend the knees and take it on down through the midline. Forward fold. From here, we inhale. Lift to a flat back position. Palms on the tops of the thighs or the shins or fingertips on the mat. So we have three different levels here. You can peek at the video here to see what this looks like, because we’re going to come up to them many times in our 30-day challenge.

We have one, two, and a soft bend in the knees here for three. So you can mix and match for this flat back position, bringing lots of integrity into the spine. Wherever you are, take a deep breath in. Inflate and exhale. Use your breath to release it back down. Cool. Fingertips come to the mat. We walk the feet together, and we slide the right toes back into a low lunge, runner’s lunge. So again, we’re easing into the practice today. We’re also trying to find ease with each breath. So if you’re feeling tight in a certain place, see if you can work a little energy into that place. So for me, it’s the front of my right hip crease.

Stretching. I’m pulling my left hip crease back. You might lower the back knee as I have here for a couple breaths. You might even find a rocking motion. So just a little play time here in low lunge or runner’s lunge. Notice if you’re crashing into your fingertips. See if you can keep it light and easy. Then from here, we’ll plant the palms, slide the left toes back to meet the right. We come into our first plank, or maybe our second, of our challenge. We begin to find a little movement here, staying soft and easy, really using the breath to stay focused. So the mind wants to give up in a plank usually a lot faster than the muscles do. So just stick with it here. One more breath in. As you exhale out, we’ll lower the knees, hug the elbows into the side body. You can always stay lifted in that push-up position as we slowly lower down. Elbows pull back. We come to the belly. Release the legs, inhale, and lift up. or cobra. Find your breath and then exhale.

We release. The transition I mentioned before, you can curl the toes up here, come to all fours, then send it up to downward facing dog. Or for more heat, press back up into that plank position, then anchor navel to spine as you send it back. Awesome, my friends. Take a deep breath in here in downward dog, and a deep breath out. Awesome. Now we’re going to step the right foot up. Come into our runner’s lunge. Same thing here. A little play time. A little exploration as we ease in, stretching that left hip crease, pulling the right hip crease back.

Find a little organic movement. Stay mindful. Listen to your body. Then if the back knee is lifted, we’ll lift it . . . Excuse me. If the back knee is lowered, we’ll lift it back up. Take a deep breath in. Let your heart radiate forward. So we kind of come out of the turtle shell here. Inhale. On an exhale, softly rock that back foot up to meet the front. So you can take as many steps as you need. It doesn’t have to be this big move. We find our forward fold. Inhale. Halfway lift, your version. Mix and match. Exhale. Slide it down.

Now inhale. Reach the fingertips left to right. Press into your feet, and we’re going to reach all the way up towards the sky. Full body stretch here as we press into all four corners of the feet. Lift the kneecaps. On an exhale, we bring the hands back to the heart. Awesome. Soft, buoyant in the knees. We inhale. Reach it up. Full body stretch. Exhale. Hands come down through the midline. Inhale. Halfway lift. Long, beautiful neck. Exhale. Slide it down. Step the right toes back. Come to your runner’s lunge. This time, we inhale. Open the heart and chest. You might come up off the fingertips here, just to check in with your core. Squeeze the inner thighs to the midline, or you might stay on your fingertips. Then on an exhale, plant the palms.

Slide the left toes back to plank. Repeat the same move that we did before lowering the knees, or this time, you might shift your weight forward, hug your elbows into your side body, and slowly lower down. This time, we can either lift up to cobra, or we can slide up through into upward-facing dog. So lots of options here as we explore our day one of vinyasa. Navel to spine, we send it back, downward facing dog. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Step the right foot up, runner’s lunge. Same thing here. We inhale. Find the lightness in the fingertips. You might even lift the fingertips up off the ground. Take a deep breath in. Front knee’s stacked over front ankle. Exhale, release. This time, instead of rocking the back foot up to meet the front, we’re going to bring the right toes back to meet the left.

One more time, practicing here with the knees lowered, or we shift our weight forward, hug the elbows into the side body, and chaturanga to up-dog. So we have lots of options here. Inhale. Find your heart opener. Then exhale. We’ll lower the knees and send the sit bones back. Child’s pose. Nice work, my friends. Find your breath. You might rock a little side to side here, stimulating that third eye, that point of intuition. We’ll take a second here to connect to our intentions. Connect to your intention of the challenge, why you’re committed to the 30-day practice, why you’re here. You might draw the palms together here. Walk the elbows forward and bring them up overhead, kind of like a little Namaste shark fin. So articulating your intention here for your practice, relaxing the shoulders, reconnecting to the sound of your breath. Then slowly we’ll release the fingertips back down. Draw the heart up, back to all fours. Then we’re going to cross the left ankle over the right here and very gently.

You can use your hands to guide you. Come through into a nice seated posture. I’m going to center myself on my mat, and you can too. Drawing the palms behind the knees, I’m going to inhale in. On an exhale, lift your feet. So we’re not going into any certain kind of boat pose here today. We’re just kind of easing into this core strength and tapping into this full body connection. So you might rotate your ankles one way and then the other. Also, it is not cheating to hold your legs up here. I think that’s so silly. You can hold a good amount. Look, my arm muscles are working here. See? It’s good. So we’re not going into you know a boat pose here. We’re really slowly taking every little intrinsic muscle along for our 30-day yoga ride and beyond.

Okay. So we’re here. We can also, if this is a little too much for you right away, can keep the big toes on the ground. But everyone, lift your heart. See if you can grow taller up through the sternum. Then maybe you keep your hands here, or maybe you reach your fingertips forward. We’re going to take a couple breaths here. Just notice where your mind goes, like if you’re like , or if you can find a little ease.

Maybe turn the palms up, soften through the toes. Belly’s working here, but so is the back body. I’m lifting my heart. So I’m not really collapsing here, but keeping it lifted. Let’s do one more deep breath in, and exhale. Hands come back to the thighs. Then this is a fun move. We rock it back. We rock a couple times.

So it feels good. Again, you can keep the hands on the backs of the legs here for a little stability. We massage the spine back and forth. You know me. I like to keep it playful. So if you feel a little goofy, good. Then we’ll release it back to the earth. Oh, yeah. So here, we’re going to take a full body stretch as we wind it down. Again, just easing and settling into the challenge. We inhale, reach the fingertips up overhead. Exhale, interlace the fingertips and create a little pillow, little neck hammock here. So you can keep the thumbs extended here or not, but I like to do that and give myself a little massage, a little yogic massage.

All right. Then keep the elbows nice and wide. Inhale, draw the knees up toward your heart. Scoop the tailbone up, so that lower back can become really comfy with your mat. Extend the right leg out long. Inhale in. Exhale. Lift the head, the neck, the shoulders. Kiss right elbow to left knee. Deep breath in. Exhale, switch. Left leg out, kiss left elbow to right knee. We move back and forth here, keeping it really soft and easy breezy, resisting the urge to clench, to speed up. We’ll do that later. So you can keep it nice and soft. So lower back’s going to want to come up, and I’m going to keep my navel driving down, tailbone scooping up. Okay. Just a couple more here. You totally got this. Breathe. Find your breath. Then we release the soles of the feet to the ground. Release the arms and slowly extend the legs out long. Awesome. Take a deep breath in through your nose here and a long exhale out through the mouth. Nice. Inhale. Draw the right knee up. Squeeze it up in towards your heart. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Exhale, taking it over towards the left.

Twist it out. We can open up through the right arm. We breathe up and down the spine. Really nice, slow, stabilizing twist here before we head to shavasana. Gently melt it back to center, and we switch. Squeeze that left knee up towards your heart.

When you’re ready, find your twist. Oh, yeah. Gently releasing it back to center and preparing for our final and most precious posture here. Sometimes this can be the most challenging posture. So again, just try to ease into it. You can pillow the head with a blanket.

You can cover up if you’re chilly. You can even roll a blanket or towel up behind the knees to support the lower back. We’ll send the arms out wide, palms face up. Inhale. Lift your heart, your chest open. Exhale, release. I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. It’s very sweet. Close your eyes. Get all little wiggly movements out of the body, and then we settle in to the corpse pose, finding stillness here.

Even if you’re short on time, find a moment to just pause and give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. Just let go. Thank you for sharing your time, your energy, and your practice. Good job. Namaste. .

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The PERFECT Total Body Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. We’re continuing the perfect workout series here today. This time, by popular demand, with a total body workout. Look, it’s hard to declare perfection in a single workout when we’re trying to hit our entire body. But I’m going to try and do my best and justify why we’re selecting the exercises that we do. In addition – there’s a little bit of a bonus – I’m going to make this the ‘perfect total body workouts’, as in ‘plural’. I’m going to give you more than one. To accomplish this goal, I’m going to give you guys a template that you can use, and I want to make sure I’m doing that now.

Again, we’re talking about two, singular workouts. We have a complete plan called our Total BeaXt program at ATHLEANX.com, where we have a complete workout, day by day, for 90 days, which is based around total body training. I definitely suggest you check it out. When we’re talking about this, and always in our total body workouts, I always break out the muscle markers. As you can see, it’s not going to be very practical for me to draw all over my damn body to get the point across. I’m going to apply something else that’s going to be very helpful for you guys. That is, instead of thinking about which particular exercises are going to accomplish what we’re trying to accomplish, I want you to think more in terms of movements. We know if we can train the movements in a particular workout then we can incorporate the muscles that achieve those movements. So here, in these workouts, you’re going to find something in common. We want to train the squat pattern. We want to train the lunge pattern. We want to train the hinge – particularly the hip driven movement.

A push. A pull. Some sort of carry. And of course, always a corrective exercise. So, with that being said, I want to break down workout A. If you’re going to do this – let’s say you did the perfect chest workout and you just want to try it out. This is the workout that I would give you. Instead, if you want to break this down into a more appropriate plan where you can do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday total body plan; you would use A and then I’m going to give you workout B, and then you go back to A. You’ll be alternating A, B; A, B; on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Some weeks it’s A, B, A. On other weeks: B, A, B. The fact is, I want to point out why we’re selecting what we’re selecting so you understand why, and you can gain some real benefit from. You ready? Let’s start breaking down workout A. So, let’s start breaking down our first workout here. Workout A. Again, giving you the reasons why we’re selecting what we’re selecting. It starts here with our warmup. Our warmup is going to be that lunge pattern. That overlooked athletic, irreplaceable movement pattern I think a lot of us overlook.

We use it here as a warmup because it does a couple things really effectively. Number one: it gets us to move in multiple directions as you’re going to see here with our multidirectional lunge, and it helps us mobilize our hips in all three planes of movement. At the same time, it’s increasing our core temperature to make us feel warmer, and ready to participate in this complete, total body workout. You can see Antonio Brown, when we train together, we use this as a primary movement for all his warmup. His entire dynamic warmup consists of different variations of the lunge. It’s that effective for getting him ready to do what he has to do. I believe it’s going to do the same thing for you. What we do is two to three rounds of 7, each direction, of this multidirectional lunge. Two forward in the sagittal plane. Two in the frontal plane, side to side. Then two going back to the right and the left in this transverse plane opening up the hips.

Again, you’re going to feel your hips start to mobilize, and feel loose, and ready to go. Two rounds might cut it for you. Maybe you need an additional third. That’s up to you. Now we move onto our key, foundational lower body movement pattern. This is going to be our strengthening pattern. This is our squat. We’re going to use the barbell squat to do this. The key here is to make sure we’re accommodating for some of this extra movement pattern focus of what we’re doing in this total body workout. So instead of traditionally going five sets of 5 here, we’re going to drop it down to three sets of 5. Again, to allow for some of the additional movement patterns we’re going to attack here in this overall workout. The goal is still the same. When you can perform all three sets of 5 repetitions using a particular weight, you want to increase that weight over time, and continue to try to progress the overload, and get yourself stronger in this base foundational movement.

From here we have to work the other side. The other side of the chain, which is the posterior chain. For me, we’re looking at and focusing on the hinge. Rather than go to a deadlift in this workout – you will, if you’re going to stick around for workout B – here we want to focus on just working on that hinge. More importantly, working on developing that overlooked aspect of glute participation in a hinge. People don’t get this right and we suffer from what we call ‘glute amnesia’, never driving from the appropriate muscles to drive a hinge. This exercise is one of the most overlooked when it comes to that. It’s the barbell hip thrust. This exercise gives us a hinge. You can literally see that it’s driven solely by a hinge, but whether or not you’re doing it correctly is the thing.

I don’t want you to load up super heavy here. I don’t want you to try and get in the five-rep range because what we tend to do here is heave our hips up with no real concentration, and effort, or focus on driving that with the right muscles. We want to drive this with the glutes. Always. So, we’re going to drop the weight down to the 10 to 12 rep range, add an additional set for three to four sets of this to really focus on driving this key movement, and doing it the right way.

Now we move onto the upper body. Again, we want to get that foundational lift for pushing. For me, it’s going to be the barbell bench-press. Now, if you don’t feel adequately loose at this point from the other work you’ve already done, you can certainly warmup with some additional sets of the bench-press. But let’s say you’re ready to go. Once again, you’re going to attack this with three sets of 5, the way you’re trying to progressively overload from workout to workout, getting yourself to become stronger in this movement.

Now we’ve got to go and hit the ‘pull’ aspect of it. For me, I’m going to go with the weighted chin-up. My loading parameter is going to be slightly different as well. Again, I don’t go all the way down to the 3 to5 rep range because I find that people really cheat those reps and they don’t initiate with the muscles they need to.

What I want you to do is lighten a big in the 6 to 10 range. Give you a little bit wider range from which I want you to fail. ‘Fail’ meaning, I want you to not be able to get yourself back up the bar without looking really ugly or doing some kipping. The weighted chin is one of those irreplaceable, great exercises that I think we could all benefit from including. So, you’re going to do it here as well. Finally, we’re now going to incorporate the last two components. The carry and the corrective. These are two things that I think get overlooked. Again, we are accruing additional volume. This is not junk volume and this is not ‘throw away’. So, we need to make sure we’ve accommodated this by making some changes earlier in the workout.

For the carry you’re going to take half your bodyweight in each hand and you’re going to walk around whatever space you have for 50 steps. I mention 50 steps as opposed to a distance because even if you have a limited amount of space, you’re going to be able to count your steps. The goal here is to do a couple of things. Number one: there is a conditioning effect from doing a carry, but more importantly, you’re building grip sustainability. Not just overall force output, but sustainability of forced output, which is a critical component that benefits all our bigger lifts very well. I just did a video on this, on how important it is, and just talked about this in my live event on how important grip sustainability is to your overall athleticism and performance. So, we’re going to use the carry to accomplish this. Finally, we move onto the corrective. Guys, you know that I’m a big fan of the corrective exercises because I feel like they’re helpful for preventing some things from going wrong, even before they do.

Or if you have already had some injuries, they’re helpful for getting us back on track. For me, I guess you could probably figure out that the one I was going to select – you can only do one – would be the face pull. So here we’re going to end this with two sets of 12 of a face pull. Again, it’s that mentality of how you’re approaching this. Think of it more like twelve sets of 1. Then you do that again. So you’re doing 24 high quality, perfect repetitions in this perfect workout to make sure you’re recruiting the right muscles that are not only going to help you posturally, but they’re going to help you back in those overall lifts, and just feel better overall. So, there’s workout A. Like I said in the beginning, if you want to just try what the perfect workout would feel like and you’re even new to total body training, workout A is where you’ll focus your efforts. You’ll get some great benefits from doing it. However, if you want to be more expansive about it and you want to start to lay out a program, I would suggest that you move onto a second workout.

You give yourself an alternative that’s going to fill in the gaps nicely, alongside workout A. That’s where workout B comes in. How do we perform it? Workout B is going to give you the same opportunities for warming up. I feel like that 3D lunge pattern is so beneficial that it’s going to warm us up for what we have ahead in this workout as well. We’re going to perform that in the very same way and then move onto our first big exercise. Here, the hinge becomes more of the focus. The hinge becomes the overload. In this case, the hinge becomes the deadlift. We’re going to have the opportunity, once again, to perform this in a ‘three sets of 5’ fashion so we can overload, still accommodate some of the additional volume here.

And also take into consideration the fact that, neurologically, the deadlift is going to be a little more taxing on the body than some of the other exercise options within this total body framework. So, we’re going to do a three by 5 there again, with the goal being the same; to progressively overload each time you encounter this Workout B variation. From here, to finish up the lower body training we go back. We have an option here. You can either squat again in this workout or you can do something different. You can do the reverse barbell lunge. Now, if you’re going to squat, I want to see you lighten the load here. This is not going to fall into the same framework of the three sets of 5. Here, I’m trying to de-load you a little bit, realizing how taxing the deadlift itself can be.

But if we do have an opportunity here and you want to try something different, I would highly suggest that you try to do the reverse barbell lunge. This is going to give you a chance to do something different. To load yourself in an exercise you probably haven’t loaded yourself fairly heavy in. We’re still in this 10-rep range. That’s a fairly heavy load. But whichever choice you make, realize that the main focus, lower body-wise, is to deliver most of your efforts into that hinge. In this case, the deadlift, for those three sets of 5.

But now we go back up to the upper body. The upper body is not necessarily the bench-press, but it’s still a press. It’s going to be an overhead press. Once again, this is our foundational pushing pattern here. This time in the vertical, as opposed to the horizontal. But still, the same goal being to progressively overload and build your strength in this movement over time. Realizing that, yes, it can be challenging to continue to press overhead with more, and more, and more weight.

The fact is, we still want to apply the same principle of wanting to overload here and strengthening in this exercise. So, we do our three sets of 5 on the overhead press. We now go back to the pull and here we’re going to do the row. Contrary to what some might say, in terms of the loading pattern for the row, I still like to keep this a little bit on the higher side. 10 to 12 reps. Why? The same idea and concept applied to the barbell hip thrust would be applying here as well. I think that just heaving the weight up and down is going to make us susceptible to a couple of things. Number one: there might be some lower back fatigue, having done the deadlifts earlier in this session that could come into play and rear their ugly head if you’re just heaving the weight around on a lower rep focus. So, the 10 to 12 is going to allow me to be a little more conscientious of the weight I’m lifting and the way I’m lifting the weight. More importantly, I also find that getting back engagement, and lat engagement is a little bit easier when you lighten the weight and focus on how you’re lifting the weight.

So, the barbell row is slightly adjusted to be a little more accommodating to that. To allow us to get better form, better contraction, and again, without overloading the lower back. Again, we wrap up the workout one more time with our carry and our corrective. This time, instead of carrying down at our sides, we’re going to lift those arms up overhead. A much different experience, and a much lighter experience if you haven’t already tried this.

Here, we’re going to go with a quarter of your bodyweight in each hand and try to accomplish those same 50 steps around the gym, or around your apartment, or whatever workout facility you’re training in. The fact is, you’re going to feel a lot of postural engagement. You’re going to feel a lot of challenges to keeping your arms as upright and straight as possible. And you’re going to feel that mid and lower trap area really work overtime to try and keep you in this position. All good indicators that this is something you should probably be doing a lot more of. Finally, from a corrective standpoint, if you want to face pull again, you’d be making me happy. But there are some other options. Particularly in the lower body. You can utilize the hip band mini ladder that you’re seeing here. Or you can utilize some other things like band pull aparts, or even basic external rotation for your rotator cuff.

There you have it, guys. The perfect total body workout. Again, covering Workout A and B and depending upon what your individual training goals are right now, whether you just want to experiment with one, or whether you want to try and incorporate it more into a plan; they’re both going to benefit you substantially. The fact is, if you’re looking for a complete program, as I’ve said, there are limitations when you’re coming up with a perfect workout. A singular workout. Especially when it comes to total body. We designed an entire plan, which is our Total BeaXt program, which is over at ATHLEANX.com. I mentioned it before. It’s not just a couple of workouts. It’s a 90-day plan, step by step, incorporating many more correctives than are here. Athletic training and conditioning drills as well, making you exactly that: a Total Beast. Not just a one-dimensional strength athlete, but somebody that could do a lot more than that. It’s all laid out for you step by step at ATHLEANX.com. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below.

I know if you like the perfect series you’ve been asking for more. Make sure to leave your comments below and check out the other ones in this series. To do that, you’re going to want to make sure you subscribe and turn on your notifications, so you never miss a new video when we put one out, guys. I listen to what it is that you want, and I do my best to cover those in all the videos we do. I hope you’re finding them helpful. I’ll be back here again in a couple of days. See ya. .

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Peaches’ Weight Loss Journey – Week 4 Update

It’s week four on the diet and I’m starting to see visible changes in Peaches. Her fat rolls have got a lot smaller and she has so much energy now.

She’s not tentative about jumping up on the couch, she just springs straight up there. She’s running around with all the dogs in the park and people in our dog group are actually commenting on how fast and how much she’s running around now as opposed to just sitting at our feet.

She’s enjoying the food just as much as she was on the first week. So, everything’s going pretty good! ‘Peaches is waiting for her din-dins. You like it now don’t you! We’ll get you some! Come on, let’s go!’ ‘Sit!’ ‘Good girl!’ .

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Review – STOP! You NEED to see this before you buy one!

Hey all thanks for watching my Lenovo IdeaPad yoga 2 pro review the Lenovo yoga 2 pro features touchless guest your control .

you can wave your hand in front of the camera to scroll through photos and presentations the unit will also sense when you have it in laptop tent stand and tablet mode and will give you quicker access to the apps you normally use in those modes.

the Lenovo yoga 2 pro is just point 61 inches thick and only weighs 3 pounds another improvement on the original is that the keyboard is backlit it comes with windows 8 and dragon diction software pre-installed the new yoga brings back everything good in its processor and adds a qhd+ high resolution display the 10 finger multi-touch display has an extremely bright screen so you’ll have no trouble using it outdoors that’s the Lenovo yoga 2 pro review in a nutshell click on the link below for the latest information including pricing

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How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– If your goal is to lose some weight, then cycling is a fantastic way to do it. And some more good news is if cycling is your only goal, losing weight whilst maintaining power will make you faster, – Yeah, so for example, a 75 kilogram rider cycling up a long hill would actually get to the top a minute quicker if they lost just 2 kilos in weight. –

Yeah, and taking that example to the extreme, the differences are huge. So a 90 kilogram rider, if he manages to lose 10 kilos under those exact same conditions will save almost five and a half minutes. – So what are the best ways to lose weight, then? Well, coming up are five quick and easy tips that will help you do just that.

Years ago, we were all told that the best way to lose excess weight was to spend a lot of time in the so-called “fat-burning zone.” The theory being, you’d burn a greater percentage of fat versus carbohydrates at a lower intensity than that higher intensity.

– And that’s fine if you’ve got all day, every day to train, but the fact is most of us don’t have that luxury. So, if you’re trying to train on a full-time routine, then high intensity is where it’s at. –

Yeah, you’re going to burn far more calories per hour on a really hard, intense ride, than on a long jaunt in the saddle. At the end of the day, losing weight is all about burning more calories than you’re consuming. Plus, there’s the added benefit that you generally feel slightly less hungry after an intense ride than after a long, slow ride, so you’re far less likely to overeat once you get through a door.

– Now, here at GCN, we’ve got quite a few short, intense sessions you can do indoors. If you incorporate two or three of those into your weekly training routine, you’re definitely going to be on your way. ♪ ♪ – Drinking water is really good for you, and not only that, it can also act as a little bit of an appetite suppressant.

Now, after you’ve had a fair bit, you won’t feel quite so hungry. So here’s a neat little trick for you. When you get in from your ride, drink a really big glass of water, maybe a pint or so, before you have your meal. It’ll settle your stomach and that way when do come to having your meal, you won’t feel quite so hungry, and therefore you’ll be a little less likely to overeat.

And you could also use this trick before your main meals of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even before your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Happy days, cheers. ♪ ♪ – Tip number three. Eat little and often on rides over 90 minutes in duration.

Now, it might sound a little bit counterintuitive to eat more than you normally do, especially when you’re trying to lose weight, but just bear with us for a few moments, and we’ll explain.

– Yeah, you see, there is a tendency when trying to lose weight to restrict the amount that you eat whilst doing exercise, but as we already mentioned, that can lead to problems with overeating when you get home. So, instead, if you eat little and often during your rides, you’ll probably find that you’re much less hungry when you walk through the door, and you’re therefore less likely to binge eat. You got any spare? – No, it’s all gone. – Aargh. ♪ ♪ – Right, this next one is related, somewhat, to point number one, and that is high intensity.

So even if you’re not heading out necessarily planning on a full-blown interval section, you can still do yourself a hell of a lot of good by throwing in a couple of high-intensity intervals right at the end of your ride.

That’s right. Studies have shown that post-exercise, oxygen consumption can actually help the burning of fat. So the best way to get into that state is to do some high-intensity efforts towards the end of the ride, and that way your body will still be burning loads of calories, even when you’re sat on the sofa.

How good is that? – Yeah, it’s the best thing ever. – Our final tip is to make goals and to keep them written down, along with a chart of your weight.

Now, make sure that you keep your goals achievable, because there’s nothing worse than setting goals that aren’t attainable. And then, write them down and keep them in the place where you’re most likely to see them, say for example, on the fridge door, and that way you’re far more likely to stick to your plan. –

Yeah, and as Matt said, you should also keep a regular track of your weight. Plenty of people out there who suggest not weighing yourself on a daily basis, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing, as long as you do it at the same time each and every day.

There will be days, of course, when that number does go up ever so slightly, but if you keep some kind of graph of your weight, then what you should find over time, in a number of months, is that the general trend of the line is going downwards towards your ultimate goal.

♪ ♪ – And now a tip on what not to do. Now, this is something that many of us may have been advised to do or even seen other people do over the years, but primarily in France. – Anyway, wrapping up in extra layers of clothing so you sweat more will produce instantaneous and potentially significant weight loss. However, it is all water. So as well as being potentially dangerous, as soon as you re-hydrate properly, all of the weight will come back on.

– Don’t do it. ♪ ♪ – So, there you have it. To try and lose weight, make sure you incorporate plenty of high-intensity rides, drink water strategically, eat regularly on longer rides, throw in a couple of intervals at the end of your steady rides, make goals and write them down.

And finally, don’t overdress to try and lose weight. Quite simple, really. – Yeah, very simple. Now, we mentioned earlier about our indoor training videos. So, if you click up there, then you’ll get straight through to our place where we’ve got some great high-intensity workouts.

Or just down there, Matt and I have made a video about bike weights and that’s effect on your climbing performance. So there’s some good signs right down there. – And to subscribe to GCN, how about clicking on that rather gorgeous view? – Oh, and don’t forget to “like” our videos, or this one in particular. And other ones, as well. – In particular. – Yeah. .

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Yoga For Weight Loss | Fat Burning Workout | Yoga With Adriene

Hello, and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene. Today we’re going to learn a quick sequence for weight loss, so we’re going to use the entire body, stimulate the belly, get that digestive tract happy and healthy for the new year, and we’re going to begin today on our mats, duh, on our backs. So let’s come to flat back position, hmmmm, and this pony tail is not working out for me.

There we go. All right. I am going to tuck my chin into my chest, lengthen through the back of the neck. I am going to press into my head like I did in Chavasan video. I am going to press into my elbows. I am going to draw my shoulder blades in together and down, just creating a little space, broad collar bone here, open chest, mmmmmmmm, and I relax back down, and I am going to extend my legs out long and inhale, reach my fingertips up and over my head, full body stretch here from fingertips to toes I can point and flex the feet, and this is organic here. This is easy-breezy beautiful cover girl, and I really just want to take a moment right now to say that the more organic movement we can find and create, the more correct we’re doing our yoga.

So although I am here to guide you, feel free to move within the sequences, especially as we continue on through the year. Find that organic movement in your body. Okay, so I am going to inhale in, stretch one last time. Just full body stretch just waking up from fingertips to toes, and then on exhale, I am going to flex my feet, toes up towards the sky, and slowly psheeeeeewwwww, float my fingertips down by my side. I will plant my palms here, and then just checking in with this core, this belly which we’re going to bring a lot of attention to here, at the top of the year, just kind of stimulating, massaging those internal organs. Again, getting that digestive tract happy and healthy. Pressing into the palms. Instead of going right leg, left leg, or one leg than the other, I am going to bring my awareness to my navel. Udi and abunda, we draw the navel towards the spine, tuck the pelvis, and then just check in, even if it’s not possible in this moment, I am going to slowly try to lift both knees up at the same time.

So you might be like haha! No way. And that’s fine, and then if it didn’t happen on the first time and you want to try it again sometimes I’d like to do it a couple of times just to, “Oh, yeah,” check in with my center. From here I’ll scoop the tail bone up, letting my lower back become flush with the mat. Feel free to rock a little side to side, hug your knees into your chest if you need a moment here, pheewww. And then from here I am going to inhale. Slowly lift my knees so that they are above my hip points. Now my lower back is going to want to come up from the mat, mmmm, mmm, I am going to scoot my tailbone up and support my back by drawing my navel in, also checking in with that center again, connecting to the abdominal wall. Right away here I am already feeling this fire in my belly. So if I am feeling like it’s difficult to keep the lower back flush with the mat, bring your knees a little bit in front of the hip point.

So rather than stacking them evenly, especially for beginner it’s nice to get that lower back down to the ground. I can point my feet here. I can flex my teat, feet, my teat , I can flex my feet. I can spread my toes, yogi toes, it doesn’t matter. I just want a little bit of brightness, a little bit of awareness to the feet so I am not just hanging into my bones, but I am nice an stacked; bright in the feet. Inhale, reach the fingertips up towards the sky and behind again, pheeewww, on an exhale I settle in, opening the shoulders. Then I am going to interlace here, bring them behind my head, keeping my thumbs extended here, maybe giving my neck a little massage, and then opening the shoulders. Now this whole time I am not just hanging out. I am drawing my navel down. I am scooping my tailbone up. So the opposite of that would look like this, but I am scooping my tailbone up, drawing my navel towards my spine.

Shins parallel with the ceiling, knees in front of the hip points if you need a little more lower back support. Press your elbows into the mat. Tuck your chin into your chest. Inhale in. As you exhale, scoop your tail bone up, draw you navel down, and slowly begin to lift the head, the neck the shoulders, the elbows. It doesn’t have to be a Cirque du Soleil move. It can just be a nice, little hover here. In fact, imagine you’re holding a big piece of fruit, maybe a big, juicy mango or cantaloupe, or whatever the heck you want in between your chin and chest. So rather than coming into a crunch as we’re used to, I am creating space. I am really drawing my navel down as I keep my elbows nice and wide.

The tendency here is to crunch. I am going to keep it nice and long imagining my big piece of fruit here. My belly is working out right now, and then tendency number two is that the elbows kind of want to come in to shield yourself from the hell, and instead we want to open ourselves up to the light. That was cheesy, sorry, but it’s true. So, keeping it nice and open and soft in the face on that same grace note. It’s like instead of clinching here I am letting my belly do the work. I am creating that inner fire.

I am breathing nice, long, smooth deep breaths, keeping those elbows wide. Psheeeeeeeew. Pfeeeeeeeeew. Using my thumbs to pull the back of the neck, nice and long. After a couple of nice, long deep breaths here. I will inhale in and exhale slowly lower down, taking a rest here, bringing the soles of the feet to the outer edges of the mat, and then letting the two knees fall into center. I take a couple of breaths here, just relaxing, and breathing into the belly. Again, remember when you inhale, we fill the body with air, so that breath travels down. When you exhale it comes back up and out through the nose or mouth. So I am taking my arms here to cactus arms, just opening taking a breather, and then I will come back. Inhale, bringing the knees above the hip points or slightly in front. Shins parallel, right away, scooping my tailbone up, drawing my navel down. Interlacing the fingertips, bringing them behind the head, thumbs extended as once again I find that nice, big open space between my chin and my chest, my chin and my heart.

Elbows are going to want come in here, but instead I am going to open the mouth wide. Pffeeeew. Now you can see me point and flexing and moving my feet. That’s because rather than coming into our perfect, asana shape which I am not inspiring us to do, I want us to. I do want us to be in correct alignment, but I want us to empower each other, especially in yoga, but in life, to find what feels good and to work organically into the posture. Then we come into whatever that perfect pose is. So keeping it alive. Pfeewww. Listening to my body.

Yoga Burn Challenge Review
Yoga Burn Challenge Review

My belly is working really hard here. Again, I am going to take a couple of nice, long deep breaths. Let’s take five here as I extend through the crown of the head and exhale scooping the tail bone up. Pshhheeeeew. Elbows nice and wide. Skin in the face soft. So even though I am working really hard in the belly here. Keep breathing. I am finding a grace, a sense of ease in the upper body, supporting my lower back by drawing the navel in. Now, I can take a rest here, or to go one step further, I am going to inhale in as I exhale. I am going to shoot my fingertips out towards the outer edges of my mat. I am going to turn my palms face up so the shoulders can really drop in the socket coming away from the ears. I can come into moodra here if I like, whatever you like. Open palms, and we take a couple of breaths here, again, building that fire in the belly, massaging those internal organs, staying nice and loose and easy-breezy in the next. Psheewwwww. Again, knees are above the hip points or slightly in front.

I am open in the throat chaka, so I am not crunching here, but nice and open. Let’s take one more deep breath here. This is kind of like a cockroach pose. I am going to regret this. I am going to look at this video and be like, “What are you doing?” But I am engaging my core. Here we go. One last breath. Psheeeew. On an exhale I am going to come to recline butterfly. Soles of the feet together, and just letting it all hang for one breath, mmmmmmmmmmmm, and I extend my toes out, reach my fingertips up and overhead, again, nice full body stretch. Pfffffffff, and exhale floating the palms down, psshewwwwww. Once again, I am going to see if I can hug my knees into my chest by bringing them both in at the same time. Here we go, let’s see if I can do it. Yeah, baby, and then rocking a little side to side, massaging the lower back. Inhale, draw the toes up towards the sky. Now, if the legs straightened, great, if not, keep them bent, who cares? Bend your knees as generously as you need to letting the blood flow in the opposite direction.

I am scooping my tailbone up, navel down towards the earth. If I can straighten my legs, I am going to flex my feet so my toes are pointing now towards my face, pressing into the heels, pressing into the tops of the thighs, and then inhale, reaching the fingertips up and overhead. Exhale, I am going to slowly lift, just like I did before, head, neck, shoulders as I reach my fingertips towards my ankles, but again, I am not crunching here. I am keeping it nice and open in the upper body. So it’s still keeping that broadness in the chest. Fingertips reaching towards the heels again. If I bend my knees, same, no big deal here.

Finding what feels good, listening to my body, keeping that big piece of fruit between my chin and chest. Shoulders drawing away from the ears. One more breath here. Hang with me, and then exhale and we come back. Psssssheeewww. Fingertips reaching up and overhead. Inhale in here. Extend through the crown of the head, long neck, exhale, reach your fingertips. Draw your navel down, reaching towards my heels. Psseeeeeewwwww. Inhale, reach it back, and now we flow. Exhale, reaching up, psheeeeeewwwww. Inhale, fingertips reaching up behind you. Exhale, peeling it up, nice and long in the spine. Inhale, reaching back, exhale, navel draws up. Scoop your tailbone up towards your heels, and back and two more, inhale, exhale, pseeeeeewwww, , pseewewwwwww.

Now, for a little more fire in the belly. I can take five breaths to pulse here. So I am keeping my toes pointing or my heels flexing, and I will pulse. Kind of snorted on one of those. Okay, I am reaching towards the outer edges of my feet. Inhale, reach the fingertips back, exhale, floating the palms down. Route your palms to the earth and just for funzies checking in with my core I press into my palms and slowly lower down. I am with control, with ease. Even if I only get this far on the collapse involved, that’s fine. Checking in with that belly, that fire. Psheeeewww. Slowly lowering down, using the palms, navel drawing towards the spine, and then when the heels release, I take a second here to relax and rock the head a little side to side, ear to ear.

When I am satisfied, I will pancake the palms back down on the earth and inhale, last time, drawing those knees at the same time back into the center. This time crossing the right ankle over the left, grabbing onto the outer edges of the feet, I can take a second here to just find that full body smile, bending the elbows left to right. Rock a little side to side, and then I am going to rock and roll it up, north to south. So inhale, exhale, start rocking.

You can do this a couple of times here, massaging the spine. It might look and feel a little ridiculous at first, but it’s awesome. Kind of working out the kinks, and then eventually I will come to rise back up. I will put my hair back up because my hair is all asymmetrical. I did a movie last year and they cut asymmetrical and I haven’t got a haircut yet because I am just going with the flow. It’s 2013 baby! Okay, so I have created this fire in my belly. I am feeling it right now. I am going to continue on my journey by pressing the palms in front of me, spreading the palms wide, and then slowly transitioning to all fours.

So just situate yourself in the center of your mat. Come to that tabletop position, spreading the palms wide. I inhale in, exhale, press up and out of my foundation. Drawing the shoulders away from the ears here. Inhale, look forward, drop your belly and exhale. I am slowly going to transition into downward dog by curling the toes under, walking my fingertips forward, and then slowly lifting the hip points up towards the sky, nice and slow on this first one as I peddle the feet out.

Pressing into my palms, tops of the shoulder, rotating away from the ears, just working out here for a couple of breaths, nice, long, smooth, deep breaths as I massage my feet, and wake up my dog, bending the knees generously, and then now I would like you to imagine there is a hurdle in the center of your mat. Remember track and field day, those were fun! I used to eat sour pickles. Anyway, big hurdle in front of the mat, nice, friendly hurdle, right? That’s a metaphor if I ever said one. Inhale in. As you exhale you’re going to go up and over that hurdle. So rather than just transition and collapsing into the bones to plank. Ah, ha, ha, ha. I am going to go up and over. I am going to empower myself. I am going to light up the body. So inhale in.

As I exhale I am going to up on my tippy-tip toes, drawing my navel up towards my spine and slowly shifting my weight forward into plank. As I slowly lower my hip points, I extend through the heels. I squeeze the buttocks together, shoulder blades in and together as I extend through the crown of the head, maybe taking the gaze slightly forward, and then I take a deep breath in here and exhale. Rock on the toes, draw the navel up, go back up and over that hurdle, psssseeeew. Dropping the heels here. It doesn’t matter if the heels touch the earth or not. Just working it out, being in the moment. Inhale in as I exhale again, up and over the hurdle.

Think up, and over and instead of settling in here to the bones, I am keeping that upward motion. I am drawing up through my navel, squeezing my shoulder blades together. I begin to press into my heels. Maybe take the gaze slightly forward. Inhale in. Exhale back up and over. Send it back. Downward dog. Psseeeewww. Peddle the feet. Take a deep breath in and exhale up and over, drawing the navel towards the spine, and again instead of settling in here, I come into my plank with an integrity, with a nice, strength in the core, really stimulating those internal organs, that abdominal wall, nice and strong, pressing up and out, here I go, up and over the hurdle.

Haaaaaa, and one more time. Deep breath in, and exhale, pseeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Pseewwwwwwwwwww. Peddle the feet. Drop the left heel. Slide the sole of the right foot up. So rather than just hiking the leg up, I am going to slide. Draw a line with my right foot up, keeping the hips level here so not letting them stack right now, but keeping it nice and level, drawing my navel in. I will inhale in, exhale slowly, bend that knee, shift your weight forward. Nose to knee. Inhale, extend, drop the left heel. Lift the right leg up and exhale shifting forward, nose to knee. Psewwwwww. Rounding the navel drawing in. Only three of these lifting up, last one, and exhale psweeeeeewwwwwwwww. And this time stepping that right leg up into our runner’s lunge. Check it out.

Working out the kinks. Opening up through the left hip crease. Peeling that right hip crease back. Making sure I am not on a tight rope here, but rather on two parallel lines, and then looping the shoulders forward up and back. I find a little bit of a lift. So even if I am not finding a big lift here, just taking some of the weight out of my fingertips to check in with that core. One breath here as we just check in. Pssewwwww, and then planting the palms. I will step it back downward facing dog. Psweew. Know dropping the right heel, sliding the sole, the left leg up. I slide it on a breath in, and on an exhale slowly shifting forward. Psweeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww. Nice and slow, nose to knee.

Only do three of these here, so take your time. Inhale, extend, dropping the right heel, extending the left leg, pressing up and out of the palm and shifting forward on an exhale, nose to knee, navel drawing up, pseeewwwwwwwwww. Last one, inhale, extending through the left leg, right heel drops, exhale, shifting forward, navel draws in, nose to knee, full body experience here. Nice and slow. Inhale, extending the leg out, and then hiking it back up. Sounds a little different doesn’t it? Mmmmmm. Runner’s lunge. Give it a little rock. Peel that left hip crease back here. Open up through the right hip crease. Take a second to come off the fingertips just to check in with your core, looping the shoulders forward, up and back. Inhale in, smile. Exhale, plant your palms. This time step it to plank. So whether I am in full plank or half plank I am wanting to create a nice, straight line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. This diagonal line. I am going to inhale in here, and exhale, bend my elbows just halfway. Psweeewwwwww. Inhale, extend. Pfffff. Exhale, bending half way.

Psweeew. Inhale, extend, and last time, only three, half way, and then we come up all fours, bring the two big toes together, open the knees as wide as the mat, inhale, scoop your heart, and exhale. Halleleujah! We sent the sit bones back to kiss the heels, and we can either rest here and extend a child’s pose, or we can slowly draw the palms together and take a variation here bringing the palms behind the head. Mmmmmmm. Three nice long deep breaths here. On your inhale, see if you can fill the lower back with air. On your exhale imagine your sit bones melting down to kiss your heels. Pssseeewwwwww. Inhale in. Exhale, drawing the shoulder blades in together so there’s lots of space between the ears and shoulders even here. After three breaths I’ll inhale in again to look up, drawing my fingertips forward, and again, nothing fancy, just a nice, organic transition here as I spread the palms, awareness in all ten finger prints. Come back to all fours. And whenever you’re ready, curling the toes under, drawing that navel in as I slowly lift up, ahhhh.

There, more facing dog. Same thing with a little bit of a twist now. Here we go, dropping the left heel. I will inhale, slide the sole of the right foot up. Keep drawing your navel in towards your spine. On an exhale I am going to shift my weight, but this time I am going to really consider going up and over my hurdle as I draw my nose to my knee, pssseeeeewww. Inhale, extend it back, dropping the left heel, extend the right leg. This time up and over, but I am going to bring my right knee to my right elbow, hovering. Pshewwwwwww. Pressing up and over, sending that right leg back, left heel down.

This time I am going to shift weight, twisting to bring my right knee to my left elbow hovering, psheewwwwwww. Up and over as I extend, and then all the way through and into my lunge. Psewwww. Runner’s lunge, right leg forward. Preparing for high lunge here. I am going to draw my navel into my spine, press into the front foot and extend my back heel. Inhale, reaching the fingertips forward, up and back, lifting in the heart to come all the way up to high lunge.

Now, there’s plenty of variations here. We can keep the hands on the waist line for a little more stability here. If I feel like my shoulder, they are cramping in towards my ears, I can open up, flying V. I am going to inhale in here. As I exhale, I am going to draw my heel towards the back wall, really opening up through the left hip crease, peeling my right hip crease back. Now soften through the front rib cage. Draw your navel in towards your spine. Tuck your pelvis in. Inhale, high lunge. As you exhale, flow your fingertips down and away opening the shoulders. Now, inhale, I am going to bring my belly to my thigh, shifting forward. Inhale, reaching forward, up and back. Exhale, opening by bringing the fingertips slightly behind the hip points. Two more like this, inhale, belly to the thigh, reaching forward, up and back strong in that back leg, exhale, floating the fingertips behind. Last one, inhale, belly to thigh. Press up and out of your foundation to reach it up, and then exhale floating the fingertips behind.

The belly come to the thigh to come down, psheewwwww, one. Fingertips to the mat, two. I plant the palms and step it back downward facing to peddle the feet. Work it out. By now you might notice that your downward dog is starting to feel a little bit different. Maybe creating a little more space, putting more weight on the lower by pressing up and out of the palms, pressing into that fleshy part between the index finger and thumb.

Rock your pelvis towards the sky, same thing on the other side, dropping the right heel. Inhale, slide the sole of the left foot up. Inhale in as you exhale, nose to knee. Think up and over the bridge. So I am really drawing my navel in towards my spine here. Nose to knee. Psewwwww. Inhale, extending, dropping the right heel, and exhale, excuse me left knee to left elbow, pseewwwwwwwwww. Hover, inhale extend and exhale crossing over. Left knee to right elbow, psewwwww.

Up an over, extend and then slowly going up and over the hurdle and shifting into my runner’s lunge on the other side. Take a second to check in. Remember building from the ground up. So it’s different for everyone. Hug the inner thighs together. Peel that left hip crease back, and when you’re ready, inhale, reaching the fingertips forward up and back as I come into my high lunge, coming onto the tippy tiptoes here for a second, and then settling in by drawing that back heel towards the back wall, peeling that left hip crease in, tucking the pelvis, drawing the navel in towards the spine. Remember, we can always keep the hands on the waist line here, and just breathe, hugging those thighs together.

To move into our flow we’ll inhale. Reach the fingertips forward up and back, exhale, float them behind, psewwwww ,and here we go, belly to the top of the thigh, extending through the crown of the head as I inhale, extending that back leg towards the back wall, inhale, reach forward, up, and back, lifting the heart, drawing the navel into towards the spine, exhale, float the fingertips behind, psewwwww. Inhale, squeezing those inner thighs together, belly to the top of the thigh as I reach forward, breathe in, up, and back, and exhale floating behind, inhale last time, reaching forward, up, and back and exhale nice and soft in the face as I float the fingertips behind, and then bringing my belly to the thigh part one.

Fingertips to the mat, part two. I am going to rock my back up to meet the front and come into a forward full utinasen. Feet can be flushed together or feet hip width apart. Inhale with your fingertips on the mat, look in front of you, nice, long spine, and then exhale bowing forward, utinasen. If the legs don’t straighten, who cares? Bend them generously. You can bend them back and forth, kind of pausing here for a couple of breaths. Psewwwwww. For a deeper stretch we can take the hands to the ankles, bend the elbows, left to right, inhale, extend and exhale, bowing forward.

So we’re all levels here, so just find what feels good. We’re breathing into the backs of the legs, breathing into the back and still drawing that navel up towards the spine, really drawing the navel in. Inhale in on an exhale will release, psewwwww, and then slowly bending the knees. I will slowly roll up the whole time, drawing my navel in towards my spine, tucking the pelvis in, finding my footing, drawing energy up through the arches of the feet as I come into Tadasana, mountain post, looping the shoulders forward up and back, and then eventually bringing my palms together at the heart, tucking the pelvis in, observing breath here.

Now, I am going to come to the center of my mat just to demonstrate this, but you can stay at the head of your mat. We’re going to inhale in, lift the sternum to the thumbs, tuck your pelvis in. Extend to the crown of the head as you exhale, bend your knees, and slowly, psewwwwww. We’ll reach the fingertips up towards the sky, fingertips left to write as I inhale. I can take the gaze up, palms come together, and then exhale, belly to the thigh as I swan dive forward, belly to the thigh, psweeeewwww. Straighten the legs for one breath, inhale in, and then exhale this time, bend them generously as you scoop your tailbone in, fingertips reach forward up and back upkitasen, just for five breaths, one time only, one time only upkitasen. So from upkitasen, I have drawn my palms into my heart here. I am going to melt the bell to the thigh, and then I am going to move into a twist. I am actually going to come profile now to show you this. Still working out all these angles, so here we go.

Sending my sit bones back, palms together. I am going to inhale, look forward. As I exhale I am going to bring the outer edge of my right arm to the outer edge of my left thigh. So pancaking the palms together here in Namaste. Outer edge of the right arm comes to the outer edge of the left arm. Now, I am not going to collapse here. This is going to be the tendency, no worries, that’s normal.

So I am going to grow through my spine, pressing into the palms, sometimes taking a right fist here, see, and bringing it into the left palm is nice because you can press the left palm up and out of the fist to find that length, see, mmmm. It’s kind of cool too. It makes me feel like much cooler than I am like a ninja or something like. Mmmmm. Shut up Adriene, okay, here we go. Extending through the crown of the head, palms pancaking together, or using this fist of palm maneuver to extend through the crown of the head. Five, nice, long deep breaths here. Don’t let your belly go here. Draw your navel in towards your spine. Twist really opening the heart towards the left side of the room. Extend through the crown of the head. Now you can see here my right knee is trying to come forward. I am going to see if I can keep my hips in line and knees together here, so I have a lot of things on my checklist here, and as I breathe deep, if you go a little bit deeper, I can release the right fingertips to the ground and inhale, open up through the left wing.

Psewwww. One more deep breath in here wherever you are, exhale slowly, melt it back to center. Straighten your legs, inhale, look forward, flat back position, and exhale, bending the knees generously, hands to the heart, and I am going to repeat the same thing on the other side. So inhale, extending forward, exhale, bringing the outer edge of the left arm now to the outer edge of the right leg. I am going to work really hard to keep my knees together here as I pancake the palms, and find my twist. So, I know you can see my back here, but I am going to keep talking. So twists are amazing for the belly.

They are detoxifying. They massage those internal organs so they help us process our food better. Extending through the crown of the head I am going to breathe in, exhale, bowing forward. Take a couple of breaths here to just let it go. Pseewwwwwww. So yeah, twists are amazing for our belly. Psewwwww. They tone the belly. They detox. Psewwwwww. And then slowly I am going to walk my palms forward from here. I can bend my knees if I need to, and then nice and easy I am going to step one leg back, downward dog, and the other downward dog, pseewwwwwww. Taking a minute to rest here. Peddling the feet, and we go through one more hurdle sequence.

Inhale in, exhale, think up and over as you shift into your plank. Keep the navel drawing up towards the spine, looking slightly forward, and exhale sending it up on the tippy tip toes, drawing the navel up and back, pseeewwwwww. Two more like that my friends, inhale in. As you exhale, go up and over, shoulders drawing away from the ears here. Psewwwwww. Inhale in, exhale, pressing up and over to come back. Whenever you’re ready inhale, exhale, up and over, last time. Psewwwwww. And this time I am going to practice lowering down, so even if you’re not familiar with chataronga, hug your elbows into the side body, you can always lower your knees here, and I am slowly just check in by slowly lowering down even if I only lower half an inch and collapse and fall and smile and laugh and fart, then that’s great, but I am going to give it a try building those muscles and toning the belly.

So inhale in, shift your weight forward, and whenever you’re ready hugging those elbows in, I am going to slowly lower down my version just checking in, and then whenever I fall into the belly, I do a new laugh, and I take a moment here to rest. Psewwwwwwww. All right, last thing before we flip our burgers, before we flip our pancakes and come flat on the back again, I am going to draw my fingertips now towards my toes, forehead kissing the mat. Pressing the pelvis into the earth I am going to inhale in, slowly lift my head and neck up, drawing the shoulders away from the ear, shoulder blades in together. Psewwwwww. A little locust series. This is a great, full body strengthener. Great for metabolism. Great for your nervous system. Just in general really wonderful, full body posture. So inhale in as I exhale, I am going to slowly lift my limbs. Psewwwwwww.

Like Mission Impossible so I inhale in and exhale, pseewwwww, I float up. I am drawing my shoulders away from ear, shoulders in and together. I can spread the toes. I can point the toes. I want to have a little awareness in my hands and feet here. I inhale, careful not to crunch the back of the neck, pseeewwwwww, and exhale, inhale, so I am literally letting the breath move this posture. Psweeeeww. I can look forward, or to support the lower back, I can look down, psewwwwwwww, a couple more breaths here. And then exhale and release, psewwwwww, and then I repeat that this time inhaling, reaching the fingertips forward, , and exhaling psewwwwww, lifting up, Mission Impossible, letting things hover.

Now, I can get a little creative here. I can start to swim. Psewwwww. This is a little cheesy, but full body strengthener. I can keep my gaze down, my eyes closed, or I can look forward, pseewwww. I can also just hold here and let my breath be what moves my posture. A couple of more breaths here. When you feel satisfied, gently with grace, with control, release, bringing the palms underneath the shoulders, and pressing up and back for a couple of breaths in child’s pose, counterpose rounding the spine as I send the sit bones back, and then swimming the fingertips forward around the back to come here in balasama. Just a couple of breaths here, psewwwwww.

And then slowly I will trace a line with my fingertips up, transition to all fours, cross the left ankle over the right this time as I cross through being mindful of the ankles of course and the knees, using my fingertips and palms to support this transition as I come back through ta, to dandasan, and then shifting my weight to my back, aahhhhhhh. Once you find your way here, guess what? We have one more thing to do.

Ahhhhhhh. We come flat on the back. Once again, we inhale, draw that navel down, scoop the tail bone up, and lift the shins, psewwww up towards the sky. So just as we started our sequence today I am going to inhale. Reach my fingertips up over the head. Interlace the fingertips. Bring them behind. I am creating a little hammock for my head here. Thumbs extending so that I have a little extra support on the neck. Remember that big piece of fruit here. So I am not crunching here, but I am nice and open. Elbows wide. Here we go, inhale in. As you exhale, lift your head and neck and shoulder if they aren’t already lifted. And on an exhale, I am going to straighten my right leg. Psewwww, a little bit of a diagonal here. So if you’re looking, if you’re in a room, if you’re not outside and you’re in a room, then you can see the crease of where the wall and the ceiling meet.

I am kind of sending my right toes towards that crease. Lots of space, long in the spine, inhale in. As I exhale, I am going to reach both fingertips up and over towards the left side of the room, and this is where I am like holding Symba over the cliff here, so I am not collapsing in, but I am holding Symba out like the circle of life. So nice, long lines is what I am getting at here. Breathing, navel’s drawing down, table and scooping up. Inhale in, exhale, switch. Point your left toes, bend your right knee in, take Symba over to the other side. Pseewwwww. A couple of breaths here in the circle of life. Then the moves a circle, I am going to regret this, inhale in, exhale, shifting up and over, taking Symba. I totally just thought of Symba right now. It’s not something I normally say in practice, but reaching and then back and forth in your own time, psewwww. So this is the equivalent of like this bicycle thing, but we’re not crunching, we’re keeping it nice and open.

So lots of space in the throat, psewwwwwww. Back and forth, diagonal line, bent knee, pseewwwww. Psewwwwww, psewwwwwww. Sometimes in class we take the palms together here Namaste two. And when my breath starts to get compromised is when I can stop this, and then come back to it, or if I am starting to get this crunch then instead of the space, then that’s also a good time to take a rest. When you feel satisfied, we’ll come back to center. We can pulse here just like we did at the beginning of class. And then hugging the knees into the chest.

I will finish with the hedgehog posture, rounding the spine, visualize lots of space between each vertebrae, nose to knee keeping the shoulders and elbows relaxed, so I am tagging a little weight in my elbows here. Hmmmmmmmmm. Then lastly, extending the fingertips to reach towards the outer edges of the feet. I am totally scooping my tailbone up, drawing my navel down, really compressing my belly, rinsing out, massaging those internal organs, psewwwwww, one more breath, and then exhale just as we did before, recline, butterfly.

Soles of the feet together. I soften in the belly. I relax through the bowl of the pelvis here. Relax the shoulder blades. Find that open chest. I take a deep breath in, then exhale out through the mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Two more like that, like a lion’s breath inhale. And exhale, completely, psssshhhheeewwww. Last one, full breath, inhale, deeply , and exhale, let it go, ahhhhhhhhhh. Draw the legs down one at a time, and then take a moment here to rock on the heels psheewwwww, and rest. Hmmmmmmmm. Okay, so that was our first sequence for Yoga for Weight Loss. Just a basic sequence. Do what you can. Build up. Let it be a process rather than, “Oh, I can’t do that, never watching that, and I am going to try it.” Give it a try, remember the beginning stages are always the most difficult, and I am here for you. We have many more sequences that fall under Yoga for Weight Loss among many other things for 2013. So subscribe to the channel. Be sure to “like” Yoga with Adriene on Facebook so you don’t miss out on anything.

Let me know if you have any questions. Please leave comments below, and good luck. Namaste. .

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How to LOSE WEIGHT FAST & MAINTAIN IT | Diet and Burn Fat Tips

Hey everyone, welcome back! Today I’m talking about how to lose weight! And when I say loosing weight, I mean – loosing fat! Not our precious muscles because those are very important for our metabolism. So loosing fat is not an easy process and I know it!

It is a lifestyle change, it takes time, dedication, you know, it takes alot of effort to change your habits, because you’ve built these habits over a long time! And now that you want to change it, it takes time as well! I’ve seen so many videos that say you can lose like, “5 or 10 pounds in a week”, it is, absolutely, bull *beep!*.

Technically you can lose 5 pounds in a week, but, you’re going to gain it back like straight away, and it’s mostly just water weight! You want to lose fat and not just water. So, it doesn’t really do anything if your aim is to lose fat.I can restrict my carb intake for a week and I’ll lose 5 pounds.

And I’m very very petite, so if you’re larger than me, you can lose up to 10 pounds! So there’s barely any fat loss for the first week since you’re body needs to learn how to use you fat as a fuel, so it takes time for your body to learn how to burn fat.

So all these burn “x amount of pounds in a week” is not a sustainable option, it is not a long term solution. So for today’s video, I wanna cover habits and food choices that you can change, to help you to lose weight and maintain it, in a long run, and also I’m going to give you three additional tips, that’s going to really help you to accelerate your fat loss.

You will see great results, very quickly, and with the new habits and food choices, you can definitely maintain your weight. First, is to eat more wholefoods and not processed foods.

I know you have heard it before, but it is very important because the way your body process whole foods and processed foods is quite different. Not all calories are treated the same way. Calories from whole foods and calories from Maccas (McDonalds) or junk food are not treated the same way.

Although the amount of calories can be the same, your body doesn’t actually treated it the same way. Especially those packaged food that has high fructose corn syrup, and that is one of the main reasons of obesity. And also if you’re counting calories, the package food calories are just an estimate.

It is not 100% accurate and Casey (Neistat) made a very great video about that, so I’ll link that down in the description box so you can check it out. The second tip is to cut sugar out from your diet. Sugar is one of the main reasons why we gain fat. It causes a spike in insulin, and a long term exposure to sugar is going to cause you to be insulin resistance.

I don’t really want to get too technical about it cause I’ve talked about it before. I’ll just put some related links in the description box so you can check it out. So basically having high blood sugar causes inflammation, which then causes you to be insulin resistant. And when you’re insulin resistant, you can lose weight. You’re actually going to gain weight. Being insulin resistant, is going to result in more inflammation. So it is just a vicious cycle, and look I know it is really really hard to cut sugar, because I have a sweet tooth, I love my chocolates, my ice cream, they are my weakness.So i know it’s hard. You just have to try, you just have to try to cut down your sugar.

Number 3, is to limit your fruit intake. Most fruits are very high in fructose. Fructose acts quite differently to glucose. Too much fructose is going to be stored as fat, and on top of that, fructose reduces hormones called leptin, and this hormone is basically the hormone that tells you that you are full, and it also raises the other hormone called ghrelin. And this is the hormone that tells you that you are hungry. So it’s basically telling you that you’re not full, and also that you’re hungry at the same time. Again, I’m not telling you not eat fruits ever again, you can have some fruits before a workout because you’ll use those glycogen straight away and also it doesn’t cause any cravings, so that’s an option.

Number 4, is to sleep at least 7-9 hours a day. I didn’t know about this like back in the days but, it is so important to sleep 7 – 9 hours a day because if you don’t, it’s going to mess up your hormones. So your leptin hormones and your ghrelin hormones is going to be out of whack, and your going to feel hungry and be overeating, and that’s not great. On top of that, your cortisol level is going to increase and that’s one of the main reasons of weight gain as well. Stress. Stress causes weight gain and I’m sure you hear this all the time, but why? why does it cause weight gain? High cortisol levels causes weight gain. Because it’s going to cause inflammation in your body, and your body is going to try to fight that, it causes insulin resistance, it causes more inflammation, and it’s just like a, like I said, it’s a vicious cycle, so stress is a very important factor. So this is the main reason why I gained weight recently.

I’ve been really stressed out due to like family issues, personal life, there’s just so many things going on so I haven’t been sleeping well so I’ve been overstressed so I’ve gained some weight on my belly, on my face, everywhere. So I’m trying to take it easy, trying to relax a little bit more, trying to meditate, just try to avoid stressful situations, stressful people, try to surround yourself with positive energy, that’s quite important. Number 6 is to stay hydrated everyday. You might think this is not very important, but sometimes, we confuse thirst with hunger. Because we are so used to just going to our pantry to just look for something when we’re kinda hungry but sometimes we’re just thirsty. You just gotta drink some water, you’re body’s asking for some water. So these are all the little things you can change, you don’t have to change your habits overnight, not everything in one go, because that’s probably that’s going to be a little stressful for you and stress is a factor! So all these little changes are going to make a big impact in a long run.

Your going to see weight loss, your going to feel healthier, and you’re going to be happier. So just hang in there and try your best. So the next 3 tips are going to help you to accelerate your fat loss. They’re not the healthiest option if your not in a healthy condition. So it doesn’t apply for everyone. But it works, and its fine for a lot of people. So first is fasted cardio in the morning. It can be a jog, or a walk, so why cardio and why in the morning and why does it promote the most fat loss? Well it’s because its the best time for your body to access your fat storage after not consuming anything for the entire night. So after fasting for about 10 to 12 hours, your body is more likely going to use your fatty acids as a source of energy. So the type of cardio you can do is fasted walk, or jogging. So you just gotta make sure your targeted heart rate is about this range. I’m going to give you an example, so if you’re 30 years old, you’re going to take 220 – 30, and you’re going to times that by and 0.7.

So that is your targeted heart rate that is going to help you access your fat storage. If you’re exercising way above that, your going to be using your muscle glycogen, and it is a different fuel source. Number 2 is intermittent fasting. I have talked about this before, it is basically eating for 8 hours, and fasting for 16 hours. So for example if your last meal is at 8 o clock, your next meal is going to be 12pm the next day. So that is intermittent fasting. You’re not eating for the entire 16 hours. So this is going to help to let your body to understand how to use fat a little bit better. And this also depends on how insulin resistant you are. So if you’re not insulin resistant, your pretty insulin sensitive, you can lose the weight so easily on intermittent fasting.

So I personally prefer intermittent fasting because I don’t have to restrict my calories to lose weight, it is quite different to the conventional calories restriction of being in calorie deficit to lose weight. Because in my opinion that’s not very sustainable in the long run because there’s only so much calories you can reduce. Because every time when you reduce your weight, your metabolic rate is going to reduce a little, and eventually you’ll be eating nothing. You’ll be eating so little, you’ll be so HANGRY! and that’s the reason why I prefer intermittent fasting. But it can be quite hard for some people, because I’m quite fat adapted I reckon, so I can go really long without eating, but if you do get hungry after 10 hours, you gotta eat. You can’t cause so much stress on your body.

You gotta eat when your hungry. Because your going to start binging when you get hungry after you break your fast. So you just gotta make sure to listen to your body as well. So I got a feeling that I’m going to get ask these questions, about what you can eat and what you can drink when your fasting. So you can have some tea, but it’s gotta be plain tea. Plain green tea or black tea. Plain black coffee, so no solid food, no bone broth, or soup or anything. Just water, coffee, or tea. The final tip is caffeine! Caffeine helps to promote fat loss. You can find that in green tea or black coffee, and the idea behind that is that when your ingesting caffeine, it’s going to activate the process of lipolysis. That’s basically when your body releases fatty acids into the blood stream, and your liver is going to use that to produce more Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. So that is basically the energy molecules that your body is going to produce when your burning fat.

and not carbs. And this is what we want in our body when your burning fat. I know this sounds very science-y. I’m really trying to make it not so science-y but I want you to understand how this works. It is not all sunshine and rainbows ingesting caffeine. It’s going to make you feel really good cause it’s going to increase your dopamine, but, it also is a stimulant or stressor to the body. So yeah there’s positive and negative sides of caffeine. So yeah those are my, 9 tips. The last 3 tips are going to help you to accelerate your fat loss. I hope you guys find this video helpful and please don’t forget to smash the like button down below, turn on the notification bell, and I’ll see you guys very soon. Bye! .

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Gym Stereotypes

Wait oh dude I’m almost out of gas I don’t wanna get you straining after run home I really wanted to working out today so cute lay these at least in about 45 minutes.

I’ll Drive oh dude I can’t go I got a mo what mo it’s winter time tomorrow what does hey why would I ever go to the gym when I get one of these for my mom jock with eight-pound ladies me certainly a senior dog yoga class through those ways and then you know with these dude just like 15 more minutes of those.

and I’ll be done but you got a nice I remember you got the room shirt I got you dog yep thanks I’m done are you taking that well I have it summon I saw you here last week I think what were you here last week we’re going out yeah yes are you gonna go grab lunch after last week when Jeremy came over to my house .

know my friend years yeah no I know yeah just like a quick sandwich oh no we’re playing Mario Kart we’re playing rainbow road I think I’m done I’m gonna head home yeah I’m pretty tired too you just got here we don’t dude you know what I’m really grateful.

a double cheeseburger extra bacon dude we just worked out exactly I think when I had a milkshake you I deserve it it’s good really good water it’s to look at protein goes into the mouth and then goes yeah.

this into the Mustang you eat your proteins like this right got you dude yeah um d-day put it inside your arms hello folks just cruising on a treadmill hope you enjoyed our video if you would like to buy some awesome do perfect merchandise including this shirt this shirt or sweatshirts puppy love blankets backpack all kinds of cool stuff click up here in the corner if you’d like to share a lot of stereotypes video click up here but that do you like to check my phone game click straight in the middle comment share like favorite everything that’s good do it what’s all over your face protein mainly

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CrossFit and Fitness Trainer – Nicolas MBOG Testimonial

Mohamed (Aka Garoninho) is an Amazing Athlete! He is always present at the Trainings, He is a very Hard-Working Athlete! Mohamed (aka Garoninho) works Really Hard at Every Training ! He is always the First one to come back and ask for more work to do. Even when the Training is over, He stays at the CrossFit Gym to work Harder, to do Abs Workout… He is a very Flexible and Dynamic Athlete, with High Endurance capacities ! Mohamed (Aka Garoninho) is a Real Champion ! .

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