Lose weight: these reasons could explain why you can’t lose weight

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Sometimes a few bad habits can prevent us from losing weight, even when we really try!

Lose weight, this concept which consists of putting time and investment to get rid of a few pounds gained easily.

To feel better in our body and in our head or to prepare for the holiday season, the reason for which we want to lose weight, concerns only us. However, sometimes you need a little help to get there. We’ve put vegetables on our plates, and replaced our 4 p.m. cookie with an apple, and yet the pounds haven’t gone down.

As a result, we become demotivated and we want to give up. After all, why deprive yourself without results, when you can stay warm with a chocolate in front of Sex Education? But when we have an idea in mind that will make us feel better, we have to go to the end. Some of our habits can be a brake on our weight loss. Ladies, here’s what to do (or not do) to stop having trouble losing weight.

Difficulties losing weight: what to change in our food routine

many small factors go into weight loss. For example, you may not be drinking enough. However, water is our ally to lose weight and eliminate toxins. Be careful, drinking a lot does not apply to alcohol, on the contrary. The sugar contained in the alcohol transforms illico presto in the form of fat. If you’ve decided to skip a meal or two to lose weight, stop. This practice, on the contrary, will push your body to store more when you eat, to prevent deprivation. It goes without saying that snacking is the enemy of our weight loss. Consciously or not, take care not to eat between meals, or to have real healthy snacks at set times every day. Finally, eating too quickly can explain why you cannot lose weight. It takes 20 minutes for our brain to assimilate that we are eating and therefore develop the feeling of satiety. Below, we will be more likely to have small cravings.