How do I know if I have gynecomastia or chest fat? – 10 Basic Poses Part 1 | Yoga for Beginners

Stand in the kneeling position, Place your palms on the floor, Tuck toes and fingers open, Inhale, lifts your hip and the plot Exhale, press your shoulder and head to drop, Keep your hands and legs straight, Stay with a 5-8 breath we slowly come back-walk-on-your-legs-and-stand-up Now, Trikonasana, bring your feet 2-3 feet apart, turn right foot at a 90 degree angle, Inhale, lift your hands parallel to the floor, Exhale, move forward , place your right palm on the right leg, lift your let hand, and fix your gaze on the left and keep the right shoulder, leg, and neck and women and stay for 5 breath here, now, to come back and repeat to other side, turn the left foot the left side, Exhale, move forward, and come into Trikonasana-in the final position and just observe your breath Though both sides, with equal breath and slowly come back Now, Prasarita Padottanasana, keep your feet apart, Inhale, Backbend, and while exhale, you fold forward, keep your spine straight and bend from the joint, place your palm on the floor, or where you feel comfort to keep your kneecaps engaged and the thigh lifted just be effortless here, here, here, and watch several breath now place your hands on waist, and come all the way up to Now, Parswavottanasana or side-stretch-pose with a Turn to complete the right side with the right foot at a 90 degree angle, and left at a 45-degree angle, Inhale, hands up, while exhale, fold forward, place your palms on the mat or use the yoga blocks are the supports now, inhale, come all the way up-repeat other side, exhale, bend forward, with the spine and the legs straight with each exhalation, lengthening your spine Now, inhale, come back feet together in Samasthithi or equal-standing position and Now the Vrksasana or Tree pose, to place shole of the left foot on the right thight hands-on prayer postiong near to the chest for better balance, fix your gaze at one point and keep your toes open on the floor Now repeat the other side, right shole of the feet on the left thigh now, for a hands-on-prayer-position, and the left leg to keep straight, keep the spine long and the chest open now, return back to the Samasthithi position, now close your eyes and just watch your breath and relax your body

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