what to drink first thing in the morning to lose weight

If you belong to those people who can’t lose weight in any way, you need to change your habits. Start in the morning and replace some of your usual activities with those that will contribute to weight loss. Then gradually you can easily lose excess and, most importantly, not gain weight again.

– one –

Do not skip breakfast.Otherwise, you will definitely overeat during the day. Eat (coffee is not food) at least something in the first couple of hours after rising.

– 2 –

Do not waste your morning preparing breakfast. Pour  oatmeal  boiling water with in the evening. So you definitely do not miss breakfast. Add nuts, fruits and cinnamon, and you will get a much more delicious and healthy dish than any nonsense bought in the machine at work.

– 3 –

Add protein. It will help to stay full longer. But give preference to high-quality sources of protein: eggs, fish, yogurt.

– four –

Forget the buns. Sweet lush buns may look attractive, but this is far from the best option for breakfast (as, indeed, for lunch or dinner). Eat balanced meals, such as a salmon sandwich on whole grain bread.

– five –

Drink green tea. Thanks to the catechins it contains, tea speeds up metabolism and helps burn fat.

Habits to help you lose weight: drink green tea
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– 6 –

Have breakfast while sitting. No matter how bustling the morning may seem, take 10 minutes to eat calmly. Sit at the table and focus on food: there will be more pleasure and saturation.

– 7 –

Wake up earlier.  Statistics show that those who get up early are slimmer and happier. Let this be an incentive for you to become a lark and set an alarm early.

– eight –

Remind yourself of the goal. Install an application on your smartphone  that will remind you of your calorie intake. Or stick a leaflet with this number in a prominent place. This will help you to prefer healthy foods throughout the day.

– 9 –

Weigh yourself regularly. This will help you remember to eat right. At the same time, you will never become one of those who “suddenly” gained 15 extra pounds.

– ten –

Open the curtains. As soon as you get out of bed, let sunlight into the room. It will help normalize circadian rhythms and metabolism. You will feel better, and eat less.

– eleven –

Drink a glass of water. Water will refresh and speed up metabolism, and increase performance. Develop the habit of drinking more water.

– 12 –

Meditate . Start the morning with meditation : concentrate on breathing and pleasant thoughts, but rather, generally stop the internal dialogue. Reducing stress levels will help to avoid the accumulation of fat. A positive attitude will replace your sweets.

– 13 –

Exercise on an empty stomach . While you are still hungry, it’s the fat reserves that will go to consumption.

– 14 –

Dress before breakfast. Forget pajamas and a bathrobe while having breakfast. Dress beautifully and elegantly, even if you don’t need to go to work today. This will help you feel more attractive and collected and will save you from overeating.

– 15 –

See something fun . It has long been known that 10 minutes of laughter replace a glass of sour cream, but do not add calories to you! On the contrary, in 10 minutes of watching funny videos or pictures you will burn from 20 to 40 kcal. The main thing – do not hold back, laugh heartily.

Habits to help you lose weight: see something fun
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– sixteen –

Add pepper. Firstly, it will make omelet, avocado and sandwiches tastier. And secondly, the active components of black pepper will prevent the formation of new fat cells.

– 17 –

Add cinnamon. It helps control appetite.

– 18 –

Keep your protein bars ready. This is a good option for those cases when you overslept and can not have breakfast. Just choose the bars wisely (without extra calories), and better – cook yourself.

– nineteen –

Do not separate the yolks. Many of those who want to lose weight refuse yolks and eat only squirrels. However, yolks, in addition to calories and fat, contain the bulk of the nutrients of the egg. Better eat less eggs, but whole.

– 20 –

Get enough sleep anyway. If you decide to get up early to play sports, cook a delicious breakfast or meditate, remember that you need to go to bed earlier. Sleep as much as you need to stay awake and full of energy all day.

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