How much weight can you lose by water fasting for 7 days?

To get rid of excess fat, you need a seriously integrated approach. Men’s Fitness experts come to the rescue with a useful 50 Ways to Burn Fat Quickly and weight loss guide.

It is not necessary to strictly adhere to all the recommendations, just read the article and choose what is right for you. The more points you complete, the easier it will be for you to achieve the desired result.

1. Eat more protein foods. About 25-30% of the calories you get from protein foods burn out during digestion, unlike carbohydrates, for which this figure is only 6-8%.

2. Carefully read the composition of the products. It’s simple: if you see a large amount of corn syrup or sugar, exclude these products from your diet. Also, do not forget that low-fat yogurt can contain so much sugar that it is much better to eat a full-fledged product instead of this “diet”.

3. Perform exercises while standing. According to research, any exercise done while standing rather than sitting will burn 30% more calories.

4. Combine the exercises. Alternate upper body exercises with lower body exercises. This will allow you to work out muscles with a very small break between sets, which means that training will be more effective and take less time.

5. Try exercising with your eyes closed. This can be done exclusively during the performance of those exercises in which vision does not play a key role, when the chance of injury due to temporary blindness is minimal. Without visual information, the muscles will have to put more effort into maintaining balance, and you will burn more calories.

6. Do not avoid housework. Cleaning in the apartment may well count as a workout. So broom in hand – and go. 😉

7. Snack with pickled or pickled cucumbers. One slice contains only 1 kcal.

8. Take broader steps. Step over a few steps when you climb the stairs, and then step again as usual. This alternation of steps involves extra muscle, and as a result, you burn more calories.

9. Look for inspiration. Everyone sometimes has periods when you want to quit and you don’t understand why you are doing this. Therefore, it is better to take care of motivation in advance. Connect with people who are your example, watch feature films and documentaries about sports and health.

10. Set your goals. Run 5 km faster, crouch 100 times – it can be anything.

11. Reduce servings. Just eat less . Use small plates for this.

12. Eat fewer carbohydrates. Yes, they have spoken about this a thousand times. But the first thousand will be useful. In one study, a group of subjects reduced their daily carbohydrate intake by only 8%. As a result, men lost about 3 kg of fat and gained 1 kg of muscle in 6 weeks.

13. First, do strength exercises with extra weight, then run. After strength training, you will already be tired, which means you will burn much more calories during a short run than if you were running fresh and full of energy. Work less, get more. 😉

14. Arrange interval training. Alternating intensity is another great way to get rid of excess calories.

15. Eat more high fiber foods.

16. Use vinegar dressing in salads. Vinegar and lemon juice burn fat well.

17. Do not skip meals. The fact that you skipped lunch and then ate the whole elephant for dinner will not help you lose weight, it will only make you worse. For a long time without food, it introduces the body into a catabolic state: muscles will be burned for energy.

18. Try the VersaClimber simulator. Being upright while doing cardio exercises, you burn more calories.

50 Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

19. Spend less time watching TV.

20. Train at least 10 minutes 3 times a week. This is if you are incredibly lazy.

21. Try to eat fewer potato dishes. Potato raises the level of insulin in the blood and makes your body stop burning calories and starts to accumulate fat reserves.

22. A large portion of food – only after strength training. According to studies by the University of Nevada, 73% more calories are spent on digesting food after weight training than digesting food without a previous workout.

23. Drink water before meals. There is less space left for food in the stomach.

24. Replace side dishes of potatoes, pasta, and cereals with vegetables.

25. Join the team. Find a company to run or join a soccer, basketball, or any other sports team. When you are part of a team, skipping workouts or being lazy during classes becomes much more difficult.

26. Cut back on desserts. If it’s hard to completely refuse ice cream, then take only one ball per sample instead of the usual two or three.

27. Brush your teeth more often. According to studies conducted in Japan, men who often brush their teeth during the day are slimmer than those who perform this procedure 2 times a day. Thanks to the mint flavor that remains in the mouth after toothpaste, it is easier to refuse snacks with something sweet.

28. Change the number of calories consumed daily. Instead of eating the same amount of calories every day, it’s better to eat more on one day and less on another. In this way, you will maintain a healthy metabolism, and your body will burn more fat than if you adhered to a standard 2,000 kcal per day.

29. Always add at least a slight angle to your treadmill. Just 1-degree slope in terms of load brings running on the treadmill closer to running on the street.

30. Eliminate high-calorie drinks. Water is the best choice.

31. Do not skip breakfast. Studies have shown that cases of obesity among those who do not skip breakfast are 35–50% less common than among those who neglect morning meals.

32. Avoid convenience foods. As a rule, they contain a lot of fast carbohydrates. And this clearly will not help you lose weight.

33. Have a snack between the main meals. Not cookies, but fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, or nuts. Your body will spend energy on digesting food throughout the day, and not just after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

34. Eat yogurt. According to studies at the University of Tennessee, people who had a high-calcium diet lost more fat than those who ate fewer calcium-rich foods.

35. Order vegetable snacks in restaurants and cafes. And don’t lean on bread.

36. Eat nuts. They perfectly saturate and give the energy necessary for training. As a result, you get enough calories, but you do not get better.

37. Keep a calorie diary. Record what and how much you eat. There are a huge number of special applications for this.

38. Include sprint intervals in your workouts. Short-term loads at the limit of possibilities with short rest intervals between them do an excellent job with burning fat.

39. Follow the mood. Sometimes the desire to eat is caused not by hunger, but by stress or anxiety. If you find yourself eating often while experiencing certain emotions, then you have become emotionally dependent on food. It is necessary to get rid of this.

40. Shop at the rate of one. If you want to buy cookies or other sweets, instead of the “family” option, choose the smallest package: how much you buy, how much and eat.

41. Keep a photo diary. Take a picture of yourself at the beginning of the struggle for weight loss, and then take photos, for example, every month. So progress will be more noticeable and motivation will increase.

42. Run not for a while, but for a certain distance. When you try to just keep fit, you can slow down and run a shorter distance. If you are attached to a certain distance, you cannot cheat and burn more calories.

43. Allow yourself concessions in the diet once a week. It is difficult to adhere to a strict diet and do without your favorite food. That is why many do not stand up and break down. So choose one day of the week when you can eat anything. But only in moderation!

44. Try to work out on a rowing machine.

45. Eliminate white bread from your diet. Refined carbohydrates do not need us.

46. ​​Do not forbid yourself your favorite food. This paragraph is similar to paragraph 43. The more you limit yourself to your favorite food, the more likely you are to break loose. If you really want, then you can, but very little.

47. Drive more. If possible, take a walk during the lunch break, walk to the subway. If you drive a car, park it away from the office.

48. Observe sleep patterns. Watching your favorite TV shows until 2 a.m. is harmful. Do you remember that in a dream we not only relax, but also lose weight?

49. Make your sleep more comfortable. Buy a comfortable bed. Hang good blinds or curtains to make the bedroom dark.

50. Eat more slowly. A signal of satiety reaches our brain approximately 12 minutes after the end of lunch. The slower we chew food, the less we eat.

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