6 (Nearly) Free Ways to Transform Your Home

Sometimes your home just feels “off” (like a date with a good-on-paper person who doesn’t quite do it for ya.) You know what I’m talking about: the boxes are checked, but there’s just no zsa zsa zhu. It’s frustrating. And I have no advice for you on the dating front. I’m a design writer, remember? I do, however, happen to know a handful of (nearly) free-ways that can instantly transform your home and infuse that intangible ~spark~ into your space. Even better? You can tackle all of these tips in a weekend. Fear not: your love affair with being at home is about to get heated. 


1. Ditch overhead lighting

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A birdie brought some new pillows over to the cottage today from our new @katemarkerhome textile line! Our very own “Leo pillow” just had to show up on the family room sofa and he is looking good. 🦁✨🌙

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Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has overhead lighting on dimmers, you may now pretend your ceiling lights don’t exist. Create some ambiance, people. Use table lamps, wall sconces (if you have them), and even candlelight to create layered lighting throughout your space. You’ll instantly find yourself feeling more zen without harsh lights streaming in at all hours of the day, and it’s much more forgiving toward any eyesores around the house (i.e. dingy carpet, unfortunate wall colors in a rental, or even just baseboards that could use a bit of a scrub).


2. Bring furniture off the walls

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Home is a feeling. ✨🖤 And more and more, I think that feeling of home comes from seeing a reflection of yourself in a space, in a person, in a state of mind. Every day, I try to do SOMETHING to push our home in a direction that reflects us a little more. (Yesterday, it was clipping branches and lighting a candle 🤷🏻‍♀️). But also the sun came out and it warmed up outside and the trees started to bloom and the grass turned green all at the same time we're finding our stride inside with this house. It's taken time to feel like home here—11 months and counting!— and then suddenly, it does. And it's feeling good. #cljmoderncottage #arches #landgathome

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If you’re not comfortable laying out furniture just yet, it might feel the most natural to put all of your furniture against the walls to maximize space. Instead, try to focus your floorplan around the function of each room. In a living area, you want to highlight opportunities for easy conversation and relaxation, so anchoring couches and chairs around a focal pointlike a fireplace or televisionis a great practice. Placing furniture against the walls tends to create a void in the middle of the room that can feel like dead space, and dead space isn’t sexy.


3. Add texture with flowers and plants

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As many of you may know, I’ve been on a massive wellness and personal development kick lately. And one thing that has become abundantly clear to me along the way is my need to take more *real* breaks. Running a design business that relies heavily on my blog and social media is incredible, and I’m forever grateful (seriously – it’s the best job in the world!), however it has also means that I’ve (almost) always been “on” in some capacity for a decade. A decade!! I’m heading to a wellness retreat in Costa Rica for a week, and while it still makes me so anxious to check out *entirely* for so long, I know how beneficial hitting that reset button has become in so many ways. It’ll be a little quiet around here for the next little while, but I promise to come back refreshed, reinspired, and with so much more to give! See you on the other side ✌🏼 #outofoffice #selfcare #radicalselflove @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2GEhd @liketoknow.it.home

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Homes are best with at least three living things in them: people, plants, and pets. If you can’t have pets, make sure you have plants! They literally breathe life and fresh air into your space, and they add texture and color that works with any style of decor, from traditional to mid-century. Try an oversized potted plant in a corner, and smaller, seasonal flower arrangements on surfaces like your coffee table, kitchen counters, entryway table, or nightstand. 


4. Style empty surfaces (coffee table, nightstand, etc.) with items you love

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A splash of pink to start your Sunday! 💓 Mother’s Day is exactly one week away so today only we’re offering 20% off all accessories @katemarkerhome with code ‘MOM’ #blushcrushclient #kmidesignstyle |Photo by: @emilykennedyphoto

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Purchasing special styling accessories can feel overwhelming when you’re already furnishing an entire room, but there are plenty of items you probably already have on-hand that can be used for this exact purpose. Think of styling pieces as sculptural artyou want to choose items that add a bit of shape or dimension. Maybe you have a vintage bowl on-hand from your grandmothers that can be added to your entryway table (perfect for holding keys!), or to your coffee table as a vessel for putting cherished Instax photos on display. Feel free to think outside the box! 


5. Re-hang art at eye-level

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Something old, something new. It’s been a couple weeks since we shared a webisode of #themcgeehome and this is a hint of what’s to come next week. 💗 📷: @lucycall

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In my former life as an interior designer, 95 percent of my clients were previously hanging their art far too high on the wall, yet they couldn’t quite figure out why it didn’t feel right. Instead, try re-hanging your art at eye-level for a person of average height (or about 60 inches from the floor). Your whole space will feel more balanced.


6. Freshen up trim with white paint

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I get a lot of questions about my dining room wall color. And so I’ve come to this very important public forum to once and for all address something I’ve been quietly keeping a secret from the general public for years and years and years. I will not live in shame anymore! The color is called North Shore Green and it’s the product of iconic American paint company @benjaminmoore. While some of you have known this about my dining room for years, I know this news may come as a bit of a shock to many of you. It is my goal to be super honest and open with you about my life, including the messy, ugly bits that most people wouldn’t be brave enough to share on @instagram. I look forward to continuing the dialogue about the diversity of all paint colors, not just the whites and greys we see represented in the mainstream media day after day after day. Thank you for your time. Photo by pioneering documentarian @zekeruelas #brave #honest #victim

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The power of paint can never be underestimated, but even if you don’t have the time or budget to paint your whole home, a can of glossy white paint for baseboards and trim can be totally transformative on even the most modest design budget. Dingy or yellowed trim tends to add an unintended grungy vibe, while fresh, white trim feels light, bright, and clean.

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