How to Lose Side Fat 6 Steps to Losing Your Love Handles

How To Lose Side FatHow to Lose Side Fat 6 Steps:

If you want to learn how to lose side fat, then you’ve definitely landed on the right page. I’ll be giving you the details of what exactly you need to do in order to lose your side fat.

Trust me, I know how it feels to have tried every possible way on how to lose side fat. I can still remember the times when those stubborn side fats just won’t make me fit into my jeans – awful! For us women, it’s even worse because having those unwanted love handles or side fats makes it awkward for us to wear cute tank tops and jeans. And the worst thing would be looking at the mirror each day to make sure that your side fat doesn’t peep out of your jeans.

So going back to how to lose side fat, you should first understand that love handles are actually fat deposits that weren’t addressed right away. They become stubborn overtime, and the older you get, the harder it is to get rid of them. Now my tips on how to lose side fat come down to only 6 simple steps. If you could follow these tips to the dot, then losing side fat could be a thing of the past!

How to Lose Side Fat: Step #1 – Do Cardio Workouts on Intervals

How To Lose Side FatMany people think that the way on how to lose side fat is to spend all their time doing cardiovascular exercises. While a cardio workout program is essential in losing weight, it must be done only on intervals. Long and continuous cardio workouts will not help you much.

The recommended workout to best burn your side fat is 30 minutes for 3 times per week. Remember not to over stress your muscle to prevent muscle ache and injury.

How to Lose Side Fat: Step #2 – Do Strength Workouts

Though it’s true that we can’t target any particular area of the body when it comes to losing weight, an overall strength training and exercise will help you burn overall body fat.

How to Lose Side Fat: Step #3 – Watch Your Food

In order to get rid of your love handles, you have to work on minimizing your intake of bad fats and empty calories. Avoid unhealthy foods such as fries, burger, pizza and some other processed food products.

How to Lose Side Fat: Step #4 – Tone Your Abs

Toning your abs will make your tummy appear firmer and slimmer. Do a couple of abs-specific exercises along with your cardio-strength combination workout. However, resist the urge of doing entirely just abs-specific workout as this won’t likely be effective.

How to Lose Side Fat: Step #5 – Increase Water Intake

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Giving your body enough water will help you burn off more calories.

How to Lose Side Fat Step #6 – Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that our body develops muscle mass as we sleep? And the more muscle mass we have, the better chance we have at losing side fat and fats in some other parts of the body.

So those are the 6 steps in how to lose side fat that I prepared just for you. You can either adhere to all those steps, or you can look for an additional weight loss guide to help you achieve your goals fast.

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