What are the most effective diets to lose weight? – 8 unusual Diets Plans

1. Chinese diet will help lose up to 12 kg in two weeks

Nutritionists believe that the Chinese diet is very heavy and low in calories, however, it is the most effective and helps to lose 7 to 12 kilograms of excess weight in two weeks.

The basis of the eastern state’s healing diet is products such as raw vegetables and fruits, rice porridge, seafood, sea fish and cabbage, writes LadyHealth.

 unusual Diets Plans to Lose Weight Fast

For fourteen days you can not only noticeably lose weight, but also cleanse the body.

Water must be without gas. It is forbidden to consume salt, sugar, alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to limit milk, fatty foods, flour products.

Three times a week, every other day, it is necessary to drink two glasses of boiled hot water on an empty stomach in the morning to cleanse the intestines, and subsequently improve digestion and assimilation of beneficial elements.

For breakfast, always drink a cup of green tea without sugar, with a feeling of hunger it is allowed to eat bread.

Day 1. For lunch, fried eggs from two eggs, a salad with fresh cabbage, dressed with olive oil, washed down with a glass of yogurt or fermented baked milk. For dinner – boiled fish and a second portion of cabbage garnish.

2 day. Lunch – fish with cabbage salad. For the evening, salmon steak + apple juice.

3 day. For lunch, boil an egg and three carrots (you can season with olive oil). For dinner – a fruit salad of apples and pears.

4 day. Herbal tea for breakfast. For lunch – rice with chicken + apples. For dinner, two omelettes of two eggs are allowed, cabbage with olive oil and 200 grams of beef.

5 day. In the morning – coffee and carrots. At lunchtime – 500 g of fish and tomato juice. In the evening – 400 g steamed fish and vegetable salad.

6 day. For lunch – 400 g of boiled chicken, stewed vegetables. Dinner – omelette toast.

7 day. For lunch – 200 g lean meat and fruit platter. Dinner to choose from the previous ones.

The second week repeats the first. The effect will appear by the end of the first week with strict adherence to the diet. Dietitians recommend repeating the diet at least two months later.

It is contraindicated for people with diseases of the genitourinary, excretory, cardiovascular systems, as well as for ulcers, gastritis and allergies to any of the components.

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2. Flabby body in addition: named popular diets that make it worse

Diets negatively affect not only the body, but also the appearance of a person. The main problems that an adherent of such methods of losing weight will face are a decrepit body, digestive problems and excess weight gain.

The nutritionist Olga Fomina told about the most dangerous problems in her blog on TSN .

According to her, the most effective way to cope with extra pounds is a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. These simple rules will not only help to achieve the desired result in appearance, but also provide you with youth and health for many years to come.


Below we consider the diets that are most harmful to the body.

1. Protein (or carbohydrate-free) diet

The main essence of this diet is the use of food only with a high content of protein (protein) throughout the entire period of a limited diet. In this case, the use of foods with fats is limited and carbohydrates are almost eliminated.

During such a diet, dietary chicken, veal, rabbit, skim milk, egg whites, sea fish with white meat, as well as pink salmon, tuna, salmon, and low-fat cheese are allowed.

The argument for such rules is the fact that the body spends more resources on the digestion of protein than on the digestion of fats and carbohydrates and, as a result, a person does not want to eat longer.

The dietitian believes that such a bias will negatively affect health. Indeed, in nature it is not in vain that there are proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the use of which gives a person all the necessary nutrients. Following a protein diet, you will almost immediately feel lethargy and weakness, because it is from carbohydrates that our body draws energy. With a lack of carbohydrates, energy will come not only from subcutaneous fat, but also from the muscles, as a result a flabby body.

In addition, carbohydrates are the most important component in the work of the heart and brain. If you exclude them from your diet, problems will arise in the activities of these basic vital organs. Another negative point is that due to a lack of carbohydrate food, bones become brittle, and an increase in protein intake significantly overloads the kidneys and liver. Ohm, the main goal will not be achieved, since with such a diet, weight loss is mainly not due to getting rid of fat (it will just stay with you for the most part), but because of the loss of water and muscle mass.

photo: womensblush.ru

2. Monodiet

During such a diet in your diet for several days, or even weeks, there is only one product. There are mono-diets on buckwheat, on kefir, on juice, on cottage cheese, on a vegetable or some kind of fruit. At the same time, it is believed that cereals are most suitable for long-term mono-diets (7-10 days).

Do not confuse such a diet with a fasting day, when you eat only one healthy product for 24 hours to give your body an opportunity to rest. According to the convictions of those who adhere to mono-diet – due to eating only one product for a long time, you should dramatically lose weight by cleansing the body of toxins and speeding up metabolism. But in reality, weight is lost only due to the fact that the same product quickly becomes boring, and already on the second or third day you eat it through force, and you can’t even look at it.

It is logical that after a few days of mono-diet, your body will begin to extract energy from the muscles, which will lead to their loss of elasticity and a deterioration in the relief of the body. Other consequences of such experiments will be a slowdown in metabolism and digestive problems.

photo: Rsute.ru

3. Calorie restriction

In this case, a person cuts his established daily calorie intake by 20-25%. As a result, weight loss. For example, if you ate 200 g of buckwheat, pork chop weighing 100 g and 100 g of cabbage salad with butter for lunch, then with this diet you will have to eat: 160 g of buckwheat, 80 g of chop and 80 g of salad.

According to a nutritionist, this method of losing weight is also not easy. A decrease in calorie intake leads to a slowdown in metabolism, because the basic functions of the body need to adjust their work to a reduced amount of energy. In addition, for the result visible on your figure, you will have to cut back your daily calorie intake again and again, and your smart body will adapt itself to it again and again until it is completely exhausted and exhausted.

The negative aspects of such a diet are loss of muscle mass, lack of nutrients, deterioration of overall well-being, lethargy, anxiety.


We examined only the most common diets that negatively affect the human body and do not contribute to weight loss. The first successes, when you see that the arrow on the scales went down, are deceptive, as water will come out of your body and muscle mass will begin to decrease. There will be much more negative consequences – irritability, digestive problems, metabolism, loss of tone and a set of extra pounds after the diet.

And we examined only the three most common diets, but today there are a lot of them, and I am sure that each, without exception, has its own side effects. So why put your body at risk for short-term weight loss? Yes, it is short-lived, because after any diet, the weight returns to the previous level – and this is in the best case, and often it also increases.

It’s no secret that the easiest way to be in shape is to establish proper nutrition and take time for sports.

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3. Mono-diet: lose weight in 6 days

Today, for those who want to lose weight, you can get lost in a variety of diets and a variety of suggestions on how to lose extra pounds.

Among the ranking of diets, this one is in the top ten. It is also called “6 petals” and lasts, as you might guess, 6 days. Every day – a separate mono-diet. And the secret to losing weight in the alternation of these days.

The diet of six days of this diet alternates on the principle of proteins / carbohydrates:

1st day: pure proteins

All varieties of fish in boiled, baked or stewed form are suitable. Use salt, spicy seasonings, herbs.

2nd day: pure carbohydrates

On this day, eat any kind of vegetable raw, boiled, baked or stewed. Vegetable juices are allowed.

3rd day: pure proteins

The menu will consist of boiled, baked or stewed chicken fillet. You can supplement poultry with herbs and spices.

All types of cereals, cereals, sprouted seeds, seeds, grain breads, bran, fiber are allowed.

5th day: pure proteins

On this protein day, the diet offers cottage cheese, low fat or with a low percentage of fat content.

6th day: pure carbohydrates

Suitable fruits are raw or baked, fruit juices without sugar.
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4. “Lazy” diet on the water: how to lose weight and cleanse the body

Usual one-day fasting helps to maintain not only a figure, but also youth. Yes, imagine one “hungry” day rejuvenating the body for three whole months. As for the figure, if everything is done correctly, in one day on the water instead of food you will get rid of 2-3 extra pounds. Well, if you arrange such a procedure regularly, you can keep the weight at the level obtained without any additional changes in the diet.

How to achieve this with the help of a “lazy” diet on the water, Olga Fomina, a consultant on a healthy lifestyle, told TSN on her blog .

The classic fasting on water is when you eat nothing all day, but only drink water. It is very important to drink only high-quality water at room temperature. It would seem nothing complicated. However, you also need to consider several rules, adhering to which one-day fasting will be easy and comfortable.

First of all, it is about preparing for fasting – it is no less important than fasting itself. It is very important to plan more interesting things on a hungry day so that there is no time to think about food. But it’s better not to be particularly energy-intensive, since it will not be particularly peppy on one water. And most importantly – mentally tune in for a day without food and gather your will in a fist.

Olga strongly recommends to clean the digestive tract before fasting, using laxatives or an enema. Without food in the stomach and fecal stones in the intestines, starvation, as a rule, is easier: without headaches and weakness. At the same time, getting rid of everything unnecessary for the body will go much faster, because it will not have to spend energy on removing the very remnants of food.

Nevertheless, if during fasting you feel slight nausea, shortness of breath or bitterness in your mouth, do not stop fasting – all these are manifestations of the healing process of hunger.

One more tip: do not fast from dinner to dinner, it is better to do it from breakfast to breakfast (24 hours) or from dinner to breakfast the next day after fasting (36 hours). Coming out of hunger in the evening, you run the risk of eating too much at bedtime, disrupting the biorhythms of the digestive organs and reducing the whole effect of starvation to nothing.

By the way, getting out of hunger is equally important. The first meal after starvation should consist of light fruits or vegetables, ideally to make a Metelka salad. To do this, grate carrots, apples and cabbage in equal proportions and season with lemon juice.

It is not for nothing that the salad bears such a name; it, like a broom, will remove the remaining dirt from the body, while loading all the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. In no case do not overeat, do not eat heavy foods. And not only during the first meal after starvation, but preferably throughout the day after starvation.

And also, do not forget that fasting, like any medical procedure, has contraindications. Among them are pregnancy, heart failure, arrhythmia, muscle atrophy, hepatitis, kidney diseases, in particular, renal failure.

Do not forget: here, as in all healthy habits, regularity is important. Only regular one-day fasting every week can bring the desired result. Well, if in between fasting you still adhere to a healthy lifestyle – exercise, eat properly, maintain water balance, get rid of bad habits – then you will never even have to think about any other diet.

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5. Vitamin Diet: Lose Weight and Strengthen Immunity

Vitamin diet is based on two main principles – saturation of the body with useful substances and effective weight loss. The diet of a vitamin diet consists of products in which substances useful to the body are concentrated in maximum quantities.

The diet is designed by healthy nutrition experts, specifically to strengthen immunity.

The duration of this diet is 7 days. During this time, you can lose 5-8 kg and get rid of headaches, heaviness in the stomach, swelling and high blood pressure.

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 grated apples with lemon juice, a handful of nuts.

Lunch: grated apple salad with eggs, parsley and green onions.

Dinner: 100 g of fish and some apples.

Day 2

Breakfast: 3 apples, 100 g of boiled rice.

Lunch: a serving of rice with applesauce.

Dinner: 100 g of boiled rice without salt, a salad of green vegetables.

Day 3

Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, 2 apples.

Lunch: 100 g of cottage cheese with 2 teaspoons of honey, nuts and grated apple.

Dinner: 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 1 orange.

Day 4

Breakfast: salad of 3 grated carrots and 1 grated apple.

Lunch: a salad of grated apples, carrots, 2 teaspoons of honey and lemon zest.

Dinner: 4 baked apples with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Day 5

Breakfast: 100 g of prunes, 2 boiled carrots and 1 beet.

Lunch: 200 g of oatmeal with boiled beets and 2 eggs.

Dinner: grated carrots with honey, 1 baked apple.

On day 6, repeat the menu of the first, on day 7 – the second.

6. Galkin declassified the unusual diet of 67-year-old Pugacheva

Recently, the diva of the Russian pop Alla Pugacheva noticeably lost weight. Fans of the 67-year-old star wondered what helped her find such a figure. Someone believed that Alla Borisovna had another plastic surgery, others claimed that the artist built after the birth of twins Lisa and Harry. But, as it turned out, the reason for Pugacheva’s sharp weight loss is an unusual diet.

About this her husband Maxim Galkin said in an interview with ” Dni.ru “.

“Alla sat on a coal diet for some time,” said the comedian. “Her longtime friend, director Galina Volchek, was all surprised:“ Alla, did you really eat coal? ”And Alla joked to her:“ Yeah, swallowed pieces of anthracite! “

According to experts, such a diet really exists. She suggests that every morning for a month a person drinks two tablets of activated carbon, washed down with a glass of warm water. And in the afternoon eats at least 300 grams of non-starchy vegetables in fresh or baked form and 150 grams of low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese. So you can lose weight by one kilogram per week.

However, this method has a number of contraindications, nutritionists warn.

You can resort to it occasionally, because together with slag, coal removes useful substances from the body.

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7. For a week -7 kg! Anita Lutsenko shared a unique recipe for weight loss

Well-known fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko shared an extremely fast weight loss recipe.

She posted the video with instructions on her page on Instagram.

The trainer told how you can lose up to 7 kilograms in one week.

However, the recipe turned out to be just an April Fools’ joke, which Lutsenko’s subscribers accepted with a bang.

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8. Citrus diet: the secrets of losing weight from the ballerina Catherine Kuhar

The profession of a ballerina involves a sophisticated and fragile figure, appearance in this art is 50% success.

The prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Ekaterina Kukhar is always in perfect shape and an example to follow. At the same time, she does not keep the secrets of harmony behind seven locks, but easily shares them.

“It’s no secret that physical activity and proper nutrition help a woman always keep herself in shape. In addition to the rules already mentioned, citrus fruits also help me to keep fit. Proper use of citrus fruits is the first impetus to a slim figure,” says mom two children.

“If a person has no allergic reactions or individual intolerance, there are no stomach problems, he can use my method. To do this, they must be correctly included in your diet. For example, I start every morning with a glass of lemon water, and in the afternoon I can drink fresh grapefruit “, – the ballerina shares.

Water with lemon in the morning for weight loss

“Every morning I drink warm water with lemon 30 minutes before a meal. We need to add juice a little less than half a lemon to a glass of water. We need water in the morning to wake our stomach and comfortably enter our new day. Fasting lemon water for fast weight loss It leads to a longer feeling of satiety and quenches thirst. Sometimes honey is added to this drink, and if you want to not only keep fit, but also lose weight, you can drink it up to 2-3 times a day. The last time you drink water with lemon on night, about an hour and a half before bedtime, “- owls Tuyet Catherine.

Grapefruit fresh

“Many girls, when they meet with friends in a cafe, order coffee, I prefer grapefruit fresh. I often combine grapefruit with orange. Grapefruit helps burn extra pounds in a short time. It speeds up metabolism, reduces the absorption of fats. Using this drink, it’s important to give up flour and sweets. The method is good if you have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, you do not suffer from gastritis. Please do not abuse it, I personally drink it from time to time, 2-3 times a week. But if do you want to drink cha ie, you should consult with a nutritionist before this “, – said the dancer.
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