how to get perfect body shape for girl at home without exercise – Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

Product Name: Adonis Golden Ratio
Author/Creator: John Barban
Price: $37.00
Money Back Guarantee: 365 Days
Official Website:

Is it possible that your DNA can slash pounds of fat and build rock-solid lean muscle at the same time? The answer is YES

Have you been working out hard or still find the body you look at in the mirror unappealing? For instance, you may have given up on fitness. Then, start feeling ashamed of your shapeless belly and bony chest.

If so, consider my review of Adonis Golden Ratio as a suggestion specifically for you. Whether you are fit or fat, veteran or novice, building the ultimate male physique is not an impossible feat.

The Adonis golden ratio program can help you build the most proportional and attractive body genetically possible.

First, this product is proven not to be a scam. Why? Because, unlike any other, it is designed to help you reach an optimal ratio, not harm yourself, gaining weight. In other words, get a highly-aesthetical male shape.

To do that, it uses a customized program for each individual. Now, you don’t have to go through extreme diets or exercise. In the past, those things were considered acceptable because of the results. However, they injured or harmed more people than those they helped.

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On the other hand, specific programs like the Adonis Golden Ratio encourage goals that are physiologically and psychologically sound. All this is designed by fitness and performance experts.

It uses a proven doctrine of male-female attraction, which defines the exact male body type that is attractive to women. Or which would leave such statements as ‘I wish it were me’ from mouths of other men.

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What is the Adonis Golden Ratio?

The Adonis Golden Ratio is designated to help men get the perfect physique. First, perfection is defined by the program as a formula for proportions for the body shape. Practically, this ratio is proven to be attractive to the opposite gender.

There is more to achieving one’s body desire… This program is almost like a cheat system for bodybuilding.

John Barban, the author, studied male-body aesthetics through history. As a result, he came up with a mathematical ratio where variables adapt to different types of male bodies. The program works WITH your:

  • Height
  • Bone structure
  • Natural proportions
  • Metabolism
  • Hair type
  • Testosterone levels

In other words, regardless of how you are now, this program will work with and for you.

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About John Barban -The Author

In short, John Barban got big into working out when he was young but struggled to see decent results. Being frustrated, he developed a volatile relationship between him and the gym. So, whatever gains he had, were either stable or would “fade” away.

Finally, sick of his lack of results, he made up his mind to do some research to strengthen his mind as far as his body was concerned.

Today, Barban is an established, world-class expert in physiology, biology, and nutrition.

Currently, he is an active Human Performance teacher at the University of Florida.

Who Is The Adonis Golden Ratio Meant For?

At its core, the system is for everyone regardless of their level. However, the work out plans may be intense for the complete newbie.

The offers three different workouts, nutrition, and supplementation plans. Each is geared towards a particular goal of either fat loss, muscle gain, or fat loss with simultaneous muscle gain.

supplements and diet

So, if you’re looking for a plan that offers:

  • Nutrition software.
  • Bonuses
  • Access to the community.
  • Meal plans
  • Training programs
  • Theory of ideal proportions

Then, this program will work wonders for you. Now, your effort will result in great success.

Why Use This Program?

The program is not just another high intensity; one size fits all, body transformation gimmick. Instead, with this system, the transformation you are aiming to achieve is based on what is your most genetically optimal physique.

A significant part is that it also works with discipline and motivation. Here are some of the vital personal points it covers:

  1. Tracking your success.
  2. Discovering exercises and meals that work for you.
  3. Sculpt specific parts of your body.
  4. Keep track of development to stop or focus on specific areas.
  5. Making effective plans.
  6. Overriding motivation
  7. Finally, reduce temptations.

How Is The Adonis Golden Ratio Different?

Right off the bat, they don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Ooh, and to clarify, this system isn’t about packing on the most muscle possible. The program is about developing muscles in just the right places helping you look more attractive in the process.


Also, the support the system gives you is incredibly motivating. Then, the guidance and information the actual program provides are top-notch.

The Adonis Golden Ratio goes above and beyond by providing you with a forum of like-minded, goal-driven people. Together, you can share and learn about other people’s personal experience and grow with the community.

Speaking of resources, I was pretty impressed with the diligence of the Adonis program’s developers. They not only give you plenty of useful information right at the very beginning, but they will also keep you updated with any new information they will find.

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Where you can buy Adonis Golden Ratio?

Adonis Golden Ratio is available on the official website,


The Adonis Golden Ratio is a program you can follow that gives you the tools you need to develop that good looking physique you’ve been after. Now, you can work on your body regardless of where you are in the world!

I became more flexible and got into my size-32 pants again. However, the best gain was in my self-esteem and confidence. For the longest time, I felt I couldn’t change my body.

However, the Adonis Golden Ratio gave me the tools I need. But most of all, the results were feelings of confidence and being sexy like never before.

Get your copy today! To get in the best shape you’d even been, click on the button below. Start today!

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