Armen Hammer International Online Qualifier Week 3 is…

– What’s going on folks? Armen Hammer here. And I have the privileged of announcing the events for the final week of the International Online Qualifier on behalf of Filthy 150, which is going to be the very first Sanctional of the 2020 Sanctional season. Let’s get to it.

Now before we get into the event itself I wanna talk to you guys briefly about the IOQ because the International Online Qualifier is very interesting. And chances are if you’re watching this you probably already know what the IOQ is because you’re participating in it.

But if you don’t, the International Online Qualifier is a joint online qualifier being used by four different Sanctionals for the 2020 CrossFit game season. Sanctionals that are taking place all over the world from the Filthy 150 in Ireland to South Fit in Argentina to Wodapalooza in Miami and the Atlas Games in Montreal.

I mean, we are talking about an international event for an international field of competitors. Now the IOQ itself plays a really important role in the Sanctional season because it helps consolidate the qualifying process and with 28 different Sanctionals for the 2020 season all the way from November to July, there was a really good possibility that the qualification process for many of these events was going to overlap to the point where you could exhaust yourself, both financially and physically, trying to compete or qualify for every single one of ’em. Now, a lot of the events have decided to use the Open as some sort of a qualifier and four events have decided to use the IOQ.

And that is where I come in. We kicked off the IOQ just a few weeks ago. And with two scored events per week so far, if I was a betting man I would say that, you know, this third week is probably also going to have multiple scored segments. But, we’ll get to that in a second. So, week three of the IOQ is brought to you guys by Filthy 150, the very first Sanction event of the 2020 season. This is an event that takes place in Dublin, Ireland in late November and it has generally been known for its team competition.

It cut its teeth using teams of four way before CrossFit was using teams of four in the invitational or regionals or the Games and they have been known to be masters when it comes to team competition. This year, they’re adding in an individual component and to sweeten the pot a little bit they have a massive $22,000 cash prize pool for the individual podiums on the elite side. And that’s on top of the fact that the winners in the elite divisions get invites to the CrossFit Games.

As the very first Sanctional of the 2020 season Filthy 150 has a lot of really cool opportunities. It’s gonna set the tone for many of the other Sanctionals throughout the season, it’s going to give its winners an opportunity to rest, relax, recover, plan out what other competitions they want to attend over the course of the season, and also be able to have a robust training cycle going into the CrossFit Games without having to worry about a last minute qualification.

And speaking of last minute qualifications, the Filthy 150 also, being so early in the season, gives an opportunity to everyone on its leaderboard to get their name on a spot that might actually end up being a backfill because as the season goes on and the best CrossFitters start earning their spots, they’re probably gonna be competing at multiple sanction events which means that spots that they may have earned earlier in the season can backfill and trickle down.

So, a fourth, fifth, even a seventh or eighth spot at one of these early sanction events can actually be a qualifying spot. But enough is enough folks. You are here to find out what the workout for the final week of the International Online Qualifier is and I am here to tell you.

Why don’t we do a little bit of a change of scenery? (claps) Here we go. Here we go folks. We’re gonna do this a little backwards, ’cause I just did it and it was gnarly. So, here it is, week three of the IOQ. Your final set of workouts. That’s right. Two scored events. Event five and event six. In 15 minutes you’re gonna do 21, 15, 9 barbell thrusters at 95/65, calorie row, and burpees over the rower. And in the remaining time, one rep max clean and jerk. Here’s how I did it. Let’s check it out. So, this workout reminded me of the workout from the Open. 27, 21, 15, 9 thrusters and rowing for calories. Now, that workout and this workout are probably kind of sort of similar, there’s a little bit of disparity in terms of, like, the amount of reps that you’re doing but it’s about the same.

And I think that’s a really good comparison to make. So, if you’ve done that workout this is a good workout to have kind of like a mirror for it. And that workout has a much bigger starting set of thrusters so, in this workout, the thrusters, I think, are gonna be kind of like a strategic point of the actual thing itself, like you’re gonna want to figure out how you’re gonna break up your sets from the get go.

On the rower, you’re gonna wanna focus on having really long, efficient strokes and not necessarily blowing it out. Don’t make the same mistake that I did which was have your rower on and ready and your foot holds like open so that you can actually get your feet in there don’t struggle with that (laughs) before you actually start your row that’s like kind of a kick in the (beep) to start off with like seven or eight seconds of wasting your time on the rower.

But the rower’s gonna be long, efficient strokes, high power output as opposed to high stroke rate. And then the burpees. Maybe don’t do what I did, again, right? What I did was start a little bit fast and try to keep that pace up. And that’s something that I’m really bad at, that burpees and thrusters specifically that combination and so knowing that I just figured I’d kind of go for it and try it out and go really hard on the burpees and see how it goes. It did not pay off for me.

I apparently don’t have the burpee capacity to just do burpees all day long nonstop. But either way, once I started realizing that I was slowing down, what I did was give myself sets of burpees, either threes or fives, so that I could do, you know, one, two, three relatively quickly, take a couple breaths, one, two, three, take a couple breaths and that way I’m actually chipping away instead of like slowing down to this like molasses, glacier pace on those burpees.

If you’re going to commit to going unbroken, commit to going unbroken the entire time. That’s one of the things that I decided to do. I thought it might be easier if I did 11 and then ten or, you know, nine and then six and then nine straight through but I figured, compared to that last workout, that workout, or even last year’s final workout for the Open, February’s final workout for the Open with like the 33, 27, 21, 15, 9. 21 thrusters isn’t gonna be that bad and you get an opportunity to kind of catch your legs back and your shoulders back on the rower before going into the burpees. On the burpees I definitely would not recommend doing rower facing burpees, I would do lateral burpees. The way that I set it up I think is about as efficient as you might want to be able to get it.

You know, you wanna focus on being able to jump your feet up and then be able to get right over the rower. The reason why you want to do lateral burpees versus bar facing burpees or rower facing burpees is because with a rower facing burpee your feet go way far out and then they have to jump way in, so you have that distance to make up to get over your rower whereas on a lateral burpee your distance from the rower never changes.

You just jump back, jump up, and then you can go right over the rower and that’s a much faster way of doing it. I angled myself just a little bit ’cause I like to, kind of, have little bit of propulsion going forward as opposed to completely doing a lateral move but, I don’t think that’s gonna make that big of a difference. And for people who are really shooting for that one rep max, I mean if you’re getting close to your one rep max on that that’s really, really impressive. Like the combination of the thrusters, the rowing, and the burpees really smokes like every part of your body that helps with a heavy lift or a heavy clean and jerk, specifically.

It’s like your legs are quads are toast from the thrusters and the rowing, your hips are toast from the rowing, your quads and your hips and your back and your shoulders are toast from the burpees, it all just kind of adds up and that’s what kind of happened to me. I’m really happy with the weight that I ended up with. I went 185 on my first one just to get one in the bank and then 235, I thought that I was gonna have to squat clean it but the more I was waiting the more I realized that my legs just were not gonna be able to squat clean anything.

Quads were just completely wrecked. The final lift that I took was kind of like a reach, you know, it’s definitely within my capabilities on like a good day, but at the end of that workout it was not that great of a day, so. I’m happy with the power clean and I’m pretty happy with how close that jerk was given how tired the rest of my body was. But overall I think if you can get really close to your max that’s very, very impressive because every part of that workout is built to make maxes suffer. So, there you have it folks, week three of the IOQ is a two parter, it’s got 21, 15, 9 of thrusters at 95/65, rowing for calories, and burpees over the rower. A truly hellacious combination like the three worst movements you could put together, perhaps, in any sort of workout and that’s happening in a 15 minute clock.

Whatever time you have left after finishing that workout you can find a one rep max clean and jerk and that is the event six of the IOQ. Now, there are a couple of rules here. Obviously there’s a lot of details in terms of, you know, movement standards and stuff that you should check out. You can find all that stuff on the official workout page. Make sure that you look at all those standards. Now, I’ve watched myself do this workout once or twice at this point, and I have a couple of extra thoughts for you guys. So here’s a little bit more advice, a couple more tips and tricks. First off, definitely warm up your jerk before you do this workout. I think the jerk specifically is very much of like a movement pattern type heavy lift.

If I had done even a handful of heavy jerks before I started this workout I probably would have successfully hit my final jerk at 255. And the reasoning behind that is actually really simple, right? The jerk really punishes you for any sort of issues with your efficiency. So, for example, if you are forward on your jerk you might be able to save it when you’re fresh but if you’re forward on your jerk you’re definitely not gonna be able to save it if you’re exhausted. And I think if you can prevent yourself from getting forward on your jerk just by, you know, priming that movement pattern before you have to go heavy, it’s gonna pay dividends later in the workout. Another thing I would do for a warmup is I would probably spend little bit of time maybe doing like the round of nine at game speed, right, do the nine thrusters, the nine calorie row, and the nine burpees, give myself a few minutes after that to kind of like peak the heart rate during that little warmup and then relax myself back down and the reason why I want to do that is so that the first, sort of, heart rate peak that happens, I don’t want that to happen during the workout because it’s much harder to recover from that, right? This is one of those workouts where it goes into the pain cave relatively quickly and it just stays there, it doesn’t really get much worse.

It goes into the pain cave after the first round of 21s, basically, and it just doesn’t get any worse than that it just stays really bad and you wanna be able to maybe limit the ceiling of how bad it stays, right? And that actually kind of brings me to another point which is this is one of those workouts where on subsequent redos, especially within a short period of time, I don’t think soreness really plays a factor in this sort of thing because there isn’t a lot of a negative there isn’t a lot of eccentric movement in any of these movements. What I would say does actually work in your benefit if you’re redoing this is that mentally you actually know much more accurately what to expect and because of that you might be able to even tick up your pace a little bit on the rower, you might be able to tick up your pace a little bit on the burpees, and not really make it suck that much more.

Now, obviously that’s up to you to figure out exactly what tick up your pace a little bit means, but, you know, you’ll figure that out. Another thing that I would say this workout really benefits from on the redos is confidence in your heavy lifts. If I had known just how easy those power cleans looked, I probably would have felt a lot better during those heavy lifts. In the moment, as I was doing even that 185 lb clean and jerk, the very first one that I did, I thought there was a really good chance I was gonna miss it. I just didn’t feel good at all. The first part of the workout took it’s toll on me and physically I was feeling like, man, my quads are blowing up, my lower back is exhausted, my shoulders are tired, I don’t know if there’s any way I’m gonna get over 200 lbs much less get anywhere near what a real one rep max would be.

And so, rewatching my lifts (laughs) each one of those cleans, those power cleans were real tall, they looked very strong, you know, I was catching it strong, I was catching it in a good position and I think if I was more aware of that, of how fluid my movement actually was I probably would have felt a lot better during those cleans and also, obviously, during the subsequent jerks. So, I think that’s an important thing is like mentally being able to remind yourself that, all right, the signals physically that your body is sending you don’t always necessarily tell you the truth, right? You may feel like you’re completely destroyed, but you actually might be moving really, really well and I think that’s an important thing that if you’re gonna be doing this workout a second time or even, God forbid, a third time, that’s the type of confidence change, the mental change that’s actually gonna make a huge physical difference on your performance at the end of the weekend.

Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you guys enjoy the workout. Again, please go check out the official description of all that stuff, I’ll have it in the description of this video if you just wanna read it. But you can also find it on the website where the workout is written up, that’s gonna be linked as well in the description of this video. I’m really excited that I got a chance to do this. This was really cool. I hope you guys enjoyed it too. Shout out to the International Online Qualifier, to Wodapalooza and SouthFit and Atlas Games and of course Filthy 150, who’s presenting this video to you guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this. I love doing this. Good luck in the workout. I’ll see you guys next time. .

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