Black Ops Hypnosis Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

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Black Ops Hypnosis is a strategic program to help you use hypnosis on others without them noticing. The goal is to teach you how to hypnotize people during a conversation or other interactions. Now, they won’t faint, wake up, and start acting like fools. Instead, you’ll convince people that they want to do whatever you want them to.

Do you want to be a better leader? Is convincing people an important part of your job? For these, and many other activities, hypnosis becomes useful.

Personal, Black Ops Hypnosis earned this review because it helped me with sales. Don’t get me wrong; I have a great product. However, being able to overcome people’s resistance while keeping them comfortable was a game-changer.

In a matter of days, I started practicing and noticed changes immediately. First, when I used the techniques, people became more at ease and relaxed around me. Second, they listened closely and listened to my point, not only to my words.

However, the best part was that they ended up trying to convince me that it was a great idea to sell to them. In other words, they wanted to do what I wanted them to do.

Is Hypnosis Even Real at All?

Hypnosis is real, but it works differently from what most people think. Mostly, when we think about hypnosis, we think about the scam shows where people are manipulated. However, hypnosis works differently. It’s a series of techniques to reduce your conscious mind’s resistances and blocks. Why is this important?

In a nutshell, your conscious mind helps you to function in daily life. Of course, that is good, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, if you temporarily reduce its activity and work on your subconscious mind, you’ll unlock emotional responses faster.


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Now, you can take this crash course to master hypnosis in your daily life. With this skill, you can reduce people’s natural resistance to anything you want to say. Instead, they’ll be willing to listen and be part of whatever you want.

What Exactly Is Black Ops Hypnosis?

As the name suggests, Black Ops Hypnosis is a strategic, fast, and effective system that teaches you hypnosis. Its blunt approach makes it great to put in practice ASAP. This is especially good if you’re new to hypnosis. It is also referred to as Underground Hypnosis. In other places, you may also find it known as the Covert Hypnosis. Here’s more on it:

  • Improve your life by listening to audios and following instructions.
  • Win in any social situation and interaction.
  • Increase your persuasion skills and likeability.

Throughout history, hypnosis has been used in daily life interactions. However, that skillset was only taught through friends or mentors. For me, a person who mostly works alone, this program helped me to learn and thrive alone.

Here are some of its approaches.

Positive Affirmations

A core skill to “open” the other person’s mind. To perform hypnosis, you will need to gain access to the subconscious mind of your victim. However, this cannot happen if your target is experiencing negative emotions. Why? They’re just not receptive.

With this skill, you’ll help the other person get at ease with you. On top of that, they’ll feel as if you think highly of them. This always helps to make people more receptive and feel more welcoming.

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  • Learn how to uncover and identify any negative feelings in a person.
  • Understand approaches to making them feel better and safe around you.
  • Create a positive environment based on their mental state.

With this, people will feel taken care of, which, immediately, makes them more receptive.

Pattern Interrupts

This is one of the best methods used to get an unsuspecting person into a state of trance. It works by withholding information that your target had expected as a response. This then leaves him/her in a confused state momentarily, and that is when you make your move to get them into the desired mindset.

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Sometimes, we have interactions that tend to be the same, and our brains expect a certain response. For example, if someone asks you, “How are you?”, they expect to hear “OK,” or “Fine.” However, if you give an unexpected response, you create a “grounding” moment.

When this happens, the automatic mind is temporarily stopped, and people get in a receptive mindset trying to approach a new situation. At this moment, you’ll use this skill to take advantage of that receptive mindset.

When you break a pattern, you have a great window to the subconscious mind.

Induction Using Target’s Memories

This technique stands out as one of the simplest and yet most effective. In carrying out this tactic, you involve the target’s memories instead of their imagination.

You can tell him/her a story and then proceed to ask them if they have had such an experience too. Or you can simply ask them about the time in their lives when they felt happiest, most sorrowful, among other experiences.

The goal is to get them to think about their past experiencing and send their minds into a trance, thus opening the window for you to manipulate their mind.

Core Skills of Black Ops Hypnosis

You will learn how to identify social situations based on the other person and their mental state. Also, the methods in the system are primarily based on techniques referred to as The Majors.

The Majors comprise four main categories that you will learn to become a grandmaster in this field of hypnotism. These four subdivisions include:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP)
  • Social Engineering
  • Hypnosis
  • Advanced Language Patterns

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Black Ops Hypnosis teaches you how to successfully handle any social interaction to your advantage. Improve your sales, social, negotiation, or even leadership skills. The system is to the point, strategic, and aims for success in the shortest time. In a matter of weeks, you’ll master these skills and increase your success out there.

Personally, this program helped me become a better salesman. However, as I applied it with others, it even helped me to be better with my family. How? Well, now I know how to make my children trust me. I listen to them and help them find the best approaches for any issues. Let me warn you; you need to work also on what you’ll do with this.

Once people start feeling better around you, they might react in ways you didn’t expect. However, if you took this course correctly, you’ll know how to react without breaking hypnosis. The system teaches you every tool you need to win. Gain these skills by clicking the button below.


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