Credit Repair Magic Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Product Name: Credit Repair Magic
Author/Creator: Bruce Hurley
Price: $97.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website:

This Credit Repair Magic review is to tell you how I paid $20,000 in just one year. How? I learned things most people don’t know, such as:

  • Understanding my rights and stopping overcharging
  • Negotiating with banks without hurting my credit score
  • Settling on a fixed amount or reducing your interest rate
  • Do all of this without hurting your credit score

Most of the time, fixing your credit card debt can be one hell of a job. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have any idea on how to begin when the need arises. We are unaware of the laws, our rights, or what we should say when talking to banks. Due to the confusion, you find yourself turning to credit repair companies for help.

As you know, banks take advantage of your predicament by charging exorbitant prices and yet do little to repair the cards. You finally end up feeling like you have just become another victim of a scam.

However, Credit Repair Magic is the best system to help you turn your debt around. The best part is that it doesn’t add extra pressure in your life. Instead, you’ll set achievable goals and say goodbye to debt.

What is Credit Repair Magic?

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Credit Repair Magic is a system that helps you solve your credit card debt with top-notch strategies. For the most part, people think that it’s all about paying every month, but that can go on forever.

This is a software, by Bruce Hurley, helps you in budgeting and paying your debt in a simple, fast, and efficient way. This software was designed by previous credit agency owners, together with other credit providers.

Using their combined efforts, they managed to come up with this magnificent program that will help save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money too.

This is not just your ordinary kind of software or those scams that just con you of your money. The Credit Repair Magic is a software that delivers everything it promises.

How Does Credit Repair Magic Work?

In a nutshell, it’s a strategic tool to pay your debt with creditors. First, it gives you great strategies to:

  • Stop your debt from growing.
  • Reduce or freeze your debt
  • Budget payments that won’t ruin your life

Then, it gives you a great tool that calculates everything you should know:

  • Complete amount of debt
  • How badly your interest rate affects you
  • Planning payments to pay more debt and fewer interests

With those two sides, you’ll have everything covered, almost completely automized.

What Does Credit Repair Magic Contain?

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Most importantly, clear information and strategies. Even after carrying out research on other equivalent products, there is no other that I found, which packs as much info as this one.

From the perspective, you could consider this a financial consultant at home. There are so many other features that this software contains, which makes it far better than any other program. Allow me to tell you a few.

Features That Make Credit Repair Magic Outstanding

  • Efficiency
    • It focuses on actionable items, clear information, and paying your debt.
  • Reliability
    • Since it’s specialized, it does only one thing and does it well: help you repair your credit!
  • Created by experts 
    • The creators of this program have had more than two decades of experience and know exactly how everything works.
  • Lifetime support
    • Once you buy this program, the payment will only be a one-time thing, and from there on, you will keep receiving updates absolutely free.

The Pricing

This software comes at a fair price of $97. This is a completely reasonable amount when compared to the vast information you will be getting and not forgetting to mention that it also carries with it eight bonuses that are worth more than $300.

It is also way cheaper than hiring a lawyer or paying credit repair companies to fix it for you, who, in the end, may not provide any actual assistance.

Some of the bonuses that come with this product include:

  • Audio-Visual Multi-media Training Materials.
  • Bad Credit Eliminator.
  • Automatic Dispute Tracker System. Seven Shortcuts to Success.
  • Credit Question Reference Guide.
  • Express Version of the Credit Question Reference Guide.

You can relax and know that you are completely safe with a 60-day money-back guarantee policy that comes with purchasing the program. Within the 60 days, you will get to use the software and see if it works.

If you should feel that it is not appropriate for you or it wasn’t what you were looking for, then you can cancel your subscription, and the money will be returned to you without any questions being asked.

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Where you can buy Credit Repair Magic?

Credit Repair Magic is available on the official website,


Credit Repair Magic is a complete system to help you clear debt and improve your score on your own. It’s like having a financial consultant right there with you. First, it’s a program that helps you understand exactly how much you owe, how interests affect you, and where to start. Then, it comes with a series of strategies to stop your debt from growing so you can actually clear it.

Finally, every strategy is meant to NOT hurt your credit score further. However, if it does, it’ll be minimum, and you’ll recover faster after you put everything to work. Personally, my score was down for the first two months, but after the third one, I noticed how it increased (I used an app that doesn’t affect your score to check).

Now, you start taking care of your credit card debt. Finally, you don’t have to plan your life around the banks and what they want from you. Click on the link below and start with our financial freedom TODAY!

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