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If the diet has become your way of eating, if you experience moral discomfort even with moderate, proper food intake – this article is for you.

To begin with, let’s figure out how does this happens? Why do people suddenly begin to feel addicted to restrictions, from what, in fact, brings suffering? In this text, we are talking about unhealthy, strict diets.

it’s easy. It is a mistake to assume that serving a diet is a heroic feat. For example, any mono-diet (involving the consumption of one product) is much less expensive in terms of money and effort than proper nutrition and sports.

Moreover, a dieter should not worry about overeating or eating at the wrong time – there is a clear list of products, sometimes even a timetable for their consumption by the hour. Thus, a person simply relieves himself of responsibility, does not try to develop a healthy attitude to food.

There is a strict set of rules – just follow it. “What should I do, the diet is over, will I overeat again?” So there are many diets. I’ll sit down one more, ”- the simple logic of the“ endless dieters ”. A very important sign of addiction is the desire to go on another diet when the desired weight has already been achieved. Secondly: the pursuit of order, perfectionism.

Not all diet-dependent people are perfectionists, but still very often the desire to systematize their nutrition is connected with the desire to put their life in order. “Well, at least somewhere I have order”, – so the unfortunate “dieter” thinks. Photo: Depositphotos But what about hunger? After the second or third diet, hunger, as a rule, is barely felt and no longer brings severe discomfort.


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Diets are so simple, so effective, so fast. How to stop constantly sitting on them? It’s so harmful, because it makes us asocial and sad. First of all, it is necessary to realize that the effectiveness of diets is a myth . Obesity in most cases is caused by psychological dependence on food, an unhealthy attitude to it.

No diet will teach you to listen to your body, no diet will teach you to be in harmony with it. In the best case – you will gain your weight back (and very quickly), in the worst – the weight will return “with friends”. The bonus will be stretch marks and killed metabolism.

You can’t fool your body, it will fight exhaustion to the last. Read about the device and the work of metabolism, talk with people who also resorted to diets – make sure once and for all that diets do not work. Absolutely. Consider the reason that prompted you to the first diet.

Admit to yourself honestly, are you not punishing yourself? Are you trying to please someone? Do you think that strict dieting will change your life for the better? Analyze the psychological origins of your addiction.

If you feel that you are not coping, contact a specialist. Most importantly, remember – the consequences of such a diet can be scary and irreversible. Photo: Depositphotos Sport reduces appetite, accelerates metabolism, forms a relief. However, these are all secondary reasons to tackle it.

The most important thing is that regular exercise will put your thoughts in order, improve your mental state. Of course, the last thing you want to do to a morally exhausted and tired person is to play sports.

Need to start. Through strength and fatigue, you retract very quickly. Remember, “through thorns to the stars” is not about losing weight . Suffering is not the way to beauty.

A healthy body is a beautiful body. You must not be unhappy for any purpose, nor for any result.

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