Female Orgasm Secrets Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Product Name: Female Orgasm Secrets
Author/Creator: Gabrielle Moore
Price: $27.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://www.lloydlestertips.com

To make a woman orgasm you should start with her emotions, then her mind, and last her body. Female orgasms take more time than men’s. They sound complicated, but they aren’t.

This review of Female Orgasm Secrets is to tell my story of success. Before this, I thought I had a great life, but I was completely wrong.

In essence, this program shows you how making a woman experience powerful orgasms makes sex even better. To do this, it covers everything there is to know regarding erogenous zones and how to activate them.

Personally, sex was nothing I could complain about. I’ve had good relationships and we had sex all the time. However, I didn’t know that there was something lacking. I mean, you see girls in porn having orgasms all the time, but real life is different…

So, I started to wonder what could be missing and researched about it. Then, I came across my first issue: Too much unclear information. Fortunately, I’ve always known that, for every problem, there must be ten great solutions for me.

Well, I didn’t have to look for more than one. When I came across Female Orgasm Secrets, I was sold. Now, after more than five months, my girlfriend also loves this program.

What is Female Orgasm Secrets?

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In a nutshell, Female Orgasm Secrets is a program that shows how to make your woman experience powerful orgasms.  The program guides you in a very detailed and informative manner on the dos and don’ts during sex so as to make your woman get an orgasm.

  • Understand her body and mind
  • Identify different types of orgasms and how to provoke them
  • Know what mindset could block her and how to overcome it
  • Learn how to work with their multiorgasmic body

Essentially, this program covers the female orgasm from every angle. Sadly, most guys believe it’s all about penetration and the clitoris. However, as I learned in the program, there’s more to that. Also, some women don’t even orgasm like that.

Think about it, some guys can orgasm with penetration, other guys can only do it if they masturbate. Well, something similar happens with women.

Female Orgasm Secrets covers everything there is to know.

What Is In the Package?

The program was built to help you succeed. With that in mind, it comes with the following material:

  1. Female Orgasm Secrets
    1. The main e-book which contains information on how to make your woman achieve an orgasm.
  2. Audios which guide you on the various steps to follow in making her experience orgasms.
  3. Special bonuses such as the sex games e-book which also helps you sharpen your sex skills.

About The Author -Gabrielle Moore

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The program is created by an outstanding lady known as Gabrielle Moore. Gabrielle is a reputable sex advisor.

The fact that she is a woman credits her to explain how to make a woman experience orgasms. Thanks to Gabrielle we can now make your woman experience a better sexual connection with you.

What the User Learns From the Guide

The program is quite complete, here are some of the vital points it covers:

  • The size is not everything
    • The size of the penis does not affect the ability to ensure that you give orgasms to a woman. The user is able to know that all matters is your skill and not the actual size of the penis.
  • Expert oral sex techniques
    • Four oral sex techniques and tips in which the man is informed about how to stimulate a woman orally through kisses.
  • Building her up
    • Increase her sexual tension by restraining from sex within the first few minutes after arousing her. This causes the sexual tension to builds upon your partner
  • Orgasmic sex positions
    • Various sex positions guaranteed to make your woman sexually aroused to the point that she has an orgasm.
  • Know when she’s ready
    • The user is also taught about the signs of arousal on a woman. This ensures that you only engage in sexual intercourse after you are sure that she is fully stimulated.
  • Anal orgasms
    • Add anal stimulation to the sex experience since the anus has more nerve endings than the vagina itself, you as the user receives relevant information on how to ensure sexual arousal.

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Where you can buy Female Orgasm Secrets?

Female Orgasm Secrets is available on the official website, http://www.lloydlestertips.com.


Female Orgasm Secrets is a program built to help you make your woman orgasm like never before. In the end, you’ll understand so much about her body, she won’t believe it. On top of that, she’ll then start disclosing her turn-ons and fantasies. Many women struggle to orgasm because they are shy to be judged or misinterpreted.

However, you’ll earn her trust and desire. When I was done with the program, by week one, I really had to take breaks because she wanted it all the time. After a while, our relationship improved a lot, we’ve become closer, and our bond strengthened.

Not many men get into this. Instead, they choose to condemn their woman to bad sex life. Even worse, make her responsible for that. However, if you’re a real man, you want to be the one who gives everything to your woman. You’ll become the source of all her pleasure.

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