Food for Freedom Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

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Imagine if a natural disaster occurs in your area now, what would you do? The streets are filled with an angry mob of protesters and restless individuals. Why are they protesting after a natural disaster? Well, the aftermath of a crisis based situation like natural disasters is not a pretty one.

Natural disasters come in various ways: droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, or even floods. Without exception, these natural disasters are so tragic that they leave the affected area traumatized, hungry, and shelter-less.

Yes! There will be a decline and probably no access to food, water, and livestock. As we know, climate change is already harming food production mainly because disasters like flooding and drought have increased in frequency.

According to information from the Thomson Reuters Foundation News, droughts are prone to affect the subsistence farmers more than the commercial farmers. The latter has better access to irrigation techniques and resilient seed types.

Also, on their article “What creates food crisis?”, they talk about the various factors that could affect the production of food, crops, and livestock, stating the following as significant causes of a food crisis:

  • Poverty
  • Natural Disasters
  • Conflicts
  • Global Food Prices
  • Diseases
  • Complex Emergencies

So, how can one survive, thrive, and beat the odds of the aftermath of a natural disaster? Well, in my opinion, Food for Freedom deserves this review because it’s a great option.

About Food For Freedom

In essence, Food For Freedom is a program that helps you understand the various ways you can survive in times of food scarcity. To do that, it shows you the methods, step by step, that you can use to create your own Aquaponics garden. In a few weeks, it’ll start putting food on your plate.

Also, you do not need to be technically inclined to use this program. It spares you all the gimmicks, mumbo jumbo, and unnecessary complexity. It’s so practical; you do not need to have a degree in engineering to understand how the system works.

All you need is at least 5 minutes each day to read through and understand how the program functions.

You will be able to use the program for both you and your family’s benefit.
Food for Freedom Review

In essence, Food for Freedom is a step-by-step guide that digs deep into building Aquaponics home systems. Also, allow you and your household to withstand a situation in a time of scarcity, providing you with fresh and healthy food.

Generally, people can be confused by the word Aquaponics. Well, Aquaponics is simply the process of joining aquaculture together with hydroponics. The process involves the use of the waste products of fish as a fertilizer (a powerful one). Also, the plants will serve as natural filters, which keeps the water clean.

A Deeper Look

The author of the program, Frank Tanner, tells us that the primary purpose of the survival guide was developed after the water shortages experienced in California led to food scarcity.

Also, he says that water shortage is a significant issue that is being ignored daily by everyone. In essence, the United States will experience a Mega-drought situation.

If you want to exclude yourself from the aftermath of the proclaimed Mega-drought, then you should pick up a copy of Food for Freedom, the guide has useful contents, including the blueprint for the Aquaponics creation.

The blueprint has been designed to support a family with up to 10 family members with abundant food supply. According to Frank, this system will be able to eliminate 75% of a family’s food bill within a few weeks. Listed below are sample topics offered in the leading guide of the Food for Freedom program.

  • Detailed info about the available alternatives to a $4000 fish tank.
  • Different ways to cultivate big sized carrot, tomatoes, and broccoli that will beat the winning crops at the state fair.
  • Information about the perfect soil combination, fish, and seeds.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to build a greenhouse for the Aquaponic garden, and much more.

Frank also makes available four bonuses that come along with the Food for Freedom program.

  • Simple Survival Canning Bonus Guide:
    • Ways to preserve excess food remaining and not let them go to waste.
  • Container Garden Secrets Bonus Guide:
    • Harvesting food from the Aquaponics garden.
    • Learn the pot and soil types to use when growing plants with just the sun and shade as your growth factors.
  • Setting Up Your Survival Seed Bank Bonus Guide:
    • How to choose the best seeds to grow in the aquaponics garden.
    • Learn the best planting time, which will be beneficial for harvest.
  • DIY Greenhouse Blueprint Bonus Guide:
    • Constructing a greenhouse that will cost $50 or less.
    • Cultivate a large scale of food, and take Aquaponics a little deeper.

Positives of Food for Freedom

  • It is effortless to use and understand; no technical skills whatsoever are needed.
  • Provides you and your family with healthy food during natural disasters.
  • It does not require any skill whatsoever to implement the agricultural procedures mentioned in the book.
  • Reduces your food bill by over 75% in the time frame of a few weeks.
  • This program is not time-limited; you can use it for as long as you can; it lasts a lifetime.
  • Saves a lot of money, time, and energy.
  • The program is so affordable; anyone can buy it and use it for as long as possible.

Negatives of Food for Freedom

  • The instructions have to be followed from bumper to bumper to maximize the benefits of the program entirely.
  • It comes only in a digital format, and therefore lack of internet access may hinder the effective use of the program.

Where you can buy Food for Freedom?

Food for Freedom is available on the official website,


Food For Freedom is the right survival program that will be of good use to everyone. Also, it covers drought, floods, and whatever the disaster may be. If it threatens the production and availability of food, then this program is the right fit for the situation.

You can make use of whatever space you have to implement the procedures. You do not have to buy farmland or any other unnecessary stuff like that.

I highly recommend this program, as not only is it safe to use, but it also provides situations in the times where you are panicking a lot to even think of a solution. Get real survival tips and information, never starve during a scarcity, and get Food for Freedom today.

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