How Long Does It Take To Lose 10 kg Without Exercise?

12 Ways To Lose Weight Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods

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There are a number of reasons why you can lose weight. But there are not many people who like to sit on a diet and restrict themselves. Several studies have shown us how to get thinner without avoiding our favorite products. And we have collected the Best of them!

At Bright Side, we have compiled a list of simple diet tips. Here are the ones we found easiest to follow. Let’s try them together!

1.Take small pieces and chew them thoroughly.
Scientists have proven that your brain needs time to process information that your stomach is full and you are no longer hungry. Therefore, slowing down the chewing process reduces the amount of food, which means that you eat less without noticing it. Start with smaller bites and instead of swallowing them immediately, try to chew each bite about 10 to 20 times.

  1. Revitalize your food
    Do you find vegetables boring and avoid them? Then try to serve them creatively! Arrange the vegetables on your plate in unusual shapes such as flowers, stars or smiling faces. If you decorate your normal food, you can get enough vitamins and stay full longer.
  2. Do not miss breakfast
    Even if you are in a hurry in the morning, you should take a few minutes for breakfast. If not, pack it to eat it on the way to work. Fill your breakfast with high fiber and protein foods such as whole grain porridge and yogurt. This will help you get enough energy for the first part of your day and avoid hunger.
  3. Move On
    Losing weight is not just what you eat. It also has to do with what you do between meals. Adding extra activity will help you get the body of your dreams faster.

It is important to make a difference. Go up the stairs, not by elevator. Go instead of driving your car and get a bike for shorter trips.

  1. Enjoy family meals

Scientists claim that having dinner with the whole family at a table can benefit you in several ways. First, the conversation leads you to eat more slowly and less and feel faster. Secondly, homemade meals do not contain the same amount of preservatives and additives that you can find in snack bars or frozen foods. Finally, you will also see an improvement in your close relationships!

  1. Long life on Instagram!
    Do you photograph your meals and publish them on the Internet? If you do, it’s good for you! Psychologists advise to take pictures of every meal and snack every day. Later, before you have anything else, scroll through the gallery.

It will remind you what you have eaten all day, and it can help you not to overeat.

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  1. Treat yourself
    Skip candy is the most terrible part of the diet for many people. However, you do not have to do this. A recent study shows that you can get some chocolate every now and then. The only limit is your desire.

Before you get something Sweet, ask yourself if you really want it. If so, do not hesitate to deliver. But try to keep the portion moderate.

  1. Sleep well

Scientists have proven a link between lack of sleep and weight gain. So sleep well to avoid late evening Snacks. An adult usually needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In addition, a tired body will experience changes in the hormones that stimulate your appetite.

  1. Get rid of stress

A stressful life can lead to weight gain due to the hormone cortisol. The hormone can lead to overeating. So think about what you can do to reduce the amount of stress in your life. This leads to better sleep, reduced portions and weight loss.

  1. Drink enough water

Your brain can often mix thirst and hunger. Therefore, they tend to overeat when they are thirsty. To avoid this, drink enough water and you will see positive changes in your body! The recommended rate is about 2 liters of fluid per day, but it is important to adjust this amount for your specific lifestyle.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind.
    Hide foods that can sabotage your diet! For example, replace a bowl of candy on the kitchen table with a bowl of fruit. Do you love eating candy in front of the TV? Do not take the full package with you on the couch.

Just put a portion of dessert on a plate. This will help to reduce the number of calories you eat, and your brain will probably not remind you of treats that you do not see.

  1. Use math wisely
    Scientists claim that we do not feel a decrease in serving to 5-10%. Reducing the size turns out to be less traumatic than the need to avoid your favorite foods. So take a smaller plate or put something less on your plate than you are used to.

Do you know any other tricks that can help us lose weight without a strict diet? Share your knowledge with us in the comments below!

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