how much weight can you lose on the keto diet in 6 months

Learn how to do Step Up and Bicep Curl, Straight Legs Raise, Side Kicks, Straight Legs Raise, All- Fours Leg Swing, Side Hip Drop and Kick Exercise, Close-Grip Triceps Press, Crunch To Boat Pose, Deadlifts, Leg Drop, Dumbbell Squats, Overhead Press, Standing Posture Curls exercises at home

How to do Double Duty Strength Exercise:

How to do Step Up + Bicep Curl Exercise grab your dumbbells and stand with your left foot on the chair as you step up onto the chair curl the weights towards your shoulders and bring your right thigh up so it’s parallel to the floor then step down and switch legs do three sets of 15 reps.

How to do Side Kicks Excercise start by lying on your side with your legs slightly in front of your hips turn your right toes up to the ceiling then lift and lower your right leg eight times without letting your hips rock backward, keep your core tight the entire time repeat on the left side.

How to do Straight Legs Raise exercise lie down with your right leg extended in left leg bent lift your straight leg up until both knees meet then slowly lower do three sets of 10 reps then switch legs .

How to do All- Fours Leg Swing Exercise start lower down on your left elbow your leg is going to be extended directly out to the side of your right hip you’re gonna be down on your elbow and as you swing that straight leg to the back and then up you’re gonna press yourself up onto both hands lower swing lift there is a little pulse in your glute at the very top of the move drop and lift again you’re working everything this move has some tempo to it please don’t forget the pulse at the end and you can do up to 30 repetitions of this move.

How to do Side Hip Drop and Kick Exercise you’re going to keep your knees together bent onto the mat and you’re going to come down and put your weight over your left shoulder and hand keeping it aligned you’re going to dip your hips down to the ground come up and extend the leg out to the side I want you to pay attention to the fact that I’m waiting until I get my hips pulled up as high as I can before I completely extend the leg and push so I want some momentum there push good keep the knee facing forward I want you to rock naturally and you can do up to 30 reps of this move dip and lift.

How to do Close-Grip Triceps Press Exercise raise your arms up you’re just gonna bring slowly down and up down and up get the picture How to do Crunch To Boat Pose Exercise boat pose is for your app so you’re basically gonna take your elbows to your knees and then extend out and extend out do this do you think you’re gonna die.

How to do Dead lifts Exercise knees slightly bent I was gonna dip down do 15 of these.

How to do Leg Drop Exercise so you’re gonna basically come up like you’re doing a crunch and then you’re gonna drop your toes touch down and you’re gonna do this with me this is your chin because you want awesome abs right let’s aim for 25 .

How to do Dumbbell Squats Exercise so here’s the dumbbell squat I’m using five-pound weights you can use whatever weight you’re comfortable with feet shoulder-width apart and you’re gonna dip down for 25 reps.

How to do Overhead Press Exercise take your weights whatever weight you’re comfortable with stick your chest out and go up ooh that was a little crack all right we’re gonna do ten of these.

How to do Standing Posture Curls Exercise so you’re gonna take your weights and you’re just gonna lift them up like bicep curls but you’re using your posture and your oh there we go thirty of these bad boys

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