How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks naturally at home with 4 simple Steps

How to get rid of Belly fat:

Many women are familiar with the problem of gaining excess weight in the waist and hips and how difficult it is to get rid of it.

However, a diet from the personal trainer of many stars of Louise Parker will help you remove creases on the stomach and sides in just 2 weeks, reports Home.

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To do this, you must follow a specially designed mode.

“Losing weight in 2 weeks is not as difficult as it seems to you,” says Louise. “The first thing you should do after waking up is to weigh yourself. This is your base weight, and you should take it the rest of the time. Now, adjust the diet.”

Breakfast: eggs on toast – a slice of whole grain bread with 2 fried tomatoes. Juice – half a lemon, half boiled water. Drink before any tea or coffee. And in these drinks, by the way, it is necessary to add no more than 100 ml of skim milk. No fruit juices at all! From morning to dinner you can have a bite to eat with one apple and 12 almonds if you are hungry.

Lunch: chicken salad with parsley leaves, coriander, 3 small tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, 1-2 onions and boiled chicken breast with an addition of olive oil. Hummus with sweet peas. Drink water with a teaspoon of soluble cranberry powder.

Dinner: pan-fried prawns (100 g) with olive oil, garlic, black and red pepper, and ginger. Can be eaten with soy sauce and green vegetables.


40 minutes a day devote to cardio exercises for burning fat. Suitable for walking, cycling or swimming. As for strength training, here you should alternate moderate loads (6 sets of 5 minutes each) or intense (9 sets of 1 minute) with a further transition to moderate exercise mode – and again to intensive (in total: 4 sets of 36 minutes each ) After that, do stretching exercises for the back and legs – 5 minutes a day.

Follow this regimen and it will help you lose weight in 2 weeks.

How easy to get rid of Belly fat without hard diets: 8 useful tricks

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We all want to lose weight and not exhaust ourselves with strict diets. Moreover, it is so difficult to control oneself and not to eat up harmful things.

However, there is a way out – these simple tricks will help you trick the brain and not overeat, writes Home.

One day you go on a diet. In the morning, cook healthy porridge for yourself, chew a steam cutlet with enthusiasm for lunch, and drink kefir in the evening. And at two in the morning you find yourself at the refrigerator with a piece of cake on a plate. Is that familiar? Still, we all know this. But why, why is this happening?

And because there are already limitations, but there is no result yet. And since there is no result – why, one asks, is it so to suffer? Allen Carr in his book “An Easy Way to Quit Smoking” spoke about one of his patients who, unwillingly, explained why it is so difficult to quit smoking. He said: “Oh, I would easily quit smoking if I could smoke while I do this!” Indeed: giving up cigarettes is a serious stress, but what does a smoker do when he is worried? Smokes, of course.

That’s the same with diets. The body perceives sudden dietary restrictions as a stressful situation and requires a portion of endorphins, that is, pleasure. Delicious food is the fastest way to get out of stress. Now, if you could lose weight first, and then go on a diet – it would be much simpler: the brain would receive its endorphins at the moment when you look in the mirror at your updated figure. And I wouldn’t require chocolate. That’s why you can not lose weight, and refuse goodies later? We hasten to please you: it is possible! Just the brain will have to be deceived.

Buy yourself small plates

Surprisingly, it is a fact: we really “eat” with our eyes. The larger the plate, the larger the serving. You won’t be able to deceive your brain by placing an orphan portion of a serving on a huge dish: even if this half contains your daily norm of calories, it will seem to you that you haven’t been full. But if you put the same portion on a dessert plate, you will definitely get enough.

And let the plates be colorful and bright

On white plates, the food looks prettier, of course. But the problem is that we are unconsciously trying to fill the entire white plate, as if we were painting the background of the picture on a white sheet. But the colored dishes no longer want to “shade.” And if it is also green, then I really want to put more fresh vegetables on it.

Hide junk food

There is no need to build caches in inaccessible places. All you have to do is transfer the tasty harmful substances into opaque containers or wrap them in foil. And put healthy and dietary products in transparent containers or even leave them uncovered. You open the refrigerator with the desire to eat something immediately and you see a dark bag with sausage, and next to it is boiled chicken breast in a transparent bowl. Guess what you take? Namely, a piece of meat. Because you saw him, and the brain is already looking forward to this particular taste. Although you actually wanted sausages.

Cook breakfast in the evening

How to get rid of Belly fat

Breakfast is the main problem of losing weight: breakfast must be in order to “start” the metabolism, and breakfast must be tight, so that later you do not chew cookies before dinner. But in the morning there’s no time to cook, or I don’t want anything. Therefore, you have breakfast with a sandwich and coffee, and after two hours you feel that you are ready to eat an elephant. But in fact there are lots of dishes that can be prepared the day before. You can buy a slow cooker, and a delicious porridge will be ready for your awakening. You can pour oatmeal with fermented baked milk and leave it overnight – it is very tasty. And if you are not ready to refuse sandwiches, you can make them with baked meat prepared in advance. In general, the idea is simple: you wake up, and ready-made food is waiting for you. The question “Is it possible to buy a cake on the way?” removed from the agenda.

Let there be water everywhere

There is a very funny trick: take a few glasses, fill with water and put in the refrigerator. As soon as you want a tasty one, you will open it, see these glasses and understand that you really wanted to drink. And drink, but you won’t eat. The fact is that we often confuse thirst with hunger. In addition, we drink too much coffee and carbonated drinks that dehydrate the body. Therefore, let clean water be not only in the refrigerator, but also on the table in the office, and at home – where you usually relax. At arm’s length. You yourself won’t notice how you stop drinking Coke and get used to the taste of pure water.

Drink from high glasses

The first rule of any diet is giving up alcohol. This is terrible. And so around the restrictions, so also at parties do not have fun. In fact, alcohol consumption can be limited, and completely imperceptibly. Scientists conducted a funny experiment: they asked the bartenders to pour one standard portion of strong alcohol into low and wide glasses, and the second into tall and narrow glasses. So, in the second case, even professionals with a lot of experience undersold about 20%. The secret is simple: the vertical line seems to us longer than the horizontal, even if they are the same. Therefore, a tall glass is “fuller” than a low one. So choose tall glasses, and if you like cocktails, then ask for more ice. The portion will seem huge to you, although in fact you will drink quite a bit.

Keep fruits and vegetables on the table

The secret is that you will never climb into the bottom drawer of the refrigerator for an apple, unless, of course, you are planning to bake charlotte. Because in the refrigerator and on the shelves there are a lot of interesting things. Cake, for example. But if the washed fruits and vegetables stand in sight, you just take something, passing by. The fact is that our brain loves to turn on the autopilot: suddenly a war, but is he tired? Therefore, from day to day you have a bite to eat the same way: completely thoughtlessly take some cookies and chew without noticing it yourself. It would be better to take a tomato, of course, but you also need to get it, wash it … And now you don’t need it, now it lies at hand.

Do not eat directly from the packaging

Yes, we know that you do not eat as much as you can! And we don’t eat either. Nothing. Except, perhaps, chips or crackers. And more chocolate. And a fresh baguette is tastier from a package, and you can pick up nutella directly from a can until nobody sees … In general, you understand, right? Packaging is a bottomless barrel, because we don’t see how much we eat, and the brain is sure that you, poor thing, were not fed at all. Make a habit of putting everything on a plate to see how much you eat. By the way, chips in the light of day – terrible rubbish, it turns out.

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