How To Lose 10kg in 1 Month Without Exercise and Diet

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How to Effectively Lose Weight Without Giving Up Favorite Products

Losing weight is always difficult. And giving up favorite food may seem impossible. So, lose weight by giving up your favorite foods? Well, it’s beyond imagination. You can’t just give up your favorite food – it’s your favorite for some reason.

But if weight loss requires you to leave your favorite foods behind, how should you lose weight if you can not master this initial phase? So research shows that you can achieve your goals without a hard price. Here are some tips that you should follow to lose weight without even giving up your favorite foods.

  1. Drink water regularly.
    Regular drinking of water can work wonders for your weight by helping your body do what it should do. This simple change will help you eat less and lose weight (randomly). Studies show that drinking water half an hour before meals helps reduce hunger. In addition to its regular work to flush toxins and body waste, it also improves the digestion of food. This, in turn, ensures that the entire digestive system, digestive glands, liver and kidneys also remain healthy.

It’s so simple. So, keep moisturizing your body and you will see the difference.

  1. Foods with high protein content.
    While eating high-carbohydrate foods can be counterproductive in your quest for weight loss, protein is waiting for you as a lifesaver. Protein is quite important in your level of hunger. Eating protein gives you a feeling of satiety, allowing you to consume fewer calories, thanks to its effect on the hormones that control appetite (GLP-1 and ghrelin).

By eating Protein, you limit the calories unconscious. So add Protein to your diet-fish, yogurt, chicken breast, almonds, eggs. You can always opt for a protein version of your favorite food by turning your favorite foods into healthier alternatives. Add eggs to your breakfast instead of cereal products and see the changes for yourself.

  1. Go, go, go!
    Just eating does not help if you spend all your time in a chair and never give your body the opportunity to burn calories. So tie your shoelaces and go. It doesn’t have to be a walk or jog that wants you not to do it.

Just walk at least an hour a day at your pace. And if you feel adventurous, this may be an even better choice for walks in nature than on a treadmill.

  1. Build muscle.
    Building muscle tissue does long-term wonders for the metabolism and weight of your body. Lean muscle will burn your calories and help you lose more, simply because your body needs more calories to maintain itself. But to reap these rewards, you need to invest in transforming your body structure from more fat and less muscle to more muscle and less fat.

As you track your weight initially, it may seem that no effect, because you burn fat and build muscle mass to add to your weight. But after the first adjustments, lean muscle will burn more calories than you can imagine.

  1. Fitness tracker.
    Getting a fitness tracker on your phone to monitor your exercise can also help you achieve your goals. The app can record all kinds of data, such as how many steps you have taken or how many stairs you have climbed.

Some apps even have challenges to beat your personal records every day and grow daily. You may find it difficult to say no to him. Keep track of your daily and weekly records and challenge yourself to see the best results.

  1. Foods rich in fiber.
    Another dietary tip to eliminate appetite is the consumption of fiber-rich foods. High fiber foods give you a feeling of fullness and reduce hunger. They form a gel when they come into contact with water, which allows food to stay longer in the stomach.

It also slows digestion. Add beans, oats, asparagus, oranges and flaxseed to control appetite and food intake.

  1. Eat without electronic distractions.
    Eating without distractions will help you eat less. If you are careful with food, you tend to consume fewer calories. Studies have shown that people who eat with electronic devices such as television or smartphones or computers lose control over how much they have already eaten, and thus overeat. So avoid getting distracted during the meal and be careful with food to eat less and lose weight.
  2. Yoga.
    Yoga has many advantages, including its effect on body weight. It helps you to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. At the same time it makes your body flexible and helps you sweat and burn calories.

You can start with simpler forms of yoga than beginners. With regular exercise, you can find your way to difficult positions and forms of yoga to help you achieve a healthy level of physical well-being in a natural way. As a bonus, it helps to reduce stress, it helps to reduce weight.

  1. With smaller plates.
    Using small plates helps you eat less, which makes you think that you have eaten a full meal, while using large plates with the same amount of food makes the amount of food insufficient, which makes you add more and eat more.

So if you have foods that are known to contribute to your weight, serve them in smaller plates and serve healthy foods that are known to reduce appetite and hunger in larger plates. It is a trick that you can certainly use to your advantage.

  1. serve unhealthy food in the red plates.
    This strange trick has been shown to help you reduce your appetite and weight. Otherwise, it works with snacks that are unhealthy for you. Studies have shown that people eat less red plates than blue or white plates.

Perhaps it is because of the association of red with the danger anchored in our brain that we send stop signals. This stop signal helps us to eat less and thus gain less weight. While you can eat your favorite foods, it certainly helps if you can limit them.

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