lose weight in a month diet and exercise plan

Forget about strict diets and strenuous workouts. Our body is a very flexible system that reacts quickly to the slightest changes in the usual way of life. So, losing a few pounds is not difficult at all.

5 iron rules of the next 30 days

Drink water

How to lose weight in a month

Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, in addition to drinking tea, coffee, compote and yogurt. Start every morning with a glass of clean water. Take a bottle of water to work and put it next to you so that you do not forget to drink. In a few days it will become a habit. But remember that you can drink at least an hour after eating.

Eat right

How to lose weight in a month menu

Cross out sweets, bread, fast food, fatty, fried foods from your diet. All this is better to replace with fruits, baked dishes and vitamin salads. If without sweets it becomes completely sad, you are allowed to eat a piece of dark chocolate. And yes, go to the store only full. On an empty stomach, you risk being tempted to eat foods that are contrary to the principles of proper nutrition.

Adhere to the regime

How to lose weight in a month buy

Breakfast, lunch and light dinner should be at the same time. Between the main meals, insert small snacks: protein bars , dried fruits, homemade yogurt, diet bread, low-fat cheese, fruits and vegetables. So the body will not panic and try to stock up on fats for the future.Proper weight loss is a kilogram per week. That is 4 kg per month. Yes, you lose weight slowly, but also gain soon. And this is a big plus.

Move around

How to lose weight in a month workout

If you do not play sports in specialized clubs, then try to walk every evening and every other day to carry out a specific exercise program at home. Do not stay too long in the workplace. Get up and walk around the office every 20-30 minutes. When you move, the body comes to life, gets rid of excess reserves and enriched with oxygen.

Measure your parameters and forget that you are losing weight

Give yourself the setting that you have switched to a healthy lifestyle that will help you become better. Enjoy the process and maintain a positive attitude. Take a photo, weigh yourself and measure the basic parameters of the body before the start of the course to evaluate the results of your efforts.

Fitness program

You can perform the exercises every other day so that the body has time to recover. Training is suitable for both women and men.

First, do a warm-up: easy running in place, torso to the right and left, squats (10-15 times) and arbitrary hand swings.

Then proceed to the main training. At first, each exercise is done in 2–3 sets of 10–20 reps. A pause between sets of no more than two minutes. Gradually, the load increases.

Download the Monday program →

Press Pumping Unit

1. Classic torso lifts

Starting position – lying on your back. Fix your hands behind your head or chest. Raise your elbows to the sides. Bend your legs slightly at the knees at an angle of 45-60 degrees and lift above the floor.

Now start raising your head. Stretch your chin to your chest. Get to the maximum possible point for you and return to the starting position. If it becomes difficult, move to the sofa and put your legs on it. Well, or just bend your legs at an angle of 90 degrees.

How to lose weight in a month: classic torso lifts

2. Side bar

Lie on your side, lean on your elbow. Then lift the body so that you get an absolutely straight line without sagging and protruding parts. In this case, you should not feel pain, only tension. You need to perform the exercise on each arm in turn.

When the bar is completed for the first time, it is recommended to start with short trainings – no longer than 30 seconds. Time needs to be increased gradually.

How to lose weight in a month: side bar

3. Twisting

Lie on the floor, bend your knees slightly. Slowly lift the body and begin twisting first one way, then the other. Try to put your elbow on the opposite knee.

At the bottom, do not lie completely on your back. Hold two centimeters off the floor. So you maintain tension in the muscles and work them out more efficiently. Be sure to keep your hands behind your head.

How to lose weight in a month: twisting

4. The boat

Lying on your stomach, lift your chest and extended legs as high as you can. Hands at this time lie along the body. Then stretch your arms forward and for five deep breaths, exhale, maintain the accepted position. Put your hands behind your back, grab your ankles and try to sway back and forth a bit.


Buttocks and hips pumping unit

1. Pelvic Rises

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and put your hands along the body with your palms down. As you exhale, lift your hips up to the maximum possible point (usually this gives out strong muscle tension). At this point, you need to fix for a few seconds. Your back should remain straight. As you inhale, slowly return to starting position.

How to lose weight in a month: lifting the pelvis

2. Swing backwards

Get on your knees and rest your forearms on the floor. The back is straight, slightly bent in the lower back, looking forward. Next, take a breath and take one leg back, fixing it at the top point for a few seconds. As you exhale, return to starting position.

How to lose weight in a month: swing legs back

3. Bringing the hips

Lie on your right side, lean with your right hand on the floor, put your left on the waist or on the floor. The right leg is straight, the left leg is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Pull the toe of your right leg toward you and lift it to the maximum possible point. Then return the leg to its original position.

Exercise must be done on both legs.

How to lose weight in a month: bringing the hip

4. Squats

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended forward. Slowly start crouching. Lower your buttocks as if there is a chair behind you that you can sit on, that is, to the level where the hips are parallel to the floor. Now rise slowly, controlling every movement.

How to lose weight in a month: squats

Arm muscle lift block

1. Push-ups on one leg

Get on your knees. Accept the emphasis of lying, placing your hands under the upper chest. The distance between the palms should be slightly larger than the width of the shoulders. From the bottom point, begin to lift the body, resting on your hands and knees, but at the same time keep your foot on the weight and pull it up. The abs and buttocks are tense. If it is difficult, you can do push-ups on legs bent at the knees.

How to lose weight in a month: push-ups on one leg

2. Rock Climber

Make the bar. The body should be a kind of straight line, the abs and buttocks are tense. Bend your right leg at the knee and pull it to your chest. Rest your toe on the floor, then return your leg to its original position. Repeat with the other leg.

Rock Climber
Rock Climber

Stretch block

This block can be changed by adding a wide variety of exercises for stretching before and after training.

1. Butterfly

Sit on the floor, bend your knees and press one foot to the other. Spread your knees apart and place your palms on them. Gently pressing on them, press your knees to the floor, trying to achieve full contact on the entire outer surface of the leg. Hold for 10-15 seconds and relieve pressure.

How to lose weight in a month: butterfly

2. Pharaoh

Sit on the mat, stretch your right leg, and bend your left knee and throw it behind your right. Then turn your torso to the left and rest your elbow of your right hand on the knee of your left leg. Hold this position for several seconds.

How to lose weight in a month: Pharaoh

3. The cat

Get on all fours, stoop with all your might. Keep your pose for 15 seconds. Then bend your back and look up. Hold this position for 15 seconds.


4. Backstroke

Lying on your back and bending your legs, try to reach the chin to the knees, and knees to the chin. At the same time, swing your arms around your legs. So all parts of the spine are stretched.

Exercise is recommended to do every day. It is advisable as many times as you are.

Back riding
Back riding

Perform all exercises consciously. Try to feel how your muscles tighten and work. Do not hurry. If you are tired, allow yourself a 5-minute break, walk around the room, take a sip of clean water and continue your workout.

At the end of classes, inhale and exhale deeply, lie still for several minutes, restore breathing. Smile and praise yourself. Today you have become even more beautiful!

Also try this workout:

Menu for a month

To lose weight in a month, you need to eat fractionally, balanced and consume high-quality foods. In no case do not starve, but do not overeat.

To do this, concentrate on the taste of the food, its aroma, texture. Eat slowly and thoughtfully, without being distracted by a TV, computer, or book. So you get enough less food.

Overeating is partly a seizure of stress and longing for vivid emotions. Try to spend your free time as varied as possible. Meet friends, remember your favorite hobbies. After a working day, try to relax, take a bath, free thoughts and concentrate on loved ones.

Life hacker offers eight options for each meal. Combine them as you like. But remember a few rules:

  1. It is better to exclude salt from the diet altogether or reduce its consumption. Salt retains water, which means it prevents the body from eliminating toxins.
  2. Shop sauces are high-calorie and contain many artificial additives, and seasonings can stimulate appetite. Therefore, it is better to cook both sauces and seasonings .
  3. Among drinks, in addition to pure water, give preference to green tea, vegetable and fruit juices. Limit your intake of coffee drinks (latte, cappuccino, etc.), purchased juices, and tea with sugar.
  4. Remember that alcohol is a high-calorie drink that stimulates appetite. It is acceptable to drink half a glass of good wine once a week.


  1. Oatmeal and some dried fruits, low-fat milk and fruit.
  2. Vegetable salad with olive oil. Hot whole grain bread sandwich.
  3. Oatmeal porridge with a spoonful of raisins.
  4. Boiled buckwheat with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  5. Fried eggs, large tomato, cheese and brown bread sandwich.
  6. Fat-free cottage cheese mixed with parsley, radish and herbs.
  7. Buckwheat with boiled chicken, lettuce.
  8. Fat-free cottage cheese mixed in a blender with a banana.

First snack

  1. Fruits or crackers with cheese.
  2. Fat-free cottage cheese, fresh or frozen berries.
  3. One cup of kefir (1% fat) and two cereal bread.
  4. One apple, low fat cottage cheese.
  5. Fruits or crackers with cheese.
  6. Low-fat cheese and diet bread.
  7. One boiled egg and a glass of vegetable juice.
  8. Mozzarella, ripe tomatoes with basil.


  1. Chicken and vegetable soup. Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions and lettuce with olive oil.
  2. Broccoli baked with cod. Fresh lettuce leaf.
  3. Boiled, stewed or baked chicken breast without skin with boiled rice. Light vegetable salad.
  4. Steamed veal with potatoes. Tomato and feta cheese salad.
  5. Braised or boiled veal. Salad of green onions, tomatoes and olives, sprinkled with lemon juice.
  6. Vegetarian soup with a slice of second-hand bread. Vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil.
  7. Low-fat grilled fish and boiled potatoes. Salad of greens seasoned with lemon juice
  8. Braised liver with buckwheat garnish. Vegetable mix.

Second snack

  1. One glass of yogurt (2.5% fat) and two cereal bread.
  2. Oatmeal cookies, green tea.
  3. Natural yogurt (1.5% fat), diet bread.
  4. Fat-free cottage cheese with honey.
  5. Low-calorie yogurt, several oatmeal cookies.
  6. Boiled egg, tomato.
  7. Kefir with brown bread.
  8. A glass of drinking yogurt.


  1. Baked bell peppers stuffed with brown rice and ground beef. Cherry tomatoes with soft cheese and some greens.
  2. Fish fillet with a side dish of vegetables. Natural yogurt.
  3. Grilled or stewed low-fat fish. Salad of greens seasoned with lemon juice.
  4. Salmon with a side dish of rice. Slicing of tomatoes.
  5. Omelet of two proteins with low-fat milk, tomato and spring onion.
  6. Casserole with cheese, low-fat veal and vegetables. A sandwich of second-class bread and pink salmon.
  7. Fish stew. Salad of greens seasoned with lemon juice.
  8. Braised or baked veal. Fresh cabbage salad.

Strictly adhering to this menu and performing physical exercises, you can lose from 2-4 kg. Tune in, that now a healthy lifestyle, a more relaxed attitude to stressful situations is your credo. Love yourself and be healthy!

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