What is the best muscle groups to work together? – I Try My Best Friend’s Favorite Workout (At Gloveworx)

All right you guys the time has come yes Fitness leave but work out are we doing today your blood works today this is where I come usually three or four times a week really my opinion is the hardest workout in LA yeah I’ve tried and tried almost everything and this has been my favorite and the hardest eating of it of pasta .

I’ve thrown up a couple times so I’m sweating hi I’m Julia and we are friends for 15 years that’s a long time so today I’m going to do Julia’s favorite workout we’re boxing today I box about three or four times every week well the hardest workouts I’ve ever done which is why I keep coming back I like getting my ass kicked I’m gonna try my name’s actually uh Noah Williams everyone calls me Shaq .

I started boxing in college collegiately competing and after I graduated I moved out to LA where I linked up with an old friend Leon found those love works and that’s why I started training there’s not really a lot of stuff that really grasped my focus quite like boxing when you’re boxing you can’t really focus on anything else or wrong but the task there’s just like a family knit team type feeling that we have here and it’s genuine boxing is both mental and physical.

I love bringing my non-athletic friends to work out it’s just a reminder how good a shape I’m in I’m totally getting I’m totally kidding and then you’re a true expert I feel like I always text you like random things like what should I start doing and then you literally send me a whole list of news that I should try yeah do you ever do them yeah you know I .

I do sometimes I like the idea of boxing because it makes me feel like I could be like strong and powerful but like out in the world do you feel more confident yes really and nobody what I took a couple sparring classes there and it’s something that I want to do more of cuz it’s really fun but yeah I was fired a couple of the coaches and I got to punch one in the face pretty good one he won’t let me live it down alright so let’s do this sorry ladies so we’re gonna start warming up with our feet and co-regent first I want you to send a nice and tall on the toes as you roll back on the heel slight lean forward yep now we’re gonna hug the knees pulling the knees up hug as you release heel down toe up and scoop and alternate shots it’s actually my favorite part of the warmup it’s to help like warm up and lose your hamstrings we just call it scoops I seriously cannot balance doing anything.

I don’t understand what’s wrong to me I’m literally always trying not to trip and look like before and relax good we’re gonna get some quad stretch is going so grab a ball of that foot hold it for about two seconds and switch sides make sure you’re breathing as you’re doing this always also I did not shave my armpits so I’m a certified yoga teacher so.

I have great balance Ella could work on their balance love it but you know a for effort why are there so many things and fitness that have to do with balance that sounds really dumb coming out of my mouth right now but I feel like I really need to go back somewhere and get better about because all these things are very hard and they look very easy and frustrating now we have some lunges so step back with one foot into your lunge and then rotate over your knee I don’t know I’m nervous alright so we’re gonna keep .

the simple again let’s give it some squats feet slightly wider than shoulder width and you’re gonna bend your knees dropping your hips orange bands go around the knees and the yellow bands are gonna go around your ankles we’re gonna get into a squat position and we have what are called monster walks so in this flop position you’re gonna stay nice and low and you’re gonna walk forward to the walls walk forward yup yeah good and stop and walk backwards look I think that’s how you girl but I think if I grow toned but and the band will definitely help to tone.

but down chest up pressure on the heels I can do squats all day and once we’re finished we’re gonna hold hold that live squat yep oh my god all right so we got some hip openers let me see you move one meet inward and out eat ten times on one side once you finish your ten on the other side and once you down relax take the band’s off now that we’ve warmed up our legs a little bit we want to show this I need you to take the whole of these yellow bands and you’re gonna put them around your wrist once you get these bands around your wrist .

I want you to open your fist up to shoulder width apart rotate your shoulders back from here you’re gonna give me five rotations going all the way up and down nice now we’re gonna bring the arms up to higher levels and we have 15 pulses okay so your arms up stretching the band slightly yep core nice and tight don’t watch the back yep and then we’re gonna go bump ahead fifteen pulses doing that for the message feminism actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be alright ladies so we have what are called inch rims you’re gonna do five inch ones your feet are gonna stay stationary hands come down for the ground walk all the way out to a plank position pull and walk all the way back out hold and write I want you to stay out there for this one for me to stay out there in that push-up position we’re gonna hold you know the most frustrating thing is trying to just hold your body up that’s hard for these planks what’s up hell why is that so hard it makes me feel like a weak weak weak lame pilot almost done this is in the last exercise we’re gonna do can we have some mountain climbers and you’re gonna bring your right knee all the way up to your right elbow keep.

the core nice and tight it makes me feel a little bit like spider-man doing those if you know gotta work on flexibility and stability and kind of a fun way to do it if maybe funs not the right word but it’s a way to do the job nice and warm start boxing yeah I won’t feel ready.

let’s get your gloves on you guys carefree is verse or not doesn’t matter they’re over there doing something that has my chance believe alright here we are ladies we got your gloves for the steak of the newbie we’re gonna go over some foundational stuff okay so real simple let’s teach you how to stand first I need your feet shoulder-width apart now.

if you are right-handed take your left foot and take one step forward we’re gonna bend the knees slightly and come up to the chin now we have our first punch all the jab order one your left hand is gonna come straight out and aim for your eye level and come back good now we have our second punch just follow the two we’re gonna twist the right foot like you’re squishing a bug for me so as you twist yeah punch with the right hand now we’re gonna try to hit these targets let’s start off with the one one and two – I’m like looking over at Julia this entire time being like one good one one good – – nice good job now let’s try to put it together we got the one two one two one two one two one two okay yeah breathing is definitely part of it that becomes that second nature once you’ve been doing it for a while.

when I do combinations I don’t really think about anything it’s kind of a way to clear my mind and just be super present in the moment I have to pay attention or else I might hit the coach in the face poor shot straight fast go one two one two nice one two once you want to want to let’s get six punches straight so one two one two one two nope good job it’s hard enough you’ve got a breeze I’m just kind of started to learn some combos okay and now the three is you need a book all right yup and you’re aiming for a target at the side here we have the one give the two and then two three good two three all right now try to put three punches together two three two one more time one two together baby now you’re ready to punch one two one two three two I like to uppercut to uppercut two three – this is really hard like after I get a little lightheaded it can be a little overwhelming at first now I want you to say to punch when you go to God and say yeah one two one more time you know what that’s forcing you to do is breathe yeah yeah I think my biggest problem is forgetting to breathe and then feeling things one two three two roll take a quick break oh you found so far huh good you know we barely scratch it so first I’m getting a little bet going up in here some towels we got you get into a little bit different workout of course super important to boxing so we’re gonna get it a little bit forward it’s called a plank guru so we’re gonna hold this here for 15 seconds three two and alive there’s nothing like trying to hold up your own bodyweight to really make you question your abilities now leave you’re gonna turn and face each other on the mat for me nice now before you get into the point position once you guys to give each other high fives with the same camp so you’re going to take your right hand high five for it and then your left now these are called alternate hypoxic heat up good core nice and tight and try not to rock the hip so you do this no safe way over to the Machine this is called the first requirement man diversify where it is hard so place your foot on the pedal that’s on the ground grab a hold of the handle on the same time once .

Here place your opposite foot in press it down and opposite hand you sit down almost like you’re sitting on the stool so bend your knees and I need you to bend your elbows also from this position you’re gonna work your arms and legs.

Ttry not to move your torso upward now there’s a workout class that’s literally 30 minutes just doing this with me I was on this for maybe 30 seconds max and was trying not to think that’s how you push I like it so let’s get back into the boxing if we sometimes work for the versatile arm right a little bit right bend the knees and just not the gloves twice with one two one two three faster faster –

I actually feel really proud of myself I feel like I can do this again thanks so much that was a word I’m gonna sit down for two seconds that was pretty great actually I really like that yeah it’s fun huh yeah I feel like when I’m watching boxing and I’m watching people punch it doesn’t seem as hard as it is I’m like oh they’re just punching but literally that was the hardest part of the whole thing it’s such a fun workout though even though I’m not like a fit person or like an athlete I feel like it.

something that you could really learn and work at and get better and feel really accomplished and feel much stronger yeah you can still train like an athlete yes I want to try it again I think that was really cool thanks for bringing me yeah thanks for coming I’m exhausted though I don’t even think I’m also I just have to say you are such a badass like it’s so crazy to see all the combinations all the combos that was amazing you are such a strong woman and it’s really inspiring

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