Is it possible to lose weight without physical activity?

Gym followers and dumbbell apologists will forgive me. You can lose weight without loads, and I undertake to prove it. Do not get me wrong: physical education and sports are good for health, will help to tighten the figure due to muscle development and, of course, will help to lose weight.

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Nevertheless, losing weight is also possible for those who (like me) more like lying on the couch and dreaming like Oblomov, rather than running at dawn to mow, like Levin. There is only one way to lose weight – to consume fewer calories than to spend. Why not take the simplest way – to limit the calories consumed so that the amount spent on lying was more than eaten?

Because, from a very long time ago, when our ancestors lived in caves and there were no sofas in sight, food was a rather rare and unpredictable pleasure. Therefore, during a power outage, the body put aside every extra (and not so) calorie in reserve – in the form of fat, and this mechanism still works. If your body does not receive enough nutrition, it includes this ancient mechanism of survival – we slow down all processes that are not very necessary, we begin to stock up on fat for a rainy day.

Therefore, we have only one way – to speed up the process of burning calories, that is, increase metabolism.

How can we do this? Start your day with breakfast. Breakfast will “launch” your body and your metabolism. If you skip breakfast, you will lose half a day during which you could actively burn calories – due to the digestion of breakfast. Do not forget about the dream. A tired body cannot function as expected, and metabolism slows down, 7-8 hours of sleep is considered sufficient.

To go to the bath. When the body has to regulate the temperature, metabolism rises. In addition, while in the sauna, you remove toxins from your body. Cheat on your body. An interesting result is the weekly consumption of a different number of calories – more in one week, less in another. Your body, not understanding what is happening, will not make reserves, even if the number of calories falls below a critical level, and does not put into reserve what was superfluous. Refrain from alcohol.

Especially from beer, vodka and liquors. There are more. As already mentioned, all processes occurring in the body require energy costs, and the digestion of food is no exception. When we eat every 2-3 hours, the body burns calories continuously. Keep track of the amount of food.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to monitor what and how much we eat (remember – consume less than spend). The best method is to use dessert plates instead of dinner plates.

The plate is full, and you do not need to memorize the calorie content of each product or follow the portion sizes. There is a “right” food. Namely – vegetables and fruits, cereals, lean meat and poultry and dairy products (as your mother said – do not eat flour and sweets). During each meal, your plate should look like an autumn landscape – all possible colors should be present on it, from green to purple. In addition, some products have an additional ability to increase metabolism.

For example, broccoli; oatmeal; yogurt; apples, pears and grapefruits; fish; lean meat and poultry; nuts and seeds (especially almond and pumpkin seeds); pepper (seasoning, especially red); green tea.

Do not categorically forbid your favorite treats. The forbidden fruit is sweet, and at some point it will be impossible to restrain, and the whole cake will disappear from the refrigerator in 5 minutes! Allow yourself from time to time that without which life is not sweet. Drink water. Drinking enough water a day is recommended.

Water helps cleanse the body of toxins, in addition, often the feeling of thirst is mistaken for hunger.

Please note that the word “diet” has never been used, since these principles should not be a temporary means to lose a couple of kilograms, but a permanent way of life.

In this case, you will be able to maintain harmony for many years. As with any change in diet and lifestyle, you should consult your doctor.

Be healthy and slim

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