Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Review – STOP! You NEED to see this before you buy one!

Hey all thanks for watching my Lenovo IdeaPad yoga 2 pro review the Lenovo yoga 2 pro features touchless guest your control .

you can wave your hand in front of the camera to scroll through photos and presentations the unit will also sense when you have it in laptop tent stand and tablet mode and will give you quicker access to the apps you normally use in those modes.

the Lenovo yoga 2 pro is just point 61 inches thick and only weighs 3 pounds another improvement on the original is that the keyboard is backlit it comes with windows 8 and dragon diction software pre-installed the new yoga brings back everything good in its processor and adds a qhd+ high resolution display the 10 finger multi-touch display has an extremely bright screen so you’ll have no trouble using it outdoors that’s the Lenovo yoga 2 pro review in a nutshell click on the link below for the latest information including pricing

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