Lift Weights Faster Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Are you looking for a super-shot workout that is easy to perform? Do you want to improve your cardio capacity? Are you a woman who wants to build muscles? If yes, then the Lift Weights Faster program is for you.

Most women put all their focus on the cardio exercise due to which they do not lose weight. However, they don’t even know the reason why they are unable to drop weight.

The reason that such women are not burning fat is because they do not try resistance training, and also they don’t know the proper approach to lose weight. So what should a woman dreaming of losing weight do to achieve it?

Lift Weights Faster

Is there any solution that can help a woman to build attractive muscles? Well, yes there is a solution named Lift Weights Faster, which can be life-changing for those women.

But what is the Lift Weights Faster and how it can help? In this Lift Weights Faster review, you will get to know everything.

What is Lift Weights Faster?

It is a program, especially for women that will help them to lose weight and gain a muscular body. You will learn about the cardio strength and ways to enhance it via this product.

The product includes circuit training and sprint workouts that a woman needs to perform to get the desired outcome. Also, this program has instructional videos for women.

You will acquire exercise descriptions through this product. You will locate the best combination of training to blast body fat. This product will present to you a workout library.

Lift Weights Faster

You need to perform the exercise, which will only require a maximum of 30 minutes. Moreover, this program will focus on both minor and major muscle groups.

You are going to identify a challenge-based method via this product. This challenge-based method will enhance your performance and make you leaner as well as stronger.

Even after following a shorter training session, you will be able to see the quick fat-loss outcomes. You will learn to practice all the workouts safely and quickly through this program.

You will earn proper instructions, which will make your training adventure a lot convenient. The product holds secret workout techniques that will support women to lose unwanted weight.

About Jen Sinkler – The Creator

Jen Sinkler is the creator of this product. She is a fitness expert as well as a coach. Jen Sinkler is also a former rugby player.

Apart from this, Jen is additionally famous because of her fitness writing. Whether it be men’s health or women’s health, Jen Sinkler has produced many products for both.

How Does the Lift Weights Faster Work?

In case you want this fitness and weight loss product to work for you, then you will need to implement the workouts, visuals, and other activities presented in this product. On following this product, all women will get the desired results in a short time.

Lift Weights Faster

Total Packages in Lift Weights Faster

You will get three packages in this product, and each package will cost you a different amount.

Lift Weights Faster 1

This pack only includes manual, workout, and visual demonstration of the exercises.

Lift Weights Faster 2

This package will give you exercises that are not present in the first plan of this product. It offers a few additional workouts and visuals.

Lift Weights Faster 1 & 2

This plan contains all the information from the first and second package due to which the cost of this plan is higher.


What Comes with the Lift Weights Faster?

User Manual

In the user manual of this workout product, you will get to know about various conditioning mistakes. This program shows women how to avoid those mistakes in order to burn weight.

You will learn to use your traditional strength to efficiently perform the workouts given in this product.

Gear Guide

You might also need the support of a few equipment to execute the exercises given in this product. However, most of the workout does not demand any material due to which you can perform it even at your home.

With the gear guide, you will learn about the gear that you should keep with yourself during this program.

Exercise Glossary

In the exercise glossary, you will find various photos of every single exercise. These photos will give you step-by-step guidance for the workout so that you can perform it smoothly.

You will locate images of almost all the workouts present in the workout library, which will help you to achieve everything correctly.

Conditioning Workout Library

Through the conditioning workout library, you will access two distinctive volumes. Each volume includes a different quantity of workout training.

In volume one, you are going to access 130 unique exercises while volume two holds around 180 workouts.

Exercise Video Library

Most of the women might want to watch the practical demonstration of exercises rather than reading the text due to which this product has added the exercise video library.

Here you will get the visual presentation of around 30 complicated exercises. This video guide will make it easier for you to perform complex workouts.

You will also obtain five challenge workouts via it. Besides this, it also presents a dynamic warm-up that you can perform with ease.

12-Week Program

Apart from all the mentioned things, this product also gives four 12-week programs that will let you know the right way to utilize this product by using the least number of equipment.


Benefits of Using Lift Weights Faster

Lose Weight

Weight loss is one prime gain from the Lift Weights Faster program that you will get without much hassle.

Leaner Body

Most women dream of a leaner body, and the Lift Weights Faster product will fulfil that dream in less duration.

Refund Policy

This Lift Weights Faster program gives a refund policy which will encourage you to put your cash on this product with no worry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Lift Weights Faster 1 Plan?

The cost that you will need for the Lift Weights Faster 1 package is $79.

Is Lift Weights Faster For Men?

Though this product is especially for women, men can also try it because it will not harm men.

Is Lift Weights Faster Safe to Use?

Yes, all the exercises and other activities in this product are 100% safe to follow.



If you are a woman who wants to gain muscles and drop the body fat, then the Lift Weights Faster program is for you. It will make all your body parts stronger and give you a higher level of strength.

The product will help you to execute all the exercises safely and with no worry. This Lift Weights Faster program will make you go through a fantastic training adventure that will be worth experiencing for every single woman.

You will find a well-research and higher-quality weight loss and muscle gain content through this product. Every woman can earn leaner muscle via this product.

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