The Last Man Standing Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

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This review of The Last Man Standing is to share the attack skills and strategies it teaches you. “You are the weapon” is the motto of this system. Surviving is not about being the strongest; it’s about knowing what to do and how to do it…

In a nutshell, this program focuses on preventing, de-escalating, and fighting dangerous situations. The sooner things end, the better for everyone. However, not everything goes according to plan. So, you need to be smart and act based on the situation.

Personally, this program became necessary after I was attacked outside of a club. Before, I had even learned boxing. However, when this guy came from behind and punched me, I learned how unprepared I was.

Luckily, my friends were there to help me and get me out of there. However, I wasn’t satisfied and had to do something about it.

Once, I talked to a friend who is a professional in martial arts. He was the one who mentioned that knowing how to fight had nothing to do with being good at it.

After a while, he recommended The Last Man Standing. Although it covers disasters and even shootings, this guide applies to many scenarios in real life.

What is The Last Man Standing?

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In essence, it’s a survival system that focuses on strategic survival cores:

  • Specialized knowledge
    • Understand how life-threatening situations work and how they develop
  • Creative thinking
    • Develop a survival instinct and know how to react to every situation with a calm, smart solution
  • Fear is your friend
    • Use fear to your advantage to increase awareness and adrenaline.

Personally, the last point was essential to me. Frequently, we hear about people who didn’t act smart in an emergency.  However, it’s not because they don’t know what to do. Instead, it’s because fear can paralyze people.

Now, with The Last Man Standing, you get to learn how to redirect fear. What do I mean?

In nature, fear manifests as a fly or fight reaction. Meaning, either you fight, or you run. Sometimes, animals get paralyzed, like deer with headlights. Well, the same thing can happen to people.

With this program, you’ll manage to channel fear into a useful reaction: fight or escape. However, the main aim is to help you fight.

How Does The Last Man Standing Work?

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In a nutshell, The Last Man Standing helps you develop a fighter’s instinct. To do this, it takes you through different parts of that. One step at a time, you’ll develop new skills to help you overcome fear and react correctly in danger:

  • Learn to overcome physical pain to continue fighting
  • Develop a sense to identify any possible weapons at hand
  • Break anxiety and stress always to remain calm when in danger
  • Increase your focus skills and overpower any amateur
  • Physical techniques to deal with armed people if you can’t escape

With these points at its core, this system gives you the one tool that most people lose, even aggressors: Staying calm.

This is important because, in a dangerous situation, even the aggressors lose control easily. As you can learn from any expert, staying in control always makes a difference.

Also, the program teaches you survival techniques for specific situations:

  • How to tell when a person is lying
  • Become untraceable, even to dogs
  • Demoralizing your enemy
  • Survival fitness

I mean, although these points are very specific, they deliver what they promise. In my opinion, that’s more than most programs can say.

Bonus Material With The Last Man Standing


Yes, this program comes with extra material to help you learn how to survive bigger situations. In the main course, you’ll learn more about fighting or dealing with mobs. However, with the bonuses, you’ll learn more about survival in general.

  • DIY Survival – 71 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life
  • Invincible Wilderness Survival: A Detailed Field Guide To Bushcrafting
  • The Suburban Stronghold: A Complete Blueprint For An Impenetrable Homestead

In a nutshell, the bonuses help you survive bigger situations. Mostly, they focus on disasters or even warfare. However, they also cover things like protests or mobs.

All of the bonus material is aimed at increasing your chances of survival.


Where you can buy The Last Man Standing?

The Last Man Standing is available on the official website,


The Last Man Standing is a brilliant guide that covers the one thing other programs don’t: Overcoming fear and using in your favor. With a series of exercises, you’ll learn to use adrenaline to your advantage and overpower any dangerous person. However, if you need to flee, you can use it to do that.

Personally, knowing how to navigate this feeling has a lifesaver. Not only in violent situations but also, when you’re nervous, you can succeed in that situation. Also, the added knowledge of survival, in general, turns you invincible, and you can teach this to your family.

This simple, yet powerful course equips you with a tool most people won’t ever have: control of your emotions. In just some weeks, you’ll see a difference in every aspect of your life. Then, with the survival bonuses, you’ll prepare to overcome any possible disaster.

Click on the button below to get your copy today. Don’t waste more time and become a better warrior now.


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