Relationship Magic Review

Relationship Magic is an online system that provides you with expert relationship advice that’s customized to suit your current situation, whether you’re a man or woman, single or married. The entire system is all about relationship values and using them to create a satisfying and romantic relationship. There is no need to change who you are, what you look like, what you want or worse, recite awkward one-liners. You stay just the way you are and define what you want from a relationship through the system’s worksheets and information, and then the program teaches you how to apply it into your current relationship or potential relationships moving forward. So, if you’re ready to add some romance into your life, here’s what you can expect from Relationship Magic.

Relationship Magic Review

What is Relationship Magic?

Relationship Magic is a personalized relationship program that provides you with unique advice, tips, and techniques to implement based on whether you’re male, female, married or single. It doesn’t matter if you’re separated, heading towards a breakup or divorce, widowed and have never been in a relationship before. It starts with where you are now, and works with that.

The entire system focuses solely on values and how they play a key factor is finding and maintaining a satisfying relationship. You will find absolutely zero chapters on changing who you are, what you look like or what you want. Instead, the program takes your current situation and teaches you effective techniques that allow you to fill it with love. This is done by first, defining your four most important relationship values (and no more than that, which the program explains why) and then using those values to create a powerful, romantic and satisfying relationship.

I’ll dive into this more in just a moment but it’s worth mentioning that there are different versions based on your situation. For example, there is a version for:

  • Single Men
  • Married Men
  • Single Women
  • Married Women

This is extremely important because, as the saying goes “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. In other words, we simply don’t operate the same especially when it comes to relationships. So, you’re able to customize the version of Relationship Magic that you receive to ensure it relates to your situation and gender.

Once you select the version that is most appropriate for you, you’re provided with a main manual that is infused with expert relationship advice that teaches you how to define your relationship values and how to introduce them to your partner. There’s even a chapter on how to talk about relationship values with a reticent partner! You also receive exercises and worksheets that help you put your newfound knowledge into action.

In addition to the main manual you receive when you get started, you also get extra content based on your specific situation, such as:

  1. How to Walk Up to A Beautiful Stranger (for single men)
  2. How to Talk to a Woman and Create Intense Chemistry (for single men)
  3. How to Make Your Wife Happy (for married men)
  4. How to Talk to Your Husband or Boyfriend About Your Relationship Values (for single and married women)
Relationship Magic Download Page
Relationship Magic – Download Page (Preview)

The best part? Everything is available to you as soon as you purchase, so you don’t have to wait to start finding or perfecting love, nor do you have to pay or wait for shipping. You just log into the customer portal and download the content right onto the tech device of your choice, such as your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This ensures you have all of the powerful advice provided to you throughout the program with you whenever and wherever your love life takes it. As long as you have your tech device, you have what you need to make the most out of any situation that comes your way.

Now, if you’re still convinced that your situation is in need of some serious therapy or that love is not possible for you, you do receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with Relationship Magic. This gives you two months to put the information you learn throughout the program into action before deciding if it’s for you. Chances are, you’ll be too occupied with your thriving new love life and relationship to even think about it. Either way, it’s a nice confidence boost and you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

how to keep a relationship forever

Who is the Creator of Relationship Magic?

The creator of Relationship Magic is Susan Bratton, an expert relationship coach and the CEO of Personal Life Media. She is a huge advocate for both men and women who are ready to take control of their situation, happiness and relationship, and has spent years helping both single men and women and married couples create a satisfying, romantic life. In fact, Susan’s approach is so successful that she has won several awards and makes frequent appearances on major media outlets.

Overview of Relationship Magic

Relationship Magic is a comprehensive online dating and relationship program that teaches you effective techniques to create a satisfying, romantic life regardless of what your current situation is. You can be single or married, male or female, heading towards a separation, at the rope’s end of your relationship, widowed, etc. and the information you learn throughout this unique system will help fill your situation with unconditional and fulfilling love.

The program takes you through easy-to-follow steps that help you define your relationship values. Then, it takes you through the steps of bringing them into your relationship which includes worksheets, exercises, techniques and tools.

Relationship Magic Table of Contents
Relationship Magic – Table of Contents (Preview)

To give you an idea of some of the things you’ll learn throughout this game-changer, here’s a look at the table of content:

  1. Breakthrough
  2. Ready to Get Started
  3. Compatibility vs. Relationship Values
  4. Where Did My Values Come From?
  5. Why Four, Not More?
  6. Why If My List Changes?
  7. One Couples’ Relationship Values Example
  8. Lauren’s and Robert’s Relationship Values
  9. How to Talk about Relationship Values
  10. How To Introduce Relationship Values to a Reticent Partner
  11. How To Find “The One”
  12. Caution: Powerful Tool
  13. Relationship Values Exercise
  14. Relationship Words
  15. Relationship Worksheet
  16. About the Author
  17. Now That You Have An Ideal Relationship…

Our Verdict

Relationship Magic is a powerful program that takes what’s most important to you in a relationship, and provides you with useful techniques on using your relationship values to create a satisfying and romantic relationship and life. Even if you don’t know what your relationship values are when getting started, the system helps you figure them out through values activities and great information.  You even receive expert advice on bringing up your values to reticent partners, so if you’re worried that your partner won’t be open to change, the program even has this covered! And hey, you get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which is an excellent confidence boost. Chances are, you’ll be quite surprised at what defining and focusing on your relationship values can do for your entire love life.


Download Relationship Magic PDF

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9 Things to Do This Summer (on a Budget)

Maybe this isn’t exactly the summer we had in mind (read: canceled vacations and closed beaches), but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of this year. Because you deserve the very best that the season has to offer, we’ve partnered with Gilt City to bring you major discounts on all of our summer favs that can be enjoyed from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

Gilt City is an online shopping and lifestyle website that offers insider-level access to major deals on experiences in your area, top brands, and beyond. To quote Norah Jones, “it’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Oh yeah, and it’s majorly discounted too. Read on for nine things to do this summer, and check out Gilt City for our favorite brands and experiences at a lower price. 


1. Perfect the at-home manicure and pedicure

So you’re wearing flip-flops and open-toe sandals more than booties, and you can no longer hide a bad manicure or chipped polish behind gloves and mittens. Painted and groomed nails are as essential for summer as a cute swimsuit and a faux tan, but they’re not always easy to maintain. Not only is painting your nails at home more affordable, but it’ll be safer this summer as well. Thanks to Gilt City, you can score major deals on high-end nail care brands that will leave your fingers and toes looking pretty all season long. Try MiniLuxe Nail Kits for up to 42 percent off nail kits, or Deborah Lippmann for 50 percent off nail treatments, colors, and more. 



2. Revamp your summer wardrobe

Fall fashion is fun (the plaid!), but I’m partial to summer clothes. Light fabrics, effortless styles, and pretty colors make this season’s clothing chic without having to try too hard. Revamp your 2020 summer wardrobe with crisp basics, lightweight shorts, and pretty dresses you can throw on (because the hardest decision you make all day should be whether to have a glass of rosé or an Aperol Spritz, not what to wear). We love Joules for effortless styles and summer basics, and thanks to Gilt City, you can get 40 percent off full-price items (yes, really!), and an extra 20 percent off of sale items. Revamping your summer wardrobe with the best items of the season doesn’t have to break the bank. 



3. Find a healthier replacement for your second cup of coffee

I love coffee as much as the next girl, but there’s something about warmer weather that motivates me to fuel my body with only the best. Instead of reaching for the second cup of coffee or an afternoon americano (which comes with coffee jitters and caffeine crashes), I’ve been opting for matcha, which is a powder made of concentrated green tea leaves. You get the boost of energy without crashes or jitters, plus up to 33 percent off MatchaBar with one of the packages from Gilt City. 



4. Get some Insta-worthy pool accessories 

The #1 most Instagrammed accessory of summer? A pool float. Whether you’re booking a weekend away at a nearby lake or you’re lounging by your aunt’s backyard pool more often than you’re in your own home, a pool float that’s as cute as your swimsuit is a necessity. Try the Giant Swan Float that went more viral than the “Renegade” Dance on TikTok, or the Seashell Float that helps you live out your wildest The Little Mermaid fantasies. Get up to 43 percent off fashion girls’ favorite pool floats and accessories at #GETFLOATY when you purchase through Gilt City. 



5. Host a dessert tasting

Sure, wine tastings are fun and cheese boards are always a crowd-pleaser, but if you want to really impress your friends, host a dessert tasting instead (yes, I did get this idea from Kyle Richards’s infamous party on season 7 of RHOBH). Not only is it fun, different, and creative, but who doesn’t love desserts? Give the people what they want and surprise your significant other with gourmet versions of their favorites, or have a few friends over for some cake and chill. Using Gilt City, you can score up to 36 percent off award-winning sweets from Mini Melanie, shipped to your door (be warned: the Oreo Sprinkles Cookie Cake will make you drool). 



6. Tap into your creativity and start crafting

Summer means more energy and longer days. With all the extra time you have after the workday is over, turn off the TV (sorry, Netflix!) and tap into your creative side. Michaels is our go-to store for everything you need to make a scrapbook for your college roommate’s bridal shower present or to get materials to try out a free sketching class on Youtube. Gilt City is conveniently offering 25 percent off any online purchase (available for delivery or curbside pick up). With a discount and easy delivery (or pick up), there’s no excuse to keep putting off that mood board you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start or picking up a new hobby like painting. 



7. Buy yourself flowers

One of the best parts of the season is fresher, brighter flowers, so why not make the most of summer by buying yourself a pretty bouquet (because self-love is a good enough reason for any indulgence). Plus, a fresh bouquet of your favorite peonies or sunflowers will not only freshen up your home and show off your style personality, but it will feel like a little extra luxury (and you deserve it!). Get up to 35 percent off bouquets from Bouqs when you order online through Gilt City. Plus, a major bonus for our Everygirl brides: you can also score almost $100 off towards any wedding floral package.



8. Switch to laundry care that’s better for you, your clothes, and the environment

Laundry is a chore, but upgrading to the right products can make it feel more like a luxury. With better options (and insane discounts), you no longer have to settle for laundry care that’s bad for the planet or bad for your skin. The Laundress has been saving us from dry cleaning prices and stains on delicate fabrics (like cashmere and silk) for years, and Gilt City is offering 40 percent off their eco-friendly detergent and laundry care. This season is the perfect time to freshen up bed sheets, wash the linen pants and swimsuits you never get around to dry cleaning, and turn laundry into a luxury (all while being friendly to the environment). Win, win! 



9. Spruce up your home with fun accessories

Winter is meant for cozy accessories, warm throw blankets, and lit candles. Summer, however, is the perfect time for brightening up the home with fun accessories and bold colors. Make the most of the season by adding a standout piece or two that will draw a whole lot of attention and revamp your space. And what’s brighter and bolder than a trendy neon sign? Name Glo is a go-to for high-quality custom designs and Insta-worthy accessories (my personal favorite is the Mini Stand “Yes”). Yes, they’re investment pieces, but only at Gilt City can you get them for 50% off. I mean, can you even resist a deal this good!?




This post was in partnership with Gilt City, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.


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4 Essential Tips for Starting a New Job During COVID-19

Starting a new job can be an exciting time, as you prepare to walk into the office on your first day to meet your new team, set up your office, and hit the ground running. But starting a new job remotely sometimes can lack that same luster, especially when working from home is the “new normal” across the company. 

As many companies are now adjusting to new or modified schedules that allow their employees to work from home, and as the future of offices shift, as a new employee, it can be intimidating to begin a job with a new company without the formalities of orientation and meeting your new colleagues in person. Adapting to a new job remotely poses its own set of challenges: How do you get acquainted with colleagues who are not on your immediate team? How will your new coworkers know about your hire? How will you establish rapport with your team?  

Being patient and flexible seems to be the name of the game when adjusting to a new job from home. Make your adjustment to your new company a smooth one, even from your own home, with a few tips on starting a new job remotely.


1. Make your manager the middle man 

There’s no bigger advocate to have when starting a new job with a new company than your manager, especially when meeting colleagues in person on your first day is no longer an option. Your manager will be your guide and biggest cheerleader, announcing your arrival as a new hire while everyone is working from home and pre-occupied with adjusting to a new type of work-life balance. 

See if your manager would consider sending out an announcement of your hire, and open your calendar up for e-introductions from your new coworkers. An announcement is a great way for others in your company to get to know you and your role and how you might be working with them. Your manager can also include you in on various video conferences and meetings to introduce you to a variety of coworkers to get acquainted with. Ask about meetings that could help you not only introduce yourself and your role, but also help you become familiar with the moving parts of the business and current projects to get you up to speed. 

Build a rapport with your manager by suggesting one-on-one meetings frequently during the start of your role to gain more understanding of your team, their preferred communication style, and short-term and long-term goals you should adhere to. When working from home, it is easy to be out of sight, out of mind when it comes to connecting with your manager, so proactively scheduling regular check-ins helps keep the communication flowing, making work more effective and your transition even smoother. 

Your manager is in charge of making sure you get your foot in the door with all of the right people while working from home; make sure to use their influence to ensure a graceful start to your new job. 


2. Use human resources as a resource after onboarding

When starting a new job, onboarding can be one of the most helpful ways to introduce yourself to your new company. Whether you are in the office or working from home, the onboarding process is a great tool to learn more about the structure of the company, your new role and responsibilities, and what to expect when you do eventually come back into the office.

Navigating a new company after onboarding without the proper connections or guidance in person can seem daunting. Your human resources team is the perfect team to help guide you through a new company, even past the initial onboarding, having access to everything you need to make your transition to a new company and role from home a smooth one. Keep in touch with your human resources team after onboarding to get key information that will help you past your first days with the company, including company directories, work-from-home polices and procedures, and employee resource groups to get involved with to acclimate yourself to your new company. Your human resources professional should be on top of the latest company news and any changes, especially during major shifts in the company with work-from-home schedules. They can be your introduction to the full company and help you explore your new job without having to leave home. 


Source: cottonbro | Pexels


3. Discover your team’s communication style 

One of the major setbacks of working from home is establishing and maintaining effective communication with colleagues, your manager, and other coworkers, especially as a new employee who is just learning the ropes. For some of your colleagues, this might be their first time working from home for an extended period of time, adjusting to new forms of communication online and by phone vs. the standard in-person boardroom meeting many workers have been accustomed to. 

Discover your immediate team’s preferred communication style, whether it be by phone, email, instant messaging, or via video conference. Some colleagues may rather not be inundated with emails and respond better using other forms of communication, which will help you be more effective at reaching them when starting your new role.

How your team communicates, along with when your team best connects and is productive, is also crucial to starting off on the right foot from day one. Does your team have frequent check-ins, or should you put time on each calendar to have one-on-ones? Is your manager available during normal business hours or likes to catch up before or after the workday? These are all important preferences to note when working with your new team, especially when face-to-face time is limited or nonexistent and many are juggling family and work during the workday. 


4. Connect with new team members offline 

If you’re starting a new job remotely, it can be difficult connecting with your new team outside of work-related tasks and duties. Whether you’re working from home or going into the office occasionally, make time to get to know your colleagues, and give them the opportunity to get to know you. 

Video conferencing is a great way to connect with your new team face-to-face if you haven’t already done so in person. Put some time on your team’s calendar to meet virtually either during or after work to get to know them informally. If video conferencing isn’t an option, a good old-fashioned phone call works just as well. Get to know them by connecting on a more personal level: How did they get started at the company and what has their experience been? What would they like to know about you? Who else should you try to meet within the company?

Giving your new team the opportunity to get to know you outside of your new role within the company helps bridge the gap between being the new employee no one has met yet to someone they know and can trust professionally. It also helps build relationships with other team members who can help advocate for you as a new hire. Look at connecting with your new team as networking in a different way, connecting with your colleagues on a different level to establish trust and build morale professionally. 


Starting a new job working from home doesn’t have to be intimidating or daunting; make your presence known across your company so that you can hit the ground running and make the biggest impact. 


What’s your advice on starting a new job from home? 

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Hairstyles to Rock When It’s Hot AF Out

In a perfect world, on a humid summer morning, I’d roll out of bed with soft, tousled, beachy waves and would make my way to my desk with my locks perfectly intact, smooth, and luscious. In reality, 10 seconds after I step outside every morning, no matter if I curled or straightened my hair, it ends up in the same disheveled, frizzy, half-wave mess.

When the temperature is high (and the humidity is even higher), the last thing anyone wants is their hair sticking to the back of their neck, or worse, putting in the effort in the morning to have it all go to waste before 9am. (And is there anything worse than blow-drying your hair when it’s 100 degrees out?).

The good news is that there are plenty of hairstyles that can be accomplished without heat tools or a ton of effort in the mornings. The better news is that hair accessories are as in as ever, and you can use them all summer long to tame your mane in the chicest way possible. Put the curling iron down and try out these easy, heat-free hairstyles this summer.




1. Tie it back with a scrunchie


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Sunday’s call for #scrunchies⁣ ⁣ #sincerelyscunci

A post shared by Official Instagram for Scünci (@scunci) on May 19, 2019 at 10:31am PDT


Scrunchies aren’t just for ’80s-themed parties or tossing your hair up while you clean the house anymore. In all the colors, patterns, and textures under the sun, there’s a scrunchie that can compliment any outfit the summer brings.


Bow Scrunchie 6-pack

Shop now


Scarf-Detail Scrunchie

Shop now


Medium Silk Scrunchie

Shop now


2-Pack Scrunchies

Shop now



2. Keep cool with a headband

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💧Plump + Hydrated Skin = @theinkeylist Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum #ad ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💧LOVE that this product has the Clean at @sephora seal and is ONLY $7.99!! I’ve been using this AM and PM for the last month and I’m loving the way it absorbs quickly into my skin and helps to make it smoother looking. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💧Thank you The Inkey List for making effective, affordable, clean skincare! Click the link in my bio to shop. Available only at #sephora

A post shared by Tennille Murphy (@thetennillelife_) on Jul 14, 2020 at 6:54am PDT


Headbands are the perfect lazy-girl accessory. Didn’t have time to shower? Headband. Trying to dress up a ponytail or bun? Headband. Want to distract everyone from your frizzy, humidity-stricken hair? Headband. Opt for a hard version, or tie a silk scarf around your head for a sweat-proof look to take you through summer.


Black Headband

Shop now


Soft Headband

on sale!
Shop now


Hairband With Knot

Shop now


Leopard Print Headband

Shop now

3. Utilize clips


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The best part about my new sweater is that if I ever accidentally get a snag in it, I can just make it into a bigger hole and no one will know 😎 That’s all I got caption wise lol, linking my fit on the app for those interested! (it’s on sale for $23!!) #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKunder100

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When it’s muggy out, the last thing you want is for your hair to be falling in your face. Use them to hold it back, or accessorize your un-done look with clips to make it look like you put a little more effort in than you did (we won’t tell).


Chunky Circle Hair Clip

Shop now


Pearl Hair Clips

Shop now

Sincerely Jules by Scunci

Beige Hair Clip

Shop now


Resin Hair Clips

Shop now





When you’re going blow-dryer-free, there are products that are meant for taming hair as it air-drys. Skip the heat and give your hair natural texture and shine with the help of these. Then, use a strong hold gel or hairspray to keep your style in place all day, regardless of the wind and heat.

Kristen Ess

Air Dry Crème

Shop now


Air Dry Foam

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Bumble & Bumble

Don’t Blow It Hair Styler

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Pattern Beauty

Strong Hold Gel

Shop now




Top Knot

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The search is ON!!! 👊🏼 I am SO excited to announce that I will be one of the coaches for #benefitbrowsearch! 5 of you will be chosen to be on my team, #TeamBrowTiana 😏 and spend the week with me in NY, where we will battle for the best in brows and $50K! To enter, post photos recreating two of @benefitcosmetics’ Brow Styles by Tuesday, 4/30 at midnight! Visit for all of the deets! Get ready to win! #ad

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Curl Defining Jelly is a light-weight hydrating styling product that helps add moisture 💦and definition ➰to curly hair. I love it for fine to medium curl types because it’s doesn’t weigh your curls down and allows your natural volume to come through. 🆗➡ Can you use it on coarser hair types? Yes! You can use it to add shine at the end, just like you would use a serum (but this doesn’t have silicones). You’d just want to moisturize with your leave-in cream and/or curl cream first before using this to finish. ✨ Have you tried the Curl Defining Jelly yet??

A post shared by KRISTIN ESS (AND LOTS OF DOGS) (@kristin_ess) on Feb 16, 2020 at 5:53pm PST

Keep your hair out of your face and off your neck with a chic, maintenance top knot. It’s the quickest way to look put-together with the least amount of effort. Bonus: you can head to your important Monday meeting with one, and nobody will think anything of it. This is our favorite tutorial for a top-knot or curly poof on natural hair. For thin to medium hair types, this three-in-one tutorial is all about top knots! 


Sleek, Low Bun

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A much needed summer afternoon in Malibu (social-distanced, of course). Just put up a new post on with this look from @abercrombie. 🌾#AbercrombiePartner #AbercrombieStyle #liketkit # ad

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Founding Partner of The Marketing Greenhouse and former Social Media Editor of The Everymom, Jessie Barnes-Bernhardt loves wearing this style for both work and play because it’s super versatile and trendy. “Somewhere between low block heels replacing stilettos and mom jeans making a comeback, our grandma’s low bun became cool again, and we’re not mad about it,” Bernhardt said. “This style is so easy that it can be used as a go-to, or a last resort if you’re hair just won’t cooperate. We love this style for showing off a good pair of statement earrings.”

Follow the same steps for a top knot on fine-thick hair; for coarse or natural hair, this tutorial is helpful!


Low, Messy Bun

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Now I know you guys know I love a good bun/pin/pieces sticking out weird combo 🥳 sometimes it’s the quick hair changes that force you to be creative with little time to even think about it. You just do it. #nike ✔😂 @nicaro @jey_ventura

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When you need a maintenance look for going out, a low, messy bun looks romantic and un-done in a purposeful way. Pull a few face-framing pieces out and hit them with your curling iron to give it an extra oomph.


Heatless Waves

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Would you believe me if I told you these waves were heatless?? New video is up and I used the @octocurl for these heatless sleep in waves 😍 ALSO here is my fresh color 🔥 let me know what you think!! . . . #hairstyles #heatlesscurls #heatlesswaves #waves #shorthair

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When you need to have your hair down but still can’t manage turning on your curling iron, there are heatless ways to achieve a similar look while still being able to press the snooze button in the morning. For ringlets you never thought you could get without a curling iron, this tutorial explains it all. We also love this tutorial for waves that look beachy and effortless.


 Slicked-Back Ponytail

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Silky straight pony for the kween of kweenz @thasupremecourt on set of @lclaurenconrad 💕👑 I always feel a deep guilt when straightening curly hair but if you’re gonna do it you take your time, use protection and BE SAFE AF ABOUT IT OKAY?? OKAY. 😉

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Bernhardt explained that this is one of her favorite hairstyles during the summer. “Fly-aways, baby hairs, edges—whatever you call them, the hair along our hairline always seems to be an issue for so many of us in the summer months,” Bernhardt said. “A slicked-back pony is the perfect way to look put-together and stylish at the same time. Plus, with the right products, it will stay put, and you can say goodbye to worrying about upkeep throughout the day.”


Half-Up Pony/Bun

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Dear Outside, I’m writing you because I miss you. I’m Day dreaming about when the sun used to kiss my skin and I could enjoy the golden hour. For now I’ll stay inside and keep fighting the good fight. Please don’t forget about me. Sincerely, Etinosa . . . #enhancetheindividual #goldenhourselfie #goldenhourlight #blackstyleblogger #blackstyle #targetstyle #boxbraids #boxbraidsstyle #protectivehairstyles #austinoutdoors #austinblogger #atxblogger #whowhatwear #indoorfashion #selfisolation #springfashion #styleinspiration #blackinfluencer #blackinfluencers #darkskinwomen #sunkissed #austin #beautybloggers #blackbeautyblogger #blackgirlswhoblog

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Serving spring fantasy on #ArielWinter today 💐 #ManebyMaine @miajonesmua @daniandemmastyle

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If you want the look of flowing locks on your shoulders without all the hair in your face, this style might become your go-to. It’s playful for a happy hour outside, but it looks put-together for all those work meetings too. 

We also love this style on top of others, so don’t be afraid to pull your braids or twists back too!

’90s Face-Framing Pieces

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Imagining I’m in Notting Hill London on a sunny morning ☀ #revolvesummer

A post shared by Kelsey Simone (@k.els.e.y) on Jul 19, 2020 at 9:39am PDT

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I was wearing a bandeau tho 🥺

A post shared by AMAKA ENEM ( on Apr 22, 2020 at 12:11pm PDT

This style has been seen on every celeb in the last year or so, and it’s perfect for summer. Yes, those layers are still near your face, but getting the rest of your hair off your neck and shoulders will make a world of a difference when the temperatures reach 90 degrees and up. Do it with a top knot, a low bun, a perky pony, a slicked-back pony, half-up—you name it, and you can achieve all those ’90s vibes with it.


Tell us your favorite summer hairstyles in the comments!

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The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is your guide to achieving ultimate weight loss the safe and healthy way. It’s a 100% natural and safe remedy that focuses on the weight loss techniques that have shown to decrease body fat levels by 6-8% for men, and 12-16% for women. There’s no magic voodoo spell, pill, ancient yoga stretches or special creams to do either. Spoiler alert: those things never work. Instead, the entire program is about making smarter choices within your life to boost your body’s fat burning capabilities, the secrets that experts have used for years to see promising, healthy, safe and natural results. The creator only focuses on the facts, so if you’re ready to see results for your efforts, here’s what you can expect from The Underground Fat Loss Manual.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

What is The Underground Fat Loss Manual?

There’s a common misconception that in order to bring your body fat count down to a single digit, you have to spend hours doing intense cardio sessions, follow a zero-carb diet and deprive yourself of all the good things. The Underground Fat Loss Manual debunks this myth, showing you how to reduce your body fat levels without having to do all of the things the weight loss industry has tricked you into thinking you have to do.

It’s an online weight loss program that teaches you the tricks experts have used (and kept a secret) to lower their body fat levels for years. You learn techniques that researchers have proven to help you lose 8.36 pounds of fat in 3 days, a 15-day regime to follow, optional techniques to kickstart your weight loss journey, and much more to start transforming your body and ultimately, your life. You even receive a Quick and Easy Body Fat Calculator, so if you aren’t sure where you stand, this is a great place to start. Then, the program will teach you the healthy, natural and proven ways to bring that number down.

The system comes in eBook form, and you receive additional bonuses for absolutely free, which include:

  1. The 10-3-X Report
  2. The 60 Second Hormone Fix Report
  3. The Ageless Abs Report
  4. The Secret Supplement Stack That Fitness Models and Actors Use to Get Ultra
The Underground Fat Loss Manual Download Page
The Underground Fat Loss Manual Download Page (Preview)

The best part is that you don’t have to wait to get started, as you receive immediate access to the entire program (and the bonuses) as soon as you purchase which allows you to get started right away. You just log in and download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This will come to you as a huge benefit, as it allows you to have the program with you wherever your weight loss endeavor takes you, whether it’s to the grocery store, to the gym, to the couch to relax after a long day, you name it. As long as you have your tech devices, you’ll have access to the program.

You also get two months to try The Underground Fat Loss Manual with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which is ample time to see results since you can lose more than 8 pounds of fat in 3 days.

Who is the Creator of The Underground Fat Loss Manual?

Matt Marshall is the creator of the program. He is a certified personal trainer, owner of Fitness Under Oath father and husband who has dedicated his career to helping ordinary people who live busy lives achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals. His approach sticks to the facts and only uses the techniques that have proven to work.

Overview of The Underground Fat Loss Manual

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is exceptionally comprehensive and includes easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to achieve your weight loss goals. Everything is fact-based, as the creator is highly sought after for his unique approach that involves nothing less than weight loss techniques that have proven to work.

extreme weight loss methods really work

But here’s the thing… Although it doesn’t require you to do intense workouts, The Underground Fat Loss Manual is designed for people who are serious about lowering their body fat levels. It includes an abundance of effective techniques that are easy for everyone to implement but then there are optional techniques you can do to really boost your results and the benefits of this program. But these “optional” extras are intense and not designed for the average person but you are promised some darn good weight loss. Whatever you choose, you can see great improvements in your body fat; the amount you lose depends on whether or not you stick with the “basic” route or go the extra mile with the intense extras.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the program, here’s a look at some of the topics and techniques provided to you when you get started:

  1. A Cheat Code for Getting Lean
  2. About this Program
  3. Why Single Digit Body Fat
  4. Congrats! You’re Fatter Than You Think
  5. 100% Mental
  6. Normal Diets vs. Bodybuilding Diets Vs. This Method
  7. The First 3 Days
  8. Days 4-13
  9. Day 14: The Cheat/Refeed Day
  10. After The First 4 Weeks
  11. Maintenance Mode
  12. A Collection of Advanced Tips
  13. Magic Foods for Fat Loss
  14. Hunger
  15. Loss of Muscle, Loss of Testosterone and The Monster Under The Bed
  16. Family, Friends and Other Obstacles
  17. Parting Words
The Underground Fat Loss Manual Table of Contents
The Underground Fat Loss Manual’s Table of Contents (Preview)

The author has also provided you with three appendixes that include:

  1. What I Ate
  2. Recommended Workouts
  3. Supplements

And let’s not forget the four bonus programs you receive for absolutely free, along with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our Verdict

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is a comprehensive system that reveals the secrets experts use to decrease their body fat levels. It focuses on the facts, as well as the techniques that have proven to work. Some techniques are intense and optional (yet highly effective), and then there are a series of other secrets that are easy for anyone to implement to see results. With that said, the level of results you receive highly depends on whether you’re willing to go the extra mile to do the extra, optional steps that will certainly put you to the test. Don’t worry, even if you stick with the easy route, you can still reduce your body fat levels significantly. The techniques provided to you in this system have proven to help men lower their body fat by 6-8% and 12-16% for women. Add in the fact that you can try it for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and you have nothing to lose. Put your body to the test with these proven techniques and lower your body fat count and start to transform your life.  You have nothing to lose!


Download The Underground Fat Loss Manual PDF

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25 Breakfast Recipes You Can Meal Prep for the Week

There seem to be two kinds of people in the morning: those who get out of bed as soon as their alarm goes off, maybe fit in a little morning movement, and have plenty of time to sit and ease into their morning, and those who race out of bed with just enough time to get to work, class, or wherever else on time. No matter the group you fall into (though this would probably be especially beneficial to the latter), having breakfast already made in the morning can make a huge difference in how your morning goes—not to mention whether or not you’re able to actually eat.

Meal prepping breakfast, in my world at least, means that there’s a much higher chance of breakfast actually happening. Even doing something like measuring ingredients for a smoothie or pouring cereal into a bowl can cut into the rest of my morning routine. Whether you’re a sweet breakfast person or a savory one, there are tons of options to prep ahead of time that will make your mornings go that much smoother, no matter what time you wake up.


1. Egg Muffins

Source: By Erin Clarke of Well Plated


2. Protein Breakfast Bowl

Source:Jessica in the Kitchen


3. Kiwi Chia Pudding Parfait

Source: Eating Bird Food


4. Spinach, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sweet Potato Boats

Source: Orchids + Sweet Tea


5. Easy Breakfast Quesadillas

Source: Isabel Eats


6. Raspberry Coconut Overnight Oats

Source: Savory Nothings


7. Meal Prep Breakfast Taco Bowls

Source: The Defined Dish


8. Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Source: A Sweet Pea Chef


9. Zucchini Bread Breakfast Cookies

Source: Savory Nothings


10. Grain-Free Matcha Granola

Source: Abra’s Kitchen


11. Southwest Turkey Breakfast Stacks

Source: Pinch of Yum


12. Bakery-Style Blueberry Corn Muffins

Source: Whisk It Real Gud


13. 30-Minute Huevos Rancheros Potato Boats

Source: Host the Toast


14. Dairy-Free Spinach Quiche

Source: Eating Bird Food


15. Individual Breakfast Casseroles

Source: The Defined Dish


16. Zucchini Banana Baked Oatmeal Cups

Source: The Real Food Dietitians


17. Roasted Butternut Squash and Cardamom Granola Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

Source: Snixy Kitchen


18. Chicken and Green Chile Egg Cups

Source: Isabel Eats


19. 3-Ingredient Frozen Yogurt Granola Cups

Source: Jessica in the Kitchen


20. Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Breakfast Protein Cookies

Source: Cotter Crunch


21. Bacon, Cheddar, and Veggie “Sunrise” Scones

Source: Orchids + Sweet Tea


22. 5-Minute Vegan Rawnola

Source: Midwest Foodie


23. Berry Smoothie with Banana and Almond Butter

Source: Drizzle and Dip


24. Cheesy Zucchini Quinoa Egg Muffins

Source: Recipe Runner


25. Vegan Spinach Ginger Smoothie Bowl

Source: My Food Story



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25 Delicious Morning Drinks to DIY at Home

Whether you’re a coffee all day, every day kind of person or you’re more interested in some of the other offerings at breakfast, chances are pretty good that you drink something every morning (even if it’s just water!). When you can’t make it to the cafe down the street for your standard morning beverage, knowing how to whip up your own creation at home really comes in handy. But drip coffee and regular old tea can get boring after awhile, so if you’re looking for a new twist on your typical morning drink, try one of these 25 options that we rounded up instead.




1. Cappuccino à la Rose

Source: Drizzle and Dip


2. Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

Source: Celebrating Sweets


3. Cinnamon Coconut Latte

Source: The Real Food Dietitians


4. Homemade Coffee Creamer

Source: Celebrating Sweets


5. Snickerdoodle Cashew Coffee

Source: The Real Food Dietitians


6. Minty Vanilla Coconut Iced Coffee

Source: Fork, Knife, Swoon




7. Ginger Cinnamon Tea

Source: Sweet Tea + Thyme


8. Iced Matcha and Salted Caramel Latte

Source: Downshiftology


9. Rooibos and Mint Iced Tea with Lychee, Lemon, and Ginger

Source: Drizzle and Dip


10. Frozen Matcha Green Tea Slushies

Source: Feasting at Home


11. Iced London Fog

Source: Our Salty Kitchen


12. Pumpkin Spice Matcha Latte

Source: Jessica in the Kitchen


Hot Chocolate


13. S’mores Hot Cocoa

Source: Homemade in the Kitchen


14. Healthier Hot Chocolate

Source: Ambitious Kitchen


15. Superfood Hot Chocolate

Source: Downshiftology


16. Mushroom Hot Cacao Latte

Source: Minimalist Baker




17. Green Smoothie

Source: No. 2 Pencil


18. Fabulous Fiber Smoothie

Source: Well and Full


19. Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Source: A Classic Twist


20. Coffee Smoothie

Source: Love & Lemons


Juices and more


21. Tropical Peaches and Coconut Cream Lemonade

Source: Whisk It Real Gud


22. Lemon Ginger Kombucha

Source: Live Eat Learn


23. Citrus Beet Juice

Source: Well and Full


24. Carrot, Orange, and Ginger Juice

Source: Our Salty Kitchen


25. 3-Ingredient Ginger Lemon Water

Source: Minimalist Baker


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10 Items to Wear When It’s Over 90 Degrees (But You Still Want to Look Cute)

I don’t know how it happened so quickly (I’m still confidently writing “May” as the current date), but we’re officially nearing the end of summer, when faux tans are flawless, swimsuits are in constant rotation, and the temperatures are hot (like fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk kind of hot). Since we can’t always stay at home with our head in the freezer and still want to look cute for Zoom meetings, errand-running, or socially-distanced hangouts, we have some tricks up our sleeves to look cute when the temperatures start soaring. Here are 10 of our go-to items to wear when it’s way too hot to wear anything else.


1. A breezy skirt

Source: Wait You Need This

When it’s so hot that you start sweating the second you step outside, you might feel tempted to go for shorts again. However, a breezy, loose skirt is not only a little more airy and cool than a pair of shorts, but will look even chicer. Pair with any tee and your go-to sandals. 


Eyelet Embroidery Skirt

Shop it now


Printed Midi Skirt

3 colors available

Shop it now

Abercrombie & Fitch

Satin Knotted High-Slit Midi Skirt

2 colors available and 30% off!

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2. Overall shorts

Source: @accordingtomandy

If your denim cut-offs have been worn every day for the past two weeks and you’re lacking style inspiration, switch to a pair of overall shorts instead (it also doubles as a super cute bathing suit cover-up). Bonus tip: when it’s even too hot for a tee, try a sports bra or crop top underneath. All the cool kids are doing it! 


Short Overalls

16% off, plus an extra 30% off with code “WHATADEAL”

Shop it now


Short Overalls in White

15% off, plus an extra 30% off with code “WHATADEAL”

Shop it now

Abercrombie & Fitch

Beachy Romper

3 colors available and 30% off!

Shop it now


3. A graphic tee

Source: @gabrielegz

Graphic tees are not only in style but are a timeless staple in the wardrobes of cool girls everywhere (and will be a way bigger upgrade from your typical basic tee). Style it tucked into denim shorts with a thick belt and your chunkiest booties for an outfit that’s as cool (literally) as it is edgy. 

Adorned by Chi

Unisex Tee

Black-owned business!

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Harry Styles Graphic Tee

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T-Shirt with Motif

13 prints available

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4. Statement earrings

Source: @missalexlarosa

You know when it’s so hot that you need to put your hair up in a ponytail or a bun just to survive the heat? A pair of really chic statement earrings will make the updo look like a style choice, rather than a there’s-so-much-sweat-on-my-neck-it’s-not-OK kind of choice. 

Oma the Label

The Itohan Hoops

Black-owned business!

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Chain Drop Earrings

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Vince Camuto

Long Tassel Earrings

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5. Culotte Jumpsuit

Source: Fashion Jackson

When you don’t feel like shaving your legs (because we all have those days), the answer to wardrobe conundrums on the hottest of days is an of-the-moment jumpsuit with flared, cropped pants. Wear with strappy heels for a dressed-up look, or sandals for a daytime affair. 


Smocked Jumpsuit

2 colors available

Shop it now


Frills Printed Jumpsuit

2 colors available

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Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

10% off, plus an extra 60% off with code “SHOPNOW”

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6. Crop top

Source: @kayla_seah

I know what you’re thinking: crop tops!? I haven’t worn one of those since my last frat darty! But hear me out. Crop tops are no longer reserved for college freshmen and Britney Spears superfans who never left the 2000s. Crop tops are ladylike, stylish, and mature. Oh, and they’re perfect for staying cool in hot weather. To rock the trend in a more grown-up way, pair with high-waisted shorts, pants, or midi skirts, and keep the neckline on the higher side.


Short Cotton Top

3 colors available

Shop it now


Floral Print Crop Top

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Short Top

2 colors available

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7. Lightweight button-up 

Source: @lolaomonaija

A long-sleeve might not be the first thing that pops in your head when you walk outside and think, oh sh*t–it is freaking hot. However, a button-up in a lightweight fabric like cotton or satin might be better at hiding pit stains than typical T-shirts (just saying!). Tie it up, roll the sleeves, and wear with a pair of shorts for the easiest, breeziest outfit ever. 


Patch Pocketed Shirt

4 colors available

Shop it now


Classic-Fit Boy Shirt in Cotton

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Cuff Button-Up Top

3 colors available and over 30% off!

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8. Long sundress

Source: @petiteelliee

What do you wear on a socially-distanced date or a backyard barbecue when it’s 90 degrees outside? You don’t want to sweat too much (duh), and you also want to look good without, IDK, passing out. The answer, of course, is a breezy, flowy, sundress. Shorter mini-skirts are typically tighter, and therefore more restrictive. A flowy dress that hits at the knees or goes to midi length will not only allow for more air circulation (super important when thigh chaffing is at risk, AKA the case for the vast majority of human women), but will look pretty for any occasion. 


Crinkled Cotton Dress

3 colors available

Shop it now


Knot Front Midi Dress

2 colors available

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Off the Shoulder Gingham Midi Dress

Shop it now


9. Linen Pants

Source: @missenocha

There’s something about linen that reminds me of luxurious summer vacations in the South of France or the coast of Italy (not that I frequent there, but I’d imagine I’d wear linen pants if I did). Linen is perfect for summer because it’s a lightweight fabric that absorbs sweat. Wear with a tee or over your bathing suit as a chic cover-up. 


Striped Linen-Blend Paperbag Pants MEDIA

33% off, plus an additional 30% off with code “WHATADEAL”

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Straight Linen-Blend Pants

6 colors available

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Linen-Blend Pleated Wide Leg Pants

3 colors available and over 30% off!

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10. Embellished sandals

Source: Hello Fashion

When all else fails and it’s so hot that you can only manage throwing on a tank and denim cut-offs, no worries: statement sandals have your back. No matter what you’re wearing up top, a pair of sandals with a bold print, embellishments, or seasonal fringe will show off your style. 


Crossover Sandals

Shop it now

Marc Fisher

Bryony Sandal

3 colors available and 20% off!

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The Skyler Slide Sandal

3 colors available and 60% off!

Shop it now


What are your go-to pieces when it’s really hot outside?

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Are You “Voting” the Way You Know You Should?

This episode is part of a monthly series that I have dubbed “Motivation Monday.”

(Yes, I know, very creative of me. What can I say, I’m a genius…)

Seriously though, the idea here is simple:

One Monday every month, I’m going to post a short and punchy episode that I hope gets you fired up to tackle the workouts, work, and everything else that you have planned for the week ahead.

As we all know, it’s one thing to know what you want to do, but it’s something else altogether to actually make yourself do it, and I hope that this series gives you a jolt of inspiration, energy, and encouragement to get at it.

So, if you like what you hear, then make sure to check back for the latest and greatest installment.

Oh and if you like this episode and want to get notified when a new one goes live, head on over to Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Soundcloud, Podbean, or Google Play and subscribe.

Lastly, if you want to support the show, please drop a quick review of it over on iTunes. It really helps!

Mentioned on The Show:

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What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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100% Pure Review

The Story Behind 100% Pure 100% Pure is a clean beauty brand that is on a mission to produce the purest, healthiest products while also educating consumers on why using products with natural, non-toxic ingredients is so important. The brand defines “natural” as an ingredient or formula composed of plant, mineral, and/or marine vegetation that …

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