How to quickly lose 14 kg Weight and not spoil your health?

How to quickly lose 14kg weight
How to quickly lose 14kg weight

How to quickly lose 14 kg Weight:

Many of us want to lose weight, and someone even succeeds, but not everyone knows how to maintain optimal weight after that, not to gain again and not harm the body. Blogger Alina Khanykova shared her experience of losing weight, highlighted the main mistakes and made conclusions about how to properly lose weight.

Alina said that in childhood she did not go in for sports, and she always had excess weight. At the moment when the girl decided to start losing weight, she weighed 59 kg with a height of 160 cm. Not so much, but the goal to achieve ideal parameters was already set.

 The blogger quickly dropped 14 kg, but spoiled the metabolism, as she chose the wrong weight loss strategy. Alina identified 2 main mistakes , because of which her weight loss was ineffective: Just reduce the amount of food per day without monitoring the diet. At first, the girl decided to limit herself and stopped having breakfast, drinking only a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. For lunch, she bought a mayonnaise salad from a supermarket (100 g), and in the evening after work, she ate heavy writing, for example, fried potatoes with meat.

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 When Alina found out that consuming protein for weight loss is much more beneficial than carbohydrates, she made another mistake by simply removing carbohydrates from her diet. The blogger ate boiled chicken or fish with cucumbers or beans. For breakfast, she ate cottage cheese or kefir. Due to the wrong approach, Alina worsened the metabolism, causing harm to her body. Now the girl managed to achieve the optimal weight of 48-49 kg, and her metabolism no longer suffers.

 What helps to properly lose weight? be sure to drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day; eat about once every 3 hours in small portions. The body will get used to the food intake schedule and it will no longer have to store up to the maximum of nutrients from which fat is formed when eating 1-2 times a day; maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and give preference to complex carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal), rather than simple (pastries, bread, sugar); to play sports, because the more muscle in the body, the faster the metabolism.

 How to lose weight quickly: a protein diet will allow you to lose up to 8 kg in 10 days

 A balanced protein diet is considered the simplest and most effective weight loss program. 

The diet is designed for people who want to lose weight, but do not want to greatly change their lifestyle and give up their favorite foods.

Thanks to it, you can lose up to 8 kilograms and after 10 days you will feel light in the body, writes 

The secret of protein diet

This diet is just a find, for those who can easily give up sweet and starchy foods, but without meat they can’t live a day. 

Everything is simple here: you need to abandon fats and carbohydrates, giving preference to protein. 

Nutritionists prophesy that in two weeks of a protein diet, you can lose from 5 to 8 kilograms, gaining lightness throughout the body.

Protein diet

 How to lose weight by 1 kg per day and cleanse the body: the rules of the Swedish diet

All the magic, due to the fact that depriving the body of the main fuel – carbohydrates, it begins to draw energy from its own reserves, and the most beautiful thing is that you will not feel hunger. 

And one more advantage of a protein diet, getting an excess of protein with food, your body does not lose the building materials it needs, so unlike other diets, it does not lead to loss of muscle mass.

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The main aspects of the protein diet

It is very important to ensure that there is enough water in the diet (1.5-2 liters of pure water without gas), because with an increase in protein in your diet, there is a huge load on the kidneys and the body loses fluid. 

Like all diets, they imply a severe restriction in nutrition and deprivation of its diversity, which can lead to deterioration due to deprivation of necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Therefore, during the diet, it is advisable to use a vitamin-mineral complex.

And last, due to the restriction of carbohydrates for a long time, metabolic disorders can occur. 

Therefore, it is not necessary to extend the diet, in an effort to achieve great results, more than the prescribed period of 10-14 days and repeat the protein diet can be no more than 1-2 times a year.

With diseases of the kidneys, digestive organs, the elderly and very complete people, a protein diet is contraindicated.

  List of allowed products:

Any meat products (boiled, baked, steamed)

All kinds of birds

Any kind of fish



All vegetables except potatoes, carrots, beets, green peas, and legumes. 

White cabbage and cauliflower, pumpkin, zucchini, greens, cucumbers are very useful. 

If you make a salad, season it only with olive or sunflower oil and lemon juice.

Protein diet

Black and green tea, respectively, without sugar.

All other products will have to be forgotten within 10-14 days. 

Eat as much as you need to saturate the body, just consider the ratio of protein foods and vegetables, each meal should be 2: 1, vegetables are half as much. 

Small additions to the protein diet: Preferably, if you give preference to 5 meals a day and the last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. 

Taboo for alcohol, smoked meats, salinity and pickled foods.

Exit from the diet is neat, do not attack the sweet and starchy foods.

Recall, earlier, the “Explorer” reported how to 

get rid of fat on the abdomen and sides in 2 weeks .

  10 high protein foods. What to eat after a workout

 It’s no secret that protein is an extremely important element for building muscle. On average, an adult needs to get up to 100 grams of protein daily. Calculations are based on the amount of 0.8-1.5 grams per kilogram of weight. But these figures apply to those in whose life there is no active training. For athletes, this figure can increase several times. Where to get so many substances we need? We’ve compiled the 10 best high protein foods available to help you get the body of your dreams.

 Low fat cottage cheese  :

 Casein, a nutritious protein found in cottage cheese, is absorbed by 97% and can block hunger for several hours. However, overdoing it with him is also not worth it. In some people, “milk” in the body is absorbed worse. This can lead to skin rashes and digestive problems.


Although a large amount of fat is also present in the cheese, no one will deny its benefits. Again, in order not to go beyond the daily calorie, choose low-fat varieties of the product. 


Perhaps the most popular source of protein. But do not forget about the important rules of meat consumption. To maximize the preservation of useful properties, cooking in water or steam is considered the best way to cook. Remember that you can come to an ideal figure only by refusing harmful additives and sweet fatty sauces.


Another type of meat that can provide your body with all the necessary amino acids – zinc, iron and other trace elements. Low-fat beef is digested much more easily than other types of meat. 


The protein in the egg is considered the most beneficial. It has the highest digestibility and helps to form the tissues of the body. In addition, the product is rich in choline and vitamins B 12 and D. These are substances that are important for maintaining overall energy levels.


Too many marine inhabitants contain healthy fats and do not include carbohydrates at all. Tuna is a clear leader among them. This is a real storehouse of protein. It contains 25 grams per 100 grams of product.


 150 grams of boiled shrimp contains as much as 37 grams of protein. By the way, they are also low in calories – about 140 kcal per serving. So feel free to add them to the salad for dinner.


Nuts are widely known as a product rich in healthy unsaturated fats, but they also contain a lot of protein. In addition, according to researchers, people who eat a handful of nuts a day are 20% less at risk of dying from various ailments. The main thing is not to overdo it, because in 100 grams of nuts about 500 kcal, and this is almost like in one bar of chocolate.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is a great snack. It is important that it is natural. After all, yogurts that are on store shelves often contain unnecessary sugars and preservatives. Such yogurt can be a full light breakfast, as well as dressing for other dishes. In one serving – 13-20 grams of protein, which is almost two times more than in ordinary yogurt.


This is the record for the number of protein among side dishes. It is actively consumed by athletes to increase the effectiveness of training. In addition to protein, buckwheat contains a lot of fiber, which helps improve digestion and speed up metabolism.

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The Lean Body Hacks Review – Is it Scam?

The Lean Body Hacks Review

People may think of that weight loss as well as Bodybuilding in the terrific framework are very uncomplicated, however, it stands. It calls for some investment and effort. Is it precise to state that you are tired of an exacting eating routine and also continuous preparing? Do you require a straightforward solution for separating fat?

The Lean Body Hacks program presented a straightforward as well as effective action and 10 seconds Hacks to lose virtually 1.4 kg of difficult fat a day. Lean Body Hacks is an extensive wellness enhancement plan depending on the old-fashioned Thai folklore of May challengers. This will certainly give you a couple of actions to shed 2 kg of fat at regular periods. It is recognized that a lot of Body structures have much less silt in the stomach and legs, for example, increased Muscular tissue stamina in the Body.

What Is The Lean Body Hacks?

The Lean Body Hacks is the best weight loss as well as Bodybuilding program to beat one of the most exceedingly terrible health and wellbeing without severe eating regimen plans, tough preparing, nutritional enhancements, as well as Body consideration juices. These growths improve the fat consuming treatment, animating digestion and also stopping the thirst of nourishment.

Lean Body Hacks

This approach to releasing fat food digestion to achieve the optimal influence when you get in shape rapidly. The program’s fundamental exercise centers around the reasons for weight increase diminished well-being as well as vigor degrees for a relaxing plan. It is an extraordinary program that motivates you to loosen up complying with a busy day.

Exactly How Can It Work?

The Lean Body Hacks program by offering different advantages to the individuals that search for it. This program includes ideas on the most competent approach to diminish the quantity of doing away with fats to regulate cholesterol levels, clean veins as well as accelerate food digestion. Along these lines, we furthermore feel a lot more youthful from within. This program shows audio as well as easy to alter that functions particularly fast, settling it with other metabolic approaches to lose fat each day as well as go after advancement for anyway 10 seconds to improve fat consuming.

Lean Body Hacks

Body Hacks?

All Training Degrees

  • You will begin this program as an apprentice, as well as you will do many fantastic activities, developing and also passing the adhering to phases.

Burn Fat As Well As Build Muscle Mass

  • It from the major day, boost fat food digestion and hormones.

No Devices

  • You don’t need to go into the rec facility or purchase equipment to assess these task sessions.

Easy To Comply with

  • It is particularly basic to go after and you will regularly comprehend what to do straightaway.


Lean Body Hacks

This program is inconceivably regular and a whole lot cheaper than the month to the month exercise center. You furthermore have actually favored perspiration over at the workout facility.


  • Recovery/Mobility/Stretching Plan
  • Lean Body Hacks Primer Strategy


  • The Lean Body Hacks program will certainly enable you to keep fat in your body for quite a while.
  • It makes your Body in number as well as makes sure versus medical concerns, as an example, weight, diabetes, and coronary failing.
  • You do not need to take considerable workouts or expensive drugs to obtain thinner.
  • It uses a respectable as well as basic eating regimen that is standard as well as risk-free and has no signs.
  • It furthermore offers more than one hundred video clip practices that you can do effectively.
  • The program provides a genuine guarantee to consumer commitment.

The Lean Body Hacks


  • Without an internet association, you can’t acquire this thing since it is just a single accessible on the web.
  • If you need to get fantastic as well as effective end results, you need to abide by the assistance continually.


The Lean Body Hacks prescribe for everybody. A straightforward program that provides customers with appropriate preparing. This intended to adjustments pass food digestion and fat consuming to remove hard fat and also wreckage dangerous health problems throughout your life. It is a phenomenal program that lessens fat. The program has a 60-day genuine promise. In case you are not happy with the program, you can come back to the money. Countless individuals have actually simply begun this program and motivated everybody to accomplish the required outcome. So do not miss this chance. Take it quicker.

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How to Lose Weight Quickly?

Hence the truth to the way to shed weight quickly and maintain your health is it is not likely to come off quickly. Whenever you’re searching for how to eliminate weight quickly always attempt to keep in mind that folks vary in some many strategies and what get the business done for James may not operate for John or Peter. You’re ready to drop a large amount of weight in record time.

It is probably that you can obtain the weight back. If weight is what you attempt to shed, get the best method to slim down, the wholesome strategy. The more weight you’ve got to lose, the quicker you will lose it. 

The ideal diet will explain to you how to lose 20 lbs in 10 days. You will receive a notable decrease in your weight after you’ve begun consuming carrots regularly. If you are aware that you need to shed weight and become healthier then you’ve already taken the very first step.

Fast weight loss really isn’t the very best or secure method to drop some weight, however, when someone who’s overweight starts to find results right away they are more inclined to adhere to a program. Everyone wishes to understand the secret of the way to lose weight quickly and straightforward. Actually, slimming down isn’t the hardest thing that you’ll ever do.

The weight-loss supplements will guarantee that you don’t overeat by decreasing your appetite. So hopefully you now realize that the very best diet to slim down isn’t only about the diet. You need to choose a rapid weight-loss diet that works.

Exercise has an equally important function in weight reduction. In case you really need to drop the weight, burn fat and make a lean much healthier body, then along with good nutrition, you truly should incorporate resistance training for a part of your weight reduction program. Not only are you going to slim down, but you’re going to discover that you’ve got a new amount of energy that you forgot existed. 

I Try My Best Friend’s Favorite Workout (At Gloveworx)

All right you guys the time has come yes Fitness leave but work out are we doing today your blood works today this is where I come usually three or four times a week really my opinion is the hardest workout in LA yeah I’ve tried and tried almost everything and this has been my favorite and the hardest eating of it of pasta .

I’ve thrown up a couple times so I’m sweating hi I’m Julia and we are friends for 15 years that’s a long time so today I’m going to do Julia’s favorite workout we’re boxing today I box about three or four times every week well the hardest workouts I’ve ever done which is why I keep coming back I like getting my ass kicked I’m gonna try my name’s actually uh Noah Williams everyone calls me Shaq .

I started boxing in college collegiately competing and after I graduated I moved out to LA where I linked up with an old friend Leon found those love works and that’s why I started training there’s not really a lot of stuff that really grasped my focus quite like boxing when you’re boxing you can’t really focus on anything else or wrong but the task there’s just like a family knit team type feeling that we have here and it’s genuine boxing is both mental and physical.

I love bringing my non-athletic friends to work out it’s just a reminder how good a shape I’m in I’m totally getting I’m totally kidding and then you’re a true expert I feel like I always text you like random things like what should I start doing and then you literally send me a whole list of news that I should try yeah do you ever do them yeah you know I .

I do sometimes I like the idea of boxing because it makes me feel like I could be like strong and powerful but like out in the world do you feel more confident yes really and nobody what I took a couple sparring classes there and it’s something that I want to do more of cuz it’s really fun but yeah I was fired a couple of the coaches and I got to punch one in the face pretty good one he won’t let me live it down alright so let’s do this sorry ladies so we’re gonna start warming up with our feet and co-regent first I want you to send a nice and tall on the toes as you roll back on the heel slight lean forward yep now we’re gonna hug the knees pulling the knees up hug as you release heel down toe up and scoop and alternate shots it’s actually my favorite part of the warmup it’s to help like warm up and lose your hamstrings we just call it scoops I seriously cannot balance doing anything.

I don’t understand what’s wrong to me I’m literally always trying not to trip and look like before and relax good we’re gonna get some quad stretch is going so grab a ball of that foot hold it for about two seconds and switch sides make sure you’re breathing as you’re doing this always also I did not shave my armpits so I’m a certified yoga teacher so.

I have great balance Ella could work on their balance love it but you know a for effort why are there so many things and fitness that have to do with balance that sounds really dumb coming out of my mouth right now but I feel like I really need to go back somewhere and get better about because all these things are very hard and they look very easy and frustrating now we have some lunges so step back with one foot into your lunge and then rotate over your knee I don’t know I’m nervous alright so we’re gonna keep .

the simple again let’s give it some squats feet slightly wider than shoulder width and you’re gonna bend your knees dropping your hips orange bands go around the knees and the yellow bands are gonna go around your ankles we’re gonna get into a squat position and we have what are called monster walks so in this flop position you’re gonna stay nice and low and you’re gonna walk forward to the walls walk forward yup yeah good and stop and walk backwards look I think that’s how you girl but I think if I grow toned but and the band will definitely help to tone.

but down chest up pressure on the heels I can do squats all day and once we’re finished we’re gonna hold hold that live squat yep oh my god all right so we got some hip openers let me see you move one meet inward and out eat ten times on one side once you finish your ten on the other side and once you down relax take the band’s off now that we’ve warmed up our legs a little bit we want to show this I need you to take the whole of these yellow bands and you’re gonna put them around your wrist once you get these bands around your wrist .

I want you to open your fist up to shoulder width apart rotate your shoulders back from here you’re gonna give me five rotations going all the way up and down nice now we’re gonna bring the arms up to higher levels and we have 15 pulses okay so your arms up stretching the band slightly yep core nice and tight don’t watch the back yep and then we’re gonna go bump ahead fifteen pulses doing that for the message feminism actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be alright ladies so we have what are called inch rims you’re gonna do five inch ones your feet are gonna stay stationary hands come down for the ground walk all the way out to a plank position pull and walk all the way back out hold and write I want you to stay out there for this one for me to stay out there in that push-up position we’re gonna hold you know the most frustrating thing is trying to just hold your body up that’s hard for these planks what’s up hell why is that so hard it makes me feel like a weak weak weak lame pilot almost done this is in the last exercise we’re gonna do can we have some mountain climbers and you’re gonna bring your right knee all the way up to your right elbow keep.

the core nice and tight it makes me feel a little bit like spider-man doing those if you know gotta work on flexibility and stability and kind of a fun way to do it if maybe funs not the right word but it’s a way to do the job nice and warm start boxing yeah I won’t feel ready.

let’s get your gloves on you guys carefree is verse or not doesn’t matter they’re over there doing something that has my chance believe alright here we are ladies we got your gloves for the steak of the newbie we’re gonna go over some foundational stuff okay so real simple let’s teach you how to stand first I need your feet shoulder-width apart now.

if you are right-handed take your left foot and take one step forward we’re gonna bend the knees slightly and come up to the chin now we have our first punch all the jab order one your left hand is gonna come straight out and aim for your eye level and come back good now we have our second punch just follow the two we’re gonna twist the right foot like you’re squishing a bug for me so as you twist yeah punch with the right hand now we’re gonna try to hit these targets let’s start off with the one one and two – I’m like looking over at Julia this entire time being like one good one one good – – nice good job now let’s try to put it together we got the one two one two one two one two one two okay yeah breathing is definitely part of it that becomes that second nature once you’ve been doing it for a while.

when I do combinations I don’t really think about anything it’s kind of a way to clear my mind and just be super present in the moment I have to pay attention or else I might hit the coach in the face poor shot straight fast go one two one two nice one two once you want to want to let’s get six punches straight so one two one two one two nope good job it’s hard enough you’ve got a breeze I’m just kind of started to learn some combos okay and now the three is you need a book all right yup and you’re aiming for a target at the side here we have the one give the two and then two three good two three all right now try to put three punches together two three two one more time one two together baby now you’re ready to punch one two one two three two I like to uppercut to uppercut two three – this is really hard like after I get a little lightheaded it can be a little overwhelming at first now I want you to say to punch when you go to God and say yeah one two one more time you know what that’s forcing you to do is breathe yeah yeah I think my biggest problem is forgetting to breathe and then feeling things one two three two roll take a quick break oh you found so far huh good you know we barely scratch it so first I’m getting a little bet going up in here some towels we got you get into a little bit different workout of course super important to boxing so we’re gonna get it a little bit forward it’s called a plank guru so we’re gonna hold this here for 15 seconds three two and alive there’s nothing like trying to hold up your own bodyweight to really make you question your abilities now leave you’re gonna turn and face each other on the mat for me nice now before you get into the point position once you guys to give each other high fives with the same camp so you’re going to take your right hand high five for it and then your left now these are called alternate hypoxic heat up good core nice and tight and try not to rock the hip so you do this no safe way over to the Machine this is called the first requirement man diversify where it is hard so place your foot on the pedal that’s on the ground grab a hold of the handle on the same time once .

Here place your opposite foot in press it down and opposite hand you sit down almost like you’re sitting on the stool so bend your knees and I need you to bend your elbows also from this position you’re gonna work your arms and legs.

Ttry not to move your torso upward now there’s a workout class that’s literally 30 minutes just doing this with me I was on this for maybe 30 seconds max and was trying not to think that’s how you push I like it so let’s get back into the boxing if we sometimes work for the versatile arm right a little bit right bend the knees and just not the gloves twice with one two one two three faster faster –

I actually feel really proud of myself I feel like I can do this again thanks so much that was a word I’m gonna sit down for two seconds that was pretty great actually I really like that yeah it’s fun huh yeah I feel like when I’m watching boxing and I’m watching people punch it doesn’t seem as hard as it is I’m like oh they’re just punching but literally that was the hardest part of the whole thing it’s such a fun workout though even though I’m not like a fit person or like an athlete I feel like it.

something that you could really learn and work at and get better and feel really accomplished and feel much stronger yeah you can still train like an athlete yes I want to try it again I think that was really cool thanks for bringing me yeah thanks for coming I’m exhausted though I don’t even think I’m also I just have to say you are such a badass like it’s so crazy to see all the combinations all the combos that was amazing you are such a strong woman and it’s really inspiring

As found on Youtube

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Review – STOP! You NEED to see this before you buy one!

Hey all thanks for watching my Lenovo IdeaPad yoga 2 pro review the Lenovo yoga 2 pro features touchless guest your control .

you can wave your hand in front of the camera to scroll through photos and presentations the unit will also sense when you have it in laptop tent stand and tablet mode and will give you quicker access to the apps you normally use in those modes.

the Lenovo yoga 2 pro is just point 61 inches thick and only weighs 3 pounds another improvement on the original is that the keyboard is backlit it comes with windows 8 and dragon diction software pre-installed the new yoga brings back everything good in its processor and adds a qhd+ high resolution display the 10 finger multi-touch display has an extremely bright screen so you’ll have no trouble using it outdoors that’s the Lenovo yoga 2 pro review in a nutshell click on the link below for the latest information including pricing

As found on Youtube

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Armen Hammer International Online Qualifier Week 3 is…

– What’s going on folks? Armen Hammer here. And I have the privileged of announcing the events for the final week of the International Online Qualifier on behalf of Filthy 150, which is going to be the very first Sanctional of the 2020 Sanctional season. Let’s get to it.

Now before we get into the event itself I wanna talk to you guys briefly about the IOQ because the International Online Qualifier is very interesting. And chances are if you’re watching this you probably already know what the IOQ is because you’re participating in it.

But if you don’t, the International Online Qualifier is a joint online qualifier being used by four different Sanctionals for the 2020 CrossFit game season. Sanctionals that are taking place all over the world from the Filthy 150 in Ireland to South Fit in Argentina to Wodapalooza in Miami and the Atlas Games in Montreal.

I mean, we are talking about an international event for an international field of competitors. Now the IOQ itself plays a really important role in the Sanctional season because it helps consolidate the qualifying process and with 28 different Sanctionals for the 2020 season all the way from November to July, there was a really good possibility that the qualification process for many of these events was going to overlap to the point where you could exhaust yourself, both financially and physically, trying to compete or qualify for every single one of ’em. Now, a lot of the events have decided to use the Open as some sort of a qualifier and four events have decided to use the IOQ.

And that is where I come in. We kicked off the IOQ just a few weeks ago. And with two scored events per week so far, if I was a betting man I would say that, you know, this third week is probably also going to have multiple scored segments. But, we’ll get to that in a second. So, week three of the IOQ is brought to you guys by Filthy 150, the very first Sanction event of the 2020 season. This is an event that takes place in Dublin, Ireland in late November and it has generally been known for its team competition.

It cut its teeth using teams of four way before CrossFit was using teams of four in the invitational or regionals or the Games and they have been known to be masters when it comes to team competition. This year, they’re adding in an individual component and to sweeten the pot a little bit they have a massive $22,000 cash prize pool for the individual podiums on the elite side. And that’s on top of the fact that the winners in the elite divisions get invites to the CrossFit Games.

As the very first Sanctional of the 2020 season Filthy 150 has a lot of really cool opportunities. It’s gonna set the tone for many of the other Sanctionals throughout the season, it’s going to give its winners an opportunity to rest, relax, recover, plan out what other competitions they want to attend over the course of the season, and also be able to have a robust training cycle going into the CrossFit Games without having to worry about a last minute qualification.

And speaking of last minute qualifications, the Filthy 150 also, being so early in the season, gives an opportunity to everyone on its leaderboard to get their name on a spot that might actually end up being a backfill because as the season goes on and the best CrossFitters start earning their spots, they’re probably gonna be competing at multiple sanction events which means that spots that they may have earned earlier in the season can backfill and trickle down.

So, a fourth, fifth, even a seventh or eighth spot at one of these early sanction events can actually be a qualifying spot. But enough is enough folks. You are here to find out what the workout for the final week of the International Online Qualifier is and I am here to tell you.

Why don’t we do a little bit of a change of scenery? (claps) Here we go. Here we go folks. We’re gonna do this a little backwards, ’cause I just did it and it was gnarly. So, here it is, week three of the IOQ. Your final set of workouts. That’s right. Two scored events. Event five and event six. In 15 minutes you’re gonna do 21, 15, 9 barbell thrusters at 95/65, calorie row, and burpees over the rower. And in the remaining time, one rep max clean and jerk. Here’s how I did it. Let’s check it out. So, this workout reminded me of the workout from the Open. 27, 21, 15, 9 thrusters and rowing for calories. Now, that workout and this workout are probably kind of sort of similar, there’s a little bit of disparity in terms of, like, the amount of reps that you’re doing but it’s about the same.

And I think that’s a really good comparison to make. So, if you’ve done that workout this is a good workout to have kind of like a mirror for it. And that workout has a much bigger starting set of thrusters so, in this workout, the thrusters, I think, are gonna be kind of like a strategic point of the actual thing itself, like you’re gonna want to figure out how you’re gonna break up your sets from the get go.

On the rower, you’re gonna wanna focus on having really long, efficient strokes and not necessarily blowing it out. Don’t make the same mistake that I did which was have your rower on and ready and your foot holds like open so that you can actually get your feet in there don’t struggle with that (laughs) before you actually start your row that’s like kind of a kick in the (beep) to start off with like seven or eight seconds of wasting your time on the rower.

But the rower’s gonna be long, efficient strokes, high power output as opposed to high stroke rate. And then the burpees. Maybe don’t do what I did, again, right? What I did was start a little bit fast and try to keep that pace up. And that’s something that I’m really bad at, that burpees and thrusters specifically that combination and so knowing that I just figured I’d kind of go for it and try it out and go really hard on the burpees and see how it goes. It did not pay off for me.

I apparently don’t have the burpee capacity to just do burpees all day long nonstop. But either way, once I started realizing that I was slowing down, what I did was give myself sets of burpees, either threes or fives, so that I could do, you know, one, two, three relatively quickly, take a couple breaths, one, two, three, take a couple breaths and that way I’m actually chipping away instead of like slowing down to this like molasses, glacier pace on those burpees.

If you’re going to commit to going unbroken, commit to going unbroken the entire time. That’s one of the things that I decided to do. I thought it might be easier if I did 11 and then ten or, you know, nine and then six and then nine straight through but I figured, compared to that last workout, that workout, or even last year’s final workout for the Open, February’s final workout for the Open with like the 33, 27, 21, 15, 9. 21 thrusters isn’t gonna be that bad and you get an opportunity to kind of catch your legs back and your shoulders back on the rower before going into the burpees. On the burpees I definitely would not recommend doing rower facing burpees, I would do lateral burpees. The way that I set it up I think is about as efficient as you might want to be able to get it.

You know, you wanna focus on being able to jump your feet up and then be able to get right over the rower. The reason why you want to do lateral burpees versus bar facing burpees or rower facing burpees is because with a rower facing burpee your feet go way far out and then they have to jump way in, so you have that distance to make up to get over your rower whereas on a lateral burpee your distance from the rower never changes.

You just jump back, jump up, and then you can go right over the rower and that’s a much faster way of doing it. I angled myself just a little bit ’cause I like to, kind of, have little bit of propulsion going forward as opposed to completely doing a lateral move but, I don’t think that’s gonna make that big of a difference. And for people who are really shooting for that one rep max, I mean if you’re getting close to your one rep max on that that’s really, really impressive. Like the combination of the thrusters, the rowing, and the burpees really smokes like every part of your body that helps with a heavy lift or a heavy clean and jerk, specifically.

It’s like your legs are quads are toast from the thrusters and the rowing, your hips are toast from the rowing, your quads and your hips and your back and your shoulders are toast from the burpees, it all just kind of adds up and that’s what kind of happened to me. I’m really happy with the weight that I ended up with. I went 185 on my first one just to get one in the bank and then 235, I thought that I was gonna have to squat clean it but the more I was waiting the more I realized that my legs just were not gonna be able to squat clean anything.

Quads were just completely wrecked. The final lift that I took was kind of like a reach, you know, it’s definitely within my capabilities on like a good day, but at the end of that workout it was not that great of a day, so. I’m happy with the power clean and I’m pretty happy with how close that jerk was given how tired the rest of my body was. But overall I think if you can get really close to your max that’s very, very impressive because every part of that workout is built to make maxes suffer. So, there you have it folks, week three of the IOQ is a two parter, it’s got 21, 15, 9 of thrusters at 95/65, rowing for calories, and burpees over the rower. A truly hellacious combination like the three worst movements you could put together, perhaps, in any sort of workout and that’s happening in a 15 minute clock.

Whatever time you have left after finishing that workout you can find a one rep max clean and jerk and that is the event six of the IOQ. Now, there are a couple of rules here. Obviously there’s a lot of details in terms of, you know, movement standards and stuff that you should check out. You can find all that stuff on the official workout page. Make sure that you look at all those standards. Now, I’ve watched myself do this workout once or twice at this point, and I have a couple of extra thoughts for you guys. So here’s a little bit more advice, a couple more tips and tricks. First off, definitely warm up your jerk before you do this workout. I think the jerk specifically is very much of like a movement pattern type heavy lift.

If I had done even a handful of heavy jerks before I started this workout I probably would have successfully hit my final jerk at 255. And the reasoning behind that is actually really simple, right? The jerk really punishes you for any sort of issues with your efficiency. So, for example, if you are forward on your jerk you might be able to save it when you’re fresh but if you’re forward on your jerk you’re definitely not gonna be able to save it if you’re exhausted. And I think if you can prevent yourself from getting forward on your jerk just by, you know, priming that movement pattern before you have to go heavy, it’s gonna pay dividends later in the workout. Another thing I would do for a warmup is I would probably spend little bit of time maybe doing like the round of nine at game speed, right, do the nine thrusters, the nine calorie row, and the nine burpees, give myself a few minutes after that to kind of like peak the heart rate during that little warmup and then relax myself back down and the reason why I want to do that is so that the first, sort of, heart rate peak that happens, I don’t want that to happen during the workout because it’s much harder to recover from that, right? This is one of those workouts where it goes into the pain cave relatively quickly and it just stays there, it doesn’t really get much worse.

It goes into the pain cave after the first round of 21s, basically, and it just doesn’t get any worse than that it just stays really bad and you wanna be able to maybe limit the ceiling of how bad it stays, right? And that actually kind of brings me to another point which is this is one of those workouts where on subsequent redos, especially within a short period of time, I don’t think soreness really plays a factor in this sort of thing because there isn’t a lot of a negative there isn’t a lot of eccentric movement in any of these movements. What I would say does actually work in your benefit if you’re redoing this is that mentally you actually know much more accurately what to expect and because of that you might be able to even tick up your pace a little bit on the rower, you might be able to tick up your pace a little bit on the burpees, and not really make it suck that much more.

Now, obviously that’s up to you to figure out exactly what tick up your pace a little bit means, but, you know, you’ll figure that out. Another thing that I would say this workout really benefits from on the redos is confidence in your heavy lifts. If I had known just how easy those power cleans looked, I probably would have felt a lot better during those heavy lifts. In the moment, as I was doing even that 185 lb clean and jerk, the very first one that I did, I thought there was a really good chance I was gonna miss it. I just didn’t feel good at all. The first part of the workout took it’s toll on me and physically I was feeling like, man, my quads are blowing up, my lower back is exhausted, my shoulders are tired, I don’t know if there’s any way I’m gonna get over 200 lbs much less get anywhere near what a real one rep max would be.

And so, rewatching my lifts (laughs) each one of those cleans, those power cleans were real tall, they looked very strong, you know, I was catching it strong, I was catching it in a good position and I think if I was more aware of that, of how fluid my movement actually was I probably would have felt a lot better during those cleans and also, obviously, during the subsequent jerks. So, I think that’s an important thing is like mentally being able to remind yourself that, all right, the signals physically that your body is sending you don’t always necessarily tell you the truth, right? You may feel like you’re completely destroyed, but you actually might be moving really, really well and I think that’s an important thing that if you’re gonna be doing this workout a second time or even, God forbid, a third time, that’s the type of confidence change, the mental change that’s actually gonna make a huge physical difference on your performance at the end of the weekend.

Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you guys enjoy the workout. Again, please go check out the official description of all that stuff, I’ll have it in the description of this video if you just wanna read it. But you can also find it on the website where the workout is written up, that’s gonna be linked as well in the description of this video. I’m really excited that I got a chance to do this. This was really cool. I hope you guys enjoyed it too. Shout out to the International Online Qualifier, to Wodapalooza and SouthFit and Atlas Games and of course Filthy 150, who’s presenting this video to you guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this. I love doing this. Good luck in the workout. I’ll see you guys next time. .

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10 Basic Poses Part 1 | Yoga for Beginners

Stand in the kneeling position, Place your palms on the floor, Tuck toes and fingers open, Inhale, lifts your hip and the plot Exhale, press your shoulder and head to drop, Keep your hands and legs straight, Stay with a 5-8 breath we slowly come back-walk-on-your-legs-and-stand-up Now, Trikonasana, bring your feet 2-3 feet apart, turn right foot at a 90 degree angle, Inhale, lift your hands parallel to the floor, Exhale, move forward , place your right palm on the right leg, lift your let hand, and fix your gaze on the left and keep the right shoulder, leg, and neck and women and stay for 5 breath here, now, to come back and repeat to other side, turn the left foot the left side, Exhale, move forward, and come into Trikonasana-in the final position and just observe your breath Though both sides, with equal breath and slowly come back Now, Prasarita Padottanasana, keep your feet apart, Inhale, Backbend, and while exhale, you fold forward, keep your spine straight and bend from the joint, place your palm on the floor, or where you feel comfort to keep your kneecaps engaged and the thigh lifted just be effortless here, here, here, and watch several breath now place your hands on waist, and come all the way up to Now, Parswavottanasana or side-stretch-pose with a Turn to complete the right side with the right foot at a 90 degree angle, and left at a 45-degree angle, Inhale, hands up, while exhale, fold forward, place your palms on the mat or use the yoga blocks are the supports now, inhale, come all the way up-repeat other side, exhale, bend forward, with the spine and the legs straight with each exhalation, lengthening your spine Now, inhale, come back feet together in Samasthithi or equal-standing position and Now the Vrksasana or Tree pose, to place shole of the left foot on the right thight hands-on prayer postiong near to the chest for better balance, fix your gaze at one point and keep your toes open on the floor Now repeat the other side, right shole of the feet on the left thigh now, for a hands-on-prayer-position, and the left leg to keep straight, keep the spine long and the chest open now, return back to the Samasthithi position, now close your eyes and just watch your breath and relax your body

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Quick Weight Loss Diet 3 Kg in 5 Days | Full Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss in Hindi | Lose Weight Fast

Quick Weight Loss Diet 3 Kg in 5 Days

This Year she has resolved to Lose Weight! She as well! And he too! If you also plan to Lose Weight, then this Video is for YOU! This is a very simple and easy diet plan which will give you Instant Benefits.

This Diet Plan’s objective is that you consume lesser calories than what you consume everyday and yet you feel energetic and remain fit. If you follow this Diet Plan, then your daily calorie intake is less than 1000 Calories.

And when you consume lesser calories, your weight will automatically come down. Let’s see this Diet Plan!

Quick Weight Loss Diet 3 Kg in 5 Days

For Breakfast:

  • take 2 Bananas and a glass of Milk. Milk should be Fat-Free. Here, we are Taking Amul’s Double Toned Milk,
  • you can take fat free milk of any brand.
  • Don’t add Sugar to this Milk.
  • Between Breakfast and Lunch, have 3 Glasses of Water.

If you can’t drink Plain Water in quantity, you may add Lemon to it to add flavor.

In Lunch:

you have to :

  • take 2 Bananas
  • and a Glass of Milk.
  • Between Lunch and Dinner, have 3 Glasses of Water. Have as much Water as you can as it will be good for your health.

For Dinner:

  • take 2 Cucumbers,
  • 2 Tomatoes,
  • about 100 grams Paneer,
  • one slice Brown Bread of any Brand
  • and a pinch of Salt.
  • You may take Cucumbers and Tomatoes in any form.

Here, we have prepared a Salad using Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cheese with a pinch of Salt. In addition to this Salad, you have to

  • take 2 Bananas,
  • a glass of Milk
  • and a slice of Bread.

This is your Complete Dinner Meal. One Hour before going to sleep:

take a cup of Tea or Coffee.

You can take Bananas and Milk in any form that you may like – warm or cold.

Like for Breakfast you may take Warm Milk with Bananas and for Lunch, you may take it as a Banana Shake. Whichever way suits your health, you can take it that way.

One thing that is good about Bananas is that they give you fullness for a longer period and you don’t feel hungry soon.

So when you won’t feel hungry soon, you won’t consume more calories and this will bring your weight down.

Bananas have good amount of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber that will keep you energetic throughout the day and also help in digestion.

Similarly, Milk has Calcium and Protein which is highly beneficial for your body.

So when we have Milk and Banana together it’s combined properties not only boost our health but also fulfill our daily dietary needs. If you follow this diet for 5 Days consecutively, you’ll see the difference. Once you have completed this Diet Plan, then start with some easy Diet Plan so that you are able to maintain your weight.

Even if you are not following any specific Diet Plan, you can take care of few things in your daily lifestyle.

  • Avoid Fried Foods,
  • avoid Sugar,
  • have more of fresh Fruits and Vegetables,
  • drink lots of Water,
  • eat more Whole grains and avoid Processed Foods.
  • Try talking out time for a 15 Minute Walk everyday and if possible,
  • jog.

Also, if you are unwell then avoid this Diet Plan. Also, don’t follow this Diet Plan for more than 5 Days. Water plays an important role in this Diet Plan, so have as much Water as you can so that it flushes out toxins from your body. If you follow this Diet for 5 Days, you’ll not only lose weight but you’ll also see many more benefits. You’ll get silky smooth shinier skin, you’ll feel energetic throughout the day, your body will get even more flexible, you’ll get better clarity of mind which will help you take decisions easily and overall you’ll feel more positive than ever! .

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3 Weight Loss Drinks to Lose Body Fat Quickly & Become Slim | Health Videos in Hindi

Today we bring you some Weight Loss drinks that can be prepared in minutes! So now losing weight won’t be difficult wherever you are – at home or workplace. We will take 3 cloves of garlic and gently crush them. Now we will mix this garlic in hot water. Now we will add lemon slices. Add 1 spoon of Honey. Mix it well. Your drink is ready! Have it early morning on an empty stomach. Chew the garlic. You might find it difficult to chew raw garlic but when you’ll see it’s instant benefits, you’ll be motivated to have it regularly. If you want a flat tummy, then this is a very effective home remedy. Have this drink for at least 1 week and see it’s magical results. Take half spoon of Cinnamon Powder and mix it in boiling hot water. When the water comes at room temperature, add one spoon of Honey to it.

If you add Honey to boiling water, it can kill its useful enzymes. So add Honey only when the mixture cools down. Your drink is ready! Have half a cup of this drink half an hour before breakfast and the remaining half of the drink after dinner. Take this Cinnamon water for at least 1 month and soon you will begin to see its results. Take one glass of water and let it boil. Take half an inch of Ginger and let it boil for 10 minutes. Turn off the gas and keep it for 5 minutes. Now strain it with a sieve. Add one spoon of Honey. Add lemon slices. Mix it well. Your drink is ready! Ginger and lemon burns body fat and also help detox the body. Have this drink half an hour before breakfast.

In all these 3 Home Remedies, we have taken only those ingredients that are mostly available in every kitchen or can be easily bought from the market. Also, they are quick to prepare. If you can’t drink water in quantity, then have fresh juices or coconut water. Avoid Snacks or any junk between meals. If you feel hungry between meals, then have dry fruits or fresh fruits. All these Home Remedies have proven results. Whichever drink you choose, have it regularly for best results. .

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Unobvious causes of excess weight and habits that will help you lose weight

Unobvious causes of excess weight:

Larisa Parfentieva, author of the bestselling book “100 Ways to Change Life,” talks about unobvious things that helped her lose weight by 30 kilograms.

Five years ago, I rode in the Moscow metro and held onto the handrail. Suddenly, a grandmother sitting in front stood up from her seat and said: “Sit down, girl. You are still waiting for the baby. “

Of course, I did not expect any baby. That kid in me was … fat. I did not want to disappoint my grandmother, so I, holding my imaginary child, sat down in her place. All the way I smiled ridiculously, showing my grandmother how happy I am to be a mother … or rather, a carrier of 30 extra pounds. 🙂

This case has become a turning point in life. After this story, I quit my prestigious job in Moscow, returned to my hometown – in Ufa – and began to understand myself. There I went to the publishing house of the MIF, lost 30 kilograms, began to write, spoke at TEDx, and began to help people change. And it all turned my life upside down. I wrote the dileogy, “ 100 Ways to Change Life, ” in which I talk about people who have managed to turn life 180 degrees.

100 ways to change life, larisa parfentieva

I have been studying the history of people’s changes for several years. And this thought became the biggest revelation: more often than not, we do not see the real causes of our problems.

And today I want to share with you my ideas about why people get fat and how to deal with it.

First, let’s define the concepts. We conventionally divide the causes of excess weight into psychological and physiological. For example, physiological we will consider a lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, health problems, violation of the daily regimen and so on.

I am not a doctor, so I will not particularly talk about physiological reasons. After all, we all know that you need to drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat more vegetables and less – sweet and starchy foods. All this is clear and correct.

But it’s much more interesting to look at underestimated psychological reasons. The main reason is one – stress, which leads to overeating caused by various things. I want to share with you the tricks that helped me lose weight, as well as life hacks from my friends and acquaintances.

Get rid of grievances

In the second part of “ 100 Ways to Change Life, ” I wrote about a guy who coped with the fourth stage of cancer of the lymphatic system. The main mechanism that launched the irreversible processes, he calls … resentment.

Resentment generally triggers a lot of unpleasant mechanisms. They become one of the hidden causes of excess weight. I also had a friend who, after forgiving her mother, lost 10 kilograms. When we forgive someone, we release a huge amount of energy and get rid of a lot of stress.

And there is no stress – there are no “overeating”.

Maintain a deep relationship

When I worked on the project “Top Model in Russian” with Ksenia Sobchak, my work consisted of constant relocations: dozens of cities in Russia and around the world.

This went on for more than a year. My relationships with friends were weakened and, of course, there was no personal life.

As a psychologist later told me, the lack of deep relationships with people becomes a stress factor, which can lead to excess weight. As soon as I returned to Ufa and gained a foothold in one place, a strong relationship appeared in my life, anxiety, stress and partly weight disappeared.

Take a closer look at the surroundings

I like to say that obesity is an infectious disease. What do your friends look like? I will give an example from the study. Scientists tried to establish whether the study participants were getting fat if their friends were gaining excess weight. It turned out that this probability increased by 57%, if it was just about friends. When someone close friend was getting fat, the probability that his friend would follow suit rose by 171%.

One of the reasons for your excess weight may be that you simply copy the eating habits of your friends.

Slow food

We live at high speeds. The world dictates such rules, so most of us are quite “fast”. I would even say fussy: we walk fast, eat fast, talk fast. We are constantly in a hurry, because we are being driven by imaginary deadlines, and we are always afraid to miss something.

Once I noticed how much time it takes me to eat Greek salad. It turned out 2 minutes. It could not be called food – it is rather stuffing the stomach. And for the first time I decided to set myself the task – to stretch the salad for 10 minutes. It was difficult, but I did it.

When you eat slowly, you feel full faster and eat less. Try to slow down. If necessary, set a timer. You’ll like it.

Mindfulness while eating

We all know what you need to eat without gadgets and laptops, but for some reason we ignore this rule. At such moments, I always remember the spiritual leader Tit Nath Khan, who says that anything can be a meditation : a walk, washing dishes, talking, eating.

The main thing is to focus on what you are doing, 100%. Apparently, our grandparents, who uttered “When I eat, I am deaf and dumb,” knew real Zen.

Hara Hachi Boo

The Japanese island of Okinawa is considered the “blue zone”: there are a lot of centenarians – those who have lived 110 years or more. The inhabitants of the island utter an old saying before eating: “Hara hachi bu.” It means the following: “Eat until the feeling of hunger begins to disappear.” And this happens when the stomach is 80% full. Simply put, you need to get up from the table slightly hungry.

For a long time I even wanted to get a tattoo on my arm with these words as a reminder. And now I always adhere to this rule – to get up from the table with a feeling of a slight “catch-up”.

Add emotion

We are people and want to experience emotions. We overeat when we lack positive emotions. It seems to me that the solution is to get emotions outside of food. For example, in art: books, films, paintings, photographs.

A friend of mine found solace in the movies: she lost a lot of weight when she started going to the movies twice a week. “Oddly enough, after the films I do not want to eat. It’s as if the body is saturated with different emotions and my nervous system calms down, ”she says. In general, our brain in many cases does not know how to distinguish reality from fiction, so it is quite possible that he experiences the emotions experienced in the movie as real.

So add pleasant emotions to your life.

Calm the inner storm

Us often “storms” because of problems in relations with our halves, and especially potential halves. At such moments, we experience a whole range of experiences: anger, pain, hatred, self-dislike and passion. In short, the suffering of all stripes. Previously, at such moments, I found myself eating a tiramisu or Red Velvet.

Now I have learned to calm myself. It is important to stop, sit in a quiet place and just watch. For example, I imagine myself a ship that fell into a storm. A storm is my emotions. But at the same time, I know for sure that nothing will happen to the ship. You just need to wait out the bad weather.

So do not rush to seize the inner storm. Just enjoy its beauty.

Express yourself

When there is energy inside that cannot find a way out, this is also stress.

When we know that we can do more, but in reality this does not manifest itself, we begin to eat. At an unloved job, like on packs of cigarettes, you need to write: “Caution! Unfulfillment leads to obesity. “

For example, I get fatter when I do not write, because this is my way of expressing myself . I was so keen on the process of writing the dilogy “100 Ways to Change Life,” that I came to the end of the process with minimal weight.

Cool Ray Bradbury said about creativity: “During the trips, I realized that if I don’t write one day, I feel uneasy. Two days – and it starts to shake me. Three – and I’m close to madness. Four – and it makes me feel like a pig with diarrhea. One hour at the typewriter invigorates instantly. I’m on my feet. I’m running in circles as if I’m wound up and loudly demanding clean socks. ”


It helped a lot that I completely gave up alcohol. I think this is one of the best decisions in life. Alcohol makes you eat more, takes energy, time, money and spoils the next day. According to my feelings, 5-7 kilograms were left only because I stopped drinking high-calorie alcohol in the evenings. In addition, then, as you know, very (I will say in plain language) “breaks into havchik”.

I am absolutely sure that alcohol is also an attempt to either cope with stress or drown out the inner void. Or both.

Failure therapy

Many of us lose the fight to lose weight because we do not know how to refuse. I don’t know why people turn on the “feed by force” program, but it’s just like a national game. It is important to learn to refuse when they try to shove another portion of sushi or another piece of pizza into you.

It is best to initially develop a strategy for yourself. A good “jammed record” strategy is when you repeat the refusal to the point: “Thank you, but I don’t want it”, “Yes, it’s probably delicious, but I don’t want it”, “It’s great that you take care that I eat, but I dont want”. And so on, until they leave you behind.

Plan “If … then”

Many alcohol addicts are advised to always have an “If … then.” Plan at hand. For example: “If during a walk I see a bar on my side of the street, then I will go to the other side.” I also made myself similar settings: “If I come to a cafe and there is not what I want to eat, then I go to another cafe” or “If I order a salad in a cafe and they offer me dessert, then I say“ no “ “. And no compromises.

It may sound strange, but it’s easier for the brain to navigate when it has a clear checklist.

Overeating Calendar

Often we overeat and do not remember how shitty it happens to us after that. Some of my friends, if they eat up at night, have nightmares. Does this happen to you? At some time, the overeating calendar, which I came up with for myself, helped me. After each case of overeating, I wrote in it: “I ate a fettuccine and soup in a cafe, and then drank coffee with a cake. I felt disgusting. Next time, if you want to eat dessert, wait at least an hour. ”

The overeating calendar showed me that every time I make the same nutritional mistakes. And soon they stopped repeating themselves.

Mini habits

I also like the idea of ​​mini-habits. If you can’t, for example, start doing exercises in the mornings, then start with one small action: start doing one squat, one push-up, one exercise for the abs. Or tell yourself: “I will do morning exercises for 2 minutes.” Start with a little action and then get involved.

What is described above, plus, of course, “physiological” things helped me lose weight by almost 30 kilograms. Briefly list the rules that I adhere to now, then: walk a lot (at least 5 kilometers per day), dance twice a week, drink 2.5 liters of water daily, eat more vegetables, do not eat 4 hours before bedtime; flour and sweet – in moderation. I also went to the endocrinologist, did several different blood tests, as well as ultrasound.

In general, this article is not about weight at all, but about how important it is to enjoy life, to realize oneself, to learn to say no and not to be stressed too much. As the famous joke says, “if you do not know how to relieve stress, do not wear it.”

3 Simple Steps How to Lose Back Fat

How To Lose Back FatCould there be any body fat accumulating on your back area? You may think that excess fats will only build on the tummy, arms and thighs. However, these fat deposits can accumulate on your back but it depends either on hereditary issues or your physical condition.

It is easy to know when you have excess fat on your hands as they will appear sagging. However, this is not the case with the back. Many people may think they have stunning backs when in fact they don’t.

Click HERE For More Tips to Lose Back Fat

Step #1: Identify If You Have Excess Back Fat

How To Lose Back FatOne way is to wear a bathing suit that can expose your back. Try to look the back angles in the mirror as you view the upper body by winding it side to side. If there are folds then you must slim down.

Another way is to stretch out on your abdomen on a levelled surface and work out through by bending the upper body and then positioning it upwards. If there are folds then also you need some sliming.

Step #2: Focus on Routines to Lose Back Fat

There are various routines that can be used to lose back fat specifically focussing on the back part. One common routine or exercise is the curl ups. The exercise is ideally for reducing tummy fats but partially or half curl ups can help the back areas. Also you can stretch down and try exercising on that position.  This is achieved by staying down on your stomach and raising your legs alternatively and repeating this routine for some time.

Stretching routine also is a good way of losing back fat. Through stretching, the back muscles are relaxed thus making them leaner. When taking weight loss regimens, the leaner muscles burns fats effectively compared to other tissues. However if you want fast outcome, cardio exercises are the most effective. This routine is also not ideally for the back but the whole body will benefit and as a result your back which is also one of the body parts will lose fat.

Avoid some type of food if you want a leaner back. So what type of food should you eat? Foods that boost or improve the metabolic rate are the best. For instance eat fresh fruits, lean meat, vegetables and pure cacao. In other words try to practice eating a clean balanced diet.

Step #3: How to Lose Back Fat In Office

Some people may give excuses of how they are busy people who cannot get time to do all the above routines. It’s very simple. Adopt a diet style that is healthy and at the same time which will help you cope with your hectic work.

Find a healthy diet programme that will help you restructure your meals with even healthy snacks that will not interfere with the back losing fat program. Therefore never fail to involve yourself in back losing fat routine or any other routine because you claim to be a busy man or woman.

Be focused and disciplined in the routine and follow the guidelines and in a short period you will discover the change. Positive change!

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Reviewed by: Sarah Kates