How do I make my fighting body stronger? – First Strike Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

Product Name: First Strike
Author/Creator: Todd Lamb
Price: $29.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
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Do you live in a crime-infested neighborhood? Have you ever been attacked? Personally, this happened while walking to my house and several guys attacked me and took everything.

They beat me before getting away with all my money and my mobile phone. The feeling of helplessness really disturbed me. I never wanted to ever feel like that ever again.

Of course, I considered taking self-defense lessons or even acquire programs that teach fighting skills. Unfortunately, most of the programs found in the market do not work at all. They are just scams.

Also, martial arts and self-defense lessons are expensive for most of us.

However, I’m writing this review for First Strike because it worked perfectly for me! The course is brilliant in showing you how to react to different situations. Also, it comes with step-by-step visual demonstrations, so that you can know exactly what to do.

I practiced this at home and succeeded immediately! To be honest, I only had one chance to use it. I don’t like fighting.

However, one day, this guy was bothering my wife and I stepped up. With some swift moves, he backed up immediately.

About The Program: First Strike

a woman throwing karate kicks

In a nutshell, this program will help you to become a better fighter. At its core, it works with skills similar to those of a martial arts expert. However, it’s condensed for self-defense.

The program is an e-book that will teach you strategic ways to improve your fighting skills.

  • Vital points to maximize pain or immobilize your opponent.
  • Finding vulnerable openings when you’re under attack.
  • Using your foe’s strength against him.
  • Safely disarming a person.
  • Wining in a short time.

Essentially, the guide has tactics that will not only help you to protect yourself but also help you to win any fight that you may be involved in. The best thing about these techniques is that they are simple.

Also, the author of this guide, Todd Lamb. is an ex-SWAT team leader and a martial arts expert. that’s why he focuses on maximum damage in a short time.

Of course, you can learn all of this from home. I practiced with my wife and my best friend. Be careful, the program focuses on inflicting maximum pain.

Be sure to follow instructions carefully so you don’t hurt your training partners.

What Does The Package Contain

After your purchase, you will receive the whole package. Yes, it’s not only First Strike, but it also contains other critical elements.

  • The manual e-book
    • Of course, this is the main guide that will help you learn everything you need.
  • Illustrational videos
    • Then, these videos provide clarity on each movement, situation, etc.
  • Special Free Bonuses
    • Finally, the program covers other special situations or movements to help you beat any normal opponent.


  • The Ghost Protocol
    • This will teach you how to sneak up on your opponent or hide if necessary.
  • The Advanced Situational Awareness
    • Develop an intuition to read your surroundings and avoid getting in confrontations that lead to fights.
  • The Command Presence Manual
    • You will find how to strike fear to an attacker thus preventing you from being a victim.
  • The Alpha Nation Online Coaching
    • You will get access to a wide range of self-defense topics through this platform.

Unlike other programs, you get a 360 training that will help you detect, deter, or attack if it comes to blows.

Techniques You Learn From the Program

a man showing his skills

In essence, this program focuses on strategic techniques to fight your enemies. The techniques that you will learn cannot be found within other programs. They include:

  1. The best techniques to use to end a fight before it even begins.
  2. Some of the 7 Special Forces techniques that render your attacker’s combat ineffective.
  3. An easy method to neutralize an armed attacker with edged weapons without getting injured.
  4. How to turn your attacker’s intentions against him.
  5. Confuse your attacker by aiming for parts such as the eyes of the individual.
  6. How to take down any opponent, of any size, by breaking his delicate parts such as the teeth.
  7. The best tactic to use whenever you are confronted by a mass shooter.

Why Should You Use This Program

To be honest, I can’t really compare to other programs because I didn’t use any. As I mentioned, I couldn’t afford classes, nor did I have the time. Having said that, my aim was to learn how to defend myself, not become a martial arts expert.

  1. It can be used by both men and women.
  2. It is user friendly.
  3. The program is created by someone who possesses the best skills.

two men fightning

Where you can buy First Strike?

First Strike is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

First Strike is a practical, strategic, self-defense program that combines the best techniques from different disciplines. Then, it translates them into everyday situations, while helping you develop a strategic look at fighting. In the end, it helps you maximize pain to end a fight in the shortest time possible.

Unlike other programs, this system looks at fights as situations that need to be avoided. The longer a fight goes, the more chances there are of you being severely hurt. Instead, you’ll learn how to stop an opponent in his toes, turn the fight around, and leave without damage.

In the end, there’s always a time when we have to stand up for ourselves. Now, you can learn, right at home, with amazing visual aids and useful information. With just some clicks, you can get instant access to a real-life self-defense program based on SWAT strategies and traditional martial arts. Click on the link today to get your own copy today!

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