how to make yourself throw up when you have a migraine – How to Make Yourself Throw Up: 5 Best Methods

Throwing up refers to the involuntary expulsion your stomach’s content through the mouth, or even through the nose. This natural system in our bodies helps rid our digestive tract and stomach from potentially harmful substances. Throwing up isn’t something most people would do unless absolutely required. While most people are seriously repulsed at the mere thought of vomiting, even those with a stronger stomach will get queasy at the thought of puking.

With all of that being said, sometimes throwing up becomes necessary as a means of ridding your body of something unpleasant or even toxic. In the case of indigestion, acidity or food poisoning, vomiting becomes a necessity. If a person has ingested too much alcohol or too many pills, ridding your stomach of its contents could mean the difference between life and death. However, you should definitely consult your physician before inducing vomit by yourself.

There are people who take to throwing up for weight loss purposes. However, we do not recommend doing so. This is a type of eating disorder and can adversely affect your health in the long run.

Nobody in a healthy state should ever induce vomiting. However, some medicine systems such as Ayurveda promote the use of emesis therapies in some cases. Emetics refer to drugs or substances that aid in throwing up. In the case of Ayurveda, emetic therapy is done in a controlled environment, often with the view of cleansing and detoxifying the body.

If you are ever in a situation when vomiting is your only option to feel some relief, here are some methods that can help you throw up.

1.Fingers Down The Throat

Probably the most well-known method of throwing up, this is one of the easiest and simple methods of throwing up. Here, you need to insert your fingers along your tongue, pushing it forward towards your throat. This motion is important as it activates your inbuilt gag reflex. As soon as you feel this gagging feeling, immediately remove your finger from the mouth. If you have done it right, your body will immediately expel out the contents of your stomach.

If you don’t immediately vomit on the first go, you can always try repeating this motion with your fingers till you throw up. However, before you can comfortably throw up using this method there are some useful tips to remember:

  • Make sure to wash your fingers before shoving them inside your mouth.
  • If you are using a toilet, try kneeling down while you throw up to prevent physical stress on the abdomen. If you are using a sink, make sure to grab on to something sturdy.
  • Trip your nails so that you don’t accidentally hurt the inside of your mouth or throat. Any rings that you wear should also be set aside during this activity.

Given how easy this method is, there are many people who prefer throwing up this way. However, there may be many people who are squeamish at the thought of using their fingers to induce vomiting. For such people, here are some alternative methods.

2. Lukewarm or Hot Salted Water

Any substance that can influence the body’s natural electrolyte balance has the ability to make you throw up. Table salt contains high amounts of sodium which act as a disruptor of this delicate electrolyte balance, making it useful if you want to make yourself throw up.

Start by adding about two heaped teaspoons of salt to a glass of water and dissolving it. Once dissolved, consume this saline concoction in a single gulp. While it is not easy to force-feed yourself a huge glass of nasty, salty water, it certainly helps in getting the job done.

Once you’ve finished drinking this solution, you should ideally throw up in the next 25 to 30 minutes. However, if you like, you can speed up the process by pushing a finger down your throat to activate your gag reflex.

3. De-carbonated Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is very popular as a soda Brand and has many products with varying sugar content. Just like sodium messes with your body’s natural electrolyte balance, so does de-carbonated Coca-Cola. Once the cola is rid of its bubbles (caused by carbod dioxide), what remains is a cola-flavoured sugar syrup. If you drink this sweet liquid at half hour intervals, you can make yourself throw up. When you’re ready to throw up, drink a large glass of water following your cola for instantaneous results.

Remember to pick high-sugar variants of cola as they are more potent and beneficial for the purpose of vomiting. With these sugary solutions, your body’s electrolytic balance is shaken up even sooner and more effectively. As a result, all the cola liquid, irritants or other substances in your stomach get flushed out.

4. Gargling with Egg Whites

We bet that’s a sentence you never would’ve imagined reading! The snot-like, runny and slimy consistency of egg whites is not the most appetizing to begin with. Add the funky smell of these egg whites to the mix and you have an instant throw-up solution on hand!

This method is as straightforward as it sounds. Simply gargle with on egg’s worth of whites till your gag reflex is activated and you naturally expel the contents of your stomach almost instantly.

5. Mustard and Water Solution

This method also relies on producing an imbalance to the body’s electrolytic balance. Mustard (yes, the condiment) contains a lot of sodium and this makes it naturally emetic, inducing feelings of nausea and the urge to throw up.

Simply mix one of two teaspoons of the condiment into a glass of water and gulp it down in a single sip. However, when using this method to throw up be cautious not to overdo it. The high sodium levels in mustard might adversely affect your health if consumed regularly in large quantities.

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